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MonkeyPox 2022

What is MonkeyPox? Symptoms and Treatments

Monkeypox is a rare viral illness, no sample of which can be used to claim a cure. There is currently no treatment, but symptomatic treatments may reduce the symptoms of the disease. What is monkeypox and how do you get it? Learn about symptoms and treatments for monkeypox, a viral disease that affects mostly monkeys.

Monkeypox is a recently emerged viral infection, spreading slowly among continents worldwide. According to public health experts, it is considered a zoonotic disease, where the virus is transmitted from animals to humans. The signs and symptoms observed in the patients with monkeypox are very similar to that of smallpox. Yet, at the initial stage of diagnosis, it is usually confused with smallpox. But there are various differences between them, which are identified during a thorough diagnosis.

According to reports, the outbreak of monkeypox initially took place in Africa. The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention had warned the members of African Unions in May 2022 about the outbreak. Let alone in Africa, the monkeypox cases were quite high and the fatality rate reached 4.4% by May 2022. From Africa then the viral infection started spreading outside Africa, with the show up of its first patient, with a travel history from Nigeria, in the United Kingdom in May 2022. By July, the infection has spread such that the World Health Organization director, declared the disease a Global Health Emergency. 

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a viral infection that was first reported in 1958  in the lab monkeys who were used for research. It is actually a zoonotic disease, which means the virus responsible for this infection can transmit from animals to humans quite easily. Even the vice-versa is true. The virus that causes monkeypox is similar to the one responsible for causing smallpox. It belongs to the Orthopoxvirus genus.

Though there are various symptoms that monkeypox shares in common with smallpox, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it is rarely fatal. Its symptoms stay for 1 to 4 weeks and then the patient recovers. This infection is very common in the African continent, but due to international travels and transmission through animals like squirrels, rodents, etc, the virus is moving to continents.

The transmission of the virus is so easy that it can travel among the population through close contact. Some of the ways that lead to the spread of the virus are mentioned below.

  • Getting in contact with the monkeypox lesions. Any person who just recovered from monkeypox leaves lesions on their skin. These lesions carry the virus from one place to other. So, if any uninfected person comes in contact with these lesions then the chances of accommodating the virus in the body rise.
  • Being in contact with infected body fluids. In case a  person gets in contact with the body fluid of the infected person either via sexual contact or via social contact. The chances of developing the same infection increase. The monkeypox virus can travel through respiratory droplets, semen, and even blood.
  • Through public facilities. The body fluid of any infected person gets in contact with any public facility and if an uninfected person uses the same facility then there are certain chances of transmitting the virus. The transmission can be through using the same bedsheets, towels, hand keys and even wearing the same clothes and touching the same door knobs. But WebMD says that the possibility of transmission through these contacts is quite less.
  • By and to pets. There are quite studies conducted that report that the virus can transmit between humans and animals. If you are already infected then being in close contact with your pet can result in spreading the infection to the same. Then if your infected pet is getting lots of physical love and cuddling from others, then the chances of spreading the infectious virus from one body to another increases.

Symptoms and warning signs

Having known so much about monkeypox and how it spreads, now we are aware of the infection. But for being alert to its presence in and around you, it is important that you give importance to the signs and symbols that you notice. There are various signs, that start showing up after acquiring the virus. Usually, the symptoms take around 2-3 weeks to show up once you are infected. Some of such symptoms include

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Pain in the genitals or anus
  • Backache
  • Chills
  • Rashes in the pubic area and genitals
  • Shortness in breathe
  • Muscle pains
  • Headaches and even fatigue

Noticing these symptoms at the early stages and getting yourself tested will to a great extent help you in preventing the virus from causing severe infection. So, as you identify these symptoms make sure to consult your doctor to get yourself tested and treated.

Besides, it will help you get diagnosed at the right time and get your treatment started. Most of the immunity-boosting supplements and various medicines are easily available on our website 3meds. You can buy all the required medicines at the ease of your home with a prescription from a licensed doctor.


Still, now, no cure is found to fight monkeypox. There is no such specific medicine available that can help cure the disease. It is a self-limited disease that grows, disturbs, and then recovers itself. Still, doctors can help to pacify your symptoms and help you get comfort by providing some over-the-counter meds. These OTCs are easily available on the official website of 3meds. You can buy your medicines online with good discounts and get them at your doorsteps in a short period.

Besides, doctors may help you reduce the discomfort caused by your rashes and reduce their severity. Also, it is said by the medical experts that during this infection period, you should consume lots of fluids. Fluids will enhance the flow of medicines to every part of your body and hence, help you recover with ease.

Studies show that there are various similarities between smallpox and monkeypox virus infections. Still, the vaccine is available for smallpox, yet not for monkeypox. But many health experts have revealed through surveys, tests, and studies that smallpox vaccines are found to be 85% effective in eradicating the harmful effects of the monkeypox virus.

It is been reported by Webmd that those who have taken the smallpox vaccine in the last 3-4 years are immune to the monkeypox virus. They get symptoms but the severity is not seen. But still, if a patient has not been vaccinated with the smallpox virus within any effective period still, taking the vaccine within 4-14 days of exposure to the virus can be helpful.

Still, it is better if you can get yourself vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine at the earliest. It will help you develop an immune against the virus and also help you receive soon. Apart from this smallpox vaccine, in 2019 U.S. developed two vaccines to fight monkeypox. But only one of them, JYNNEOS got approval from the FDA for being effective in preventing monkeypox. Yet, still, there is no such vaccine that is been made publicly available for mass use. Hence, research is still ongoing.


In India, the National Institute of Virology (NIV) has confirmed the first fatality in the nation due to monkeypox. The death took place in Kerela, hence, the Centre declared the constitution of a task force to track the monkeypox cases around the nation. Since there are no vaccines available to prevent the spread of this infection, taking certain precautionary measures is the only option. Dr. PS Indu, Professor and HOD of community medicines at the Government Medical College Kollam, suggests the following precautions to be followed.

  • Screening is important. Everyone should screen themselves for the symptoms and get themselves tested to make sure of their safety from the infection.
  • Wear masks. Wearing masks will help you to avoid contact with people who are unaware of their potential symptoms. This will safeguard you from the silent transmission and hence, keep you safe.
  • Avoid physical contact. It is very important to avoid skin-to-skin to avoid the transmission of the virus from the infected person to the uninfected individuals. Since the monkeypox virus has the potential for physical transmission. So, better to avoid contact with any person from outside. Hence, protect yourself from the silent transmission.


Monkeypox is not a new infection but it has two varieties. The most common one was the Conda virus with mild symptoms. But the monkeypox that is spreading now with painful rashes and also fever is a result of infection with the other variety of the virus.  Still, no such cure is discovered to fight the virus but we can fight it with proper precautions. Some of the most helpful precautions of the time are mentioned above.

It has lots of similarities with smallpox and is responsive to the smallpox vaccine so try if you can get yourself vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine. And once you identify any of its symptoms make sure to consult your doctor.


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