• HIV / AIDs – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

     HIV/AIDS  is a deadly disease that can be prevented. Learn all you need to know about HIV, its symptoms, treatments and causes. HIV/AIDS is an infectious disease caused by the HumanImmunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The virus attacks the body’s immune system, leaving people vulnerable to infections and cancers. This guide will provide information about the causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods for HIV/AIDS.

     Product Features: – Learn aboutthe different types of HIV/AIDS.

     – Understand how HIV spreads.

     – Know what to do if you think you have been exposed to HIV.

     – Find out more about the treatment options available.

     – Discover ways to prevent getting infected.

    HIV also known as human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that reduces the efficiency of the immune system. It destroys the immune cells and makes the body prone to various severe symptoms. The body gets so weak that it fails to fight even normal germs. The virus usually spreads by contact. If someone with HIV leaves some of his body fluid somewhere then getting in contact with it also spreads the infection. Besides, you should take care not to have unprotected sex. It is the major cause of developing HIV. Always use latex condoms and avoid having sex with multiple partners. This results in easy transmission of the virus. And if the virus remains undetected and untreated then it leads to the development of a very serious disease called AIDS.

    AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. At this stage, most of the immune cells of the body are already destroyed by HIV. This enhances the body to become very weak, get fatigued too fast, and lose extreme weight along with the experience of recurring fever and headaches. Still today, the actual method to treat HIV infection and AIDS is not found, but it can be prevented and its growth can be slowed down. The article to follow will look at various ways, how we can prevent HIV from spreading and how the symptoms can help to identify it even at an early stage.


    HIV is the virus that destroys the immune cells of the body. This makes the body very much vulnerable to the severe effects of even mild illness. And at a later stage, if it remains undetected and untreated for years, then it results in AIDS. Now let us know actually how it spreads. Since AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, so it’s quite evident that it will transfer through sexual contact. But this is not just limited to sexual contact, it includes any form of physical contact. The only thing is it doesn’t spread via air, water, or any other animal. Following are given the various ways, that HIV can spread among people.

    During pregnancy or breastfeeding from the mother’s body to the baby

    If the mother is detected to be HIV positive, then there are high chances of the transfer of the virus to the baby’s body. Usually, this happens when the mother is HIV-positive and remains undetected while she is pregnant. This increases the vulnerability of the growing child to receive those viruses. But if it is detected then with medications the effect on the child can be reduced. Besides, if an HIV-positive mother is breastfeeding then it will also transfer the virus to the child and enhance its risk of developing the disease.

    Physical contact

    If you are getting into contact with someone who is HIV positive then the chances of you receiving the infection increase manifolds. The type of contact varies from mild and gentle social contact to intimate contact. Even if you hug, kiss, dance with, or shake hands with an HIV-infected person then also your chances of developing the infection grow.

    Unsafe sex 

    Sex gives pleasure, but if not done in a protected way then it can increase your risk of developing HIV infection. Every time you go for intercourse, make sure to use a new and fresh condom. This helps to reduce the chances of developing the infection. Besides, try to enjoy only vaginal sex since, transmission through anal sex is more prominent. Apart from this, try to maintain as less sexual partners as possible. Because you never know who is infected and who is not. So, the less the better and safe.

    Blood transfusion

    Blood transfusion is an essential process used for saving various lives. But in case the donated blood is kept together in contact with blood from an HIV-positive person, then it transfers the infection. Usually in highly advanced and technological countries, the blood banks maintain a clean and safe environment. They test all the blood before transferring them to the blood bank. But it is rare in low-income countries. Hence, the risk of spreading HIV infection through blood transfusion is high there.

    Sharing of needles

    In case, by some means you are made to use an injection that is also used on someone else, then it increases your risk of developing the infection. This is because sharing injection allows the transfer of someone else’s blood within your body. This makes it easy for the virus, if present, to transmit easily in the body. So, you should avoid the use of used syringes or needles. All these above ways are the ways by which the HIV virus can spread. Try every time, everywhere you go to take care of your hygiene and use protection before getting into someone’s contact. This helps to protect you from receiving the virus.


    Having known about the disease, now let us know the symptoms that can warn us about its presence. Since it is a chronic infection and develops in phases. So, the appearance of the symptoms also varies based on the phase. So before knowing about the symptoms let us know about the various phases of its growth.

    Primary infection (Acute HIV)

    This is the initial stage of the infection. Just after 2-4 weeks of the entry of the virus within your body, you will start feeling weak. Symptoms of flu and cold start to develop. This happens because the virus starts attacking your immune system and suppressing its resistive power. This illness usually lasts for a few weeks and then fades away. Though its difficult to recognize the symptoms at this initial stage this is the most dangerous stage. At this stage, the quantity of viruses present in your bloodstream is too much. This spreads too rapidly within the body and increases the threat of life risk multiple times.

    Clinical latent infection (Chronic HIV)

    This is the next stage. At this stage, the virus has already attacked the white blood cells of the body. But the thing is you won’t experience any such symptoms during this stage. The stage can last for years without showing symptoms. But after a certain period, it can turn out to be very dangerous, resulting in very severe diseases.

    Symptomatic HIV infection

    This is the third stage. At this stage, HIV starts to destroy the immune cells of your body. The body slowly losses its power to fight the germs and gives in. You start feeling very ill and develop severe symptoms of illness. At this stage, the number of viruses present in your body is quite high. This happens because they multiply very rapidly.

    Progression to AIDS

    Once the HIV virus has stayed in your body for an extended period like 8 years, then it leads to the development of a disease called AIDS. the moment you are diagnosed with AIDS your body and the immune system are already damaged. This will make you develop severe symptoms with mild illnesses. Knowing about the various stages of HIV infection is not enough. You should also know the difference between the symptoms when you have an only infection and when you have developed the disease. Some of the commonly seen symptoms during the infection and the developed disease, AIDs are mentioned below.

    Symptoms during infection

    The severity of the symptoms may vary with the stage of the infection, but the type of infection is the same. Some of the common symptoms are

    ●       Fever

    ●       Headache and body ache

    ●       Weight loss

    ●       Diarrhea

    ●       Sweating at night

    ●       Swollen lymph nodes

    Symptoms when you have developed AIDS

    ●       Severe skin rashes

    ●       Unusual white spots on the tongue and in the mouth

    ●       Severe fatigue and weakness

    ●       Chronic diarrhea

    ●       Extreme weight loss

    ●       Recurring fevers


    HIV is a preventable kind of infection, but it can’t  be cured. Even today, when we have seen so much of technological advancement, the complete treatment to cure HIV infection is now found. Medicines and therapies are available that can help to prevent the spread of the infection but they can’t be stopped. With some medication methods, the progression of HIV can be slowed and hence, the development of AIDS can be delayed. Yet it is quite a problem to solve the issue. The common method that is used for a long time to treat HIV is by using a combination of oral pills. This combination is actually called ART which stands for antiretrivol therapy. This therapy actaully aims at reducing the viral load on your blood and hence weakens the virus. This then results in slowly destroying the viruses using the combination of medicines. Some of the ART medications used are mentioned below.

    ●       Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs).

    ●       Fusion inhibitors.

    ●       Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs).

    ●       CCR5 antagonists.

    ●       Protease inhibitors (PIs).

    ●       Integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs).

    ●       Attachment inhibitors.

    ●       Combination of HIV medicines


    Though there is no such effective treatment method yet available to treat and cure the disease totally, still there are ways you can use yourself to prevent it. Below are mentioned some of the proven methods or ways that can help to prevent the risk of developing HIV infection.

    ●       Remember to use condoms during sex. Latex condoms are more helpful.

    ●       Say no to sharing of used injection syringes and needles.

    ●       Try to make use of water-based lubricants.

    ●       Get yourself tested for any kind of STD and get treatment started, this helps to reduce the risk of developing HIV infection. Because, if you already have some STD then the risk of developing HIV rises.

    ●       In case you think you are exposed to HIV then immediately consult with your doctor. Ask your doctor if you need some immediate treatment. Usually, based on exposure type, your doctor may prescribe you some medicines. These are known as pre-exposure prophylaxis and post-exposure prophylaxis.

    Besides all the above-mentioned points, another point of importance is that you should avoid getting drunk. After being totally high, people fail to protect themselves from these infections. So, better avoid being highly drunk.

    Don’t miss your medicines for any cause!

    In case you are already HIV positive, then you should consult with the doctor soon. This will help to get your treatment with a combination of medicines started soon. Once you are on medicines, then try to avoid missing them. Missing your regular HIV treatment medicine can cause reverse action. The virus which was earlier getting destroyed due to the medicine will now develop a resistive nature  against it. Now if you start your medication after a certain period then it won’t work. And this is more dangerous. Because, you will keep taking medicines as prescribed after missing them, and think that it is working. But in reality, it has stopped working. And the HIV and the infection are growing rapidly within you. It is destroying your immune cells and making your body weak from the inside.

    What should you do, if you have already missed some dozes?

    So, next time if due for any reason you have to skip medicines or have missed them for some time. Then make sure to consult your doctor. Unless you consult with your doctor and he prescribes you test to find the viral load in your blood, you can’t be treated. After knowing the exact nature of the viruses within, the speed of their multiplication, and decrement in the effectiveness of the medicine they have caused, you can be given any medicine again.


    HIV is a viral infection, we all know that but after having read this article above, we now know its seriousness. HIV infection is not any normal health problem. It needs special care and treatment. Though it can’t be treated completely yet it can be slowed down or it can be reduced. For that you need to follow the above mentioned prevention methods. They will help you to prevent your health risk and stop it from spreading. Besides, another important thing that we should all understand is that we should never panic. We should avoid the discrimination that usually happens with an HIV-positive person. This creates a more negative environment for the patient and makes him feel depressed. Acting mature is very important in such circumstances. Better to consult a doctor and know how can you handle the situation. But never do discrimination.

  • What is Mental Illness? Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

    What is Mental IllnessMental illness is a spectrum of conditions that affect a person’s ability to think, this article will discuss the types of mental illness, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options available. 

     As it is important to take care of your physical self, and your external body, it is as important to take care of your mental health. Usually, we forget to give importance to how we are feeling and how we are behaving with others and ourselves. But it is the most essential thing to take care of. We usually confuse mental health problems and mental illnesses with random mood swings or any kind of situational problems. But the problem is really serious. There are various types of mental illnesses, about which we rarely know and pay attention to. Some of the major mental illnesses that can be found occurring commonly are mentioned below.

    Anxiety Disorder:

    Anxiety disorders have symptoms that match some of the common feelings we experience in our regular living. Like some common feelings are feeling anxiety while something new and unknown is going to happen, panicking when something unexpected happens or a sudden hike in the heart rate. Besides, feeling scared or nervous before performing something very important. These symptoms are so common with every one of us, that we rarely think about them being serious even if their frequency of occurrence increases. This makes the disorder a serious one as it hampers our ability to think clearly and keeps us unknown of the problem we are facing. Some of the common terms included under this type of disorder are general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and several forms of phobias.

    Mood Disorder:

    Like anxiety disorders, mood disorders are also among the most common types of mental illnesses. Usually, they are confused with normal feelings and are ignored but actually, they are of quite importance. In this condition, the patient starts to feel extremities in his feelings. Either he feels too happy or sometimes too sad. Some of the common mood disorders include depression and bipolar disorder.

    Personality Disorder:

    Under this type of disorder, the patient suffers from extreme mood swings. He fails to adjust to the situation and often ends up making the situation with others at the home, workplace, or in public places very distressful. Usually, the thinking pattern and the behavioral nature of the patient change and he starts behaving quite abnormally. They start showing some unusual traits and anti-social behaviors.

    Addiction Disorder:

    This is a very unhealthful form of mental disorder. In this condition, the patient suffers from addictions either to alcohol or drugs or to some unethical activities. Some of such includes gambling. These addictions make them forget about their responsibilities and affect their relationships with their close ones.

    Eating Disorder:

    Under this disorder, the eating behavior of the patient is affected. It involves extreme changes both in the mood and the emotions of the patient. Some of the common problems associated with this condition include bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and anorexia nervosa. Apart from the above-discussed mental illnesses, there are also various other less identified and less treated mental illnesses. Some of them are mentioned below.


    This is a kind of psychotic disorder. In this condition, the patient faces many events of delusions and hallucinations. Their ability to think is impaired and they fail to identify the importance of any situation. Usually, this disorder occurs in old age, but nowadays cases of early adulthood are also found. 

    Sexual disorders:

    In this condition, the tendency for sexual problems rises. The patient may suffer from sexual dysfunction, lack of sex drive, or many more.

    Somatic symptom disorder:

    In this condition, the patient feels too distressing thinking about some physical symptoms he is facing. He thinks that some serious disease is underlying the symptoms but the actual diagnosis fails to identify any disease.

    Adjustment disorder:

    This is one of the common problems that occur due to some accidents. In this condition, the patient usually attaches himself emotionally to some sudden accident and becomes depressed thinking about it constantly. But this disorder usually doesn’t last long. Within the passing 6 months of the accident, the symptoms start to fade away.

    Symptoms of mental illnesses

    Having known about the various prevailing mental illnesses, now let us know about the symptoms of mental illnesses. These symptoms are the ones, that first gives the single of any underlying problem. So, it’s essential to identify them to help them get the condition treated well before it gets worse. Hence, most of the common symptoms accompanying mental illnesses are mentioned below.

    • Always feeling gloomy
    • Facing extreme mood swings
    • Too many changes in the way you used to eat
    • Beginning of suicidal thoughts
    • Excessive addiction to drugs or alcohol
    • Feeling withdrawn or alone
    • Unable to think clearly or take decisions properly
    • Frequent clashes with your loved ones or inability to understand others’ feelings
    • The frequent rise in a heartbeat whenever something unknown is coming, getting anxious too much and too easily

    Now we know, how to identify if we are suffering from any mental illness. But this is not all that is needed to find the type of mental illness you are suffering from. For this, it is essential to go through a proper diagnosis. Only after a complete and thorough diagnosis, the type of mental illness can be detected. Hence, in the article to follow, let us know how mental illness can be diagnosed.

    Diagnosis of Mental Illnesses

    The complete diagnosis of mental illness is not possible with just one consultation with the psychiatrist. It takes a series of methods and appointments to find out the real reason behind the underlying illness. Usually, the methods of diagnosis use a physical examination by the doctor. In this, the patient is asked about his symptoms to list out the other possible physical illnesses. Then he may be asked to perform some lab tests.  Alongside, the doctor can ask you to fill up a questionnaire or ask you several verbal questions to know about your psychological state. This includes your thoughts, behavior, and feelings. Then based on a few sessions and proper consultation with a team of psychiatrists, any patient is diagnosed with any specific mental illness.

    Treatments for Mental Illnesses

    Having known in brief about the ways to diagnose mental illness now let us also have a look at how can we treat them. Our common conception regarding the treatment of any mental illness is to go to a psychiatrist. It is the right approach but it is not the only one. The psychiatrist is the person who has achieved the governmental or legal license to prescribe medicines for the treatment of mental illnesses. But there are also other peoples and groups available who can help you with the treatment. Just the difference is they can’t prescribe drugs to you. But they can help you emotionally, and physically and try to make you feel better. Some such helpers or practitioners include psychologists, counselors, nurses, peer support group professionals, and many more.

    These people are professionals to work with you on the ground level to help you treat the illness, but the medical work can only be performed by licensed psychiatrists. Besides, each one of these professionals is eligible to perform psychotherapies to help you get well soon. Even though medicines are always the priority to treat illnesses, sometimes other methods can be also useful. Some of the effective ways to treat mental illnesses are mentioned below.


    Medication is the most preferred method used by psychiatrists to treat a mental illness. The type and the dose of medicine to be prescribed depends on the symptoms of the patient and his state of severity. Besides, the prescription of medicines can also happen in combination with other psychotherapy. Some of the common medications used by psychiatrists to treat the illness are mentioned below.

    • Mood stabilizers
    • Anti-depressants
    • Anti-anxiety medicines
    • Antipsychotics

    Psychiatric hospitalization

    This method of treatment is preferred in very rare conditions. This can be opted for either by the patient himself or by the people around him. In this method, the patient is hospitalized in hospitals with a physiatrist facility. There they are administered with medications, monitoring, intake of fluids and nutrition, and also the stability of their condition.

    Not everyone with mental illness is treated in this method. Only those who suffer from the following symptoms are prescribed for involuntary admission to psychiatric hospitals.

    • Getting a series of hallucinations
    • Suicidal tendency
    • Not eating and sleeping for many days
    • Unable to care for others due to mental instability


    Psychotherapy also called talk therapy is one of the most widely used therapy to treat any kind of mental health problem, not just mental illnesses. In this process of therapy, the patient is made to sit either alone or with others with the same problems or different problems in a group with the therapist. During each session of the therapy, each one of the patients is given chance to speak about how they are feeling and if they want to share something with everyone. Then after listening to each one, the therapists themselves help them with the ways they can use to cope with their problems. Besides, it is not that talk therapy only helps for mental illnesses, they are also helpful for treating normal mood problems and stressful situations.

    Psychotherapy is of many types. Some of the commonly used ones are mentioned below.

    • Behavioral therapy
    • Psychoanalysis
    • Psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Interpersonal therapy
    • Cognitive therapy

    Electroconvulsive therapy

    Electroconvulsive therapy is among the most effective methods used to treat mental illness. In this method, the patient is made to go on anesthesia and then a series of electric shocks are delivered to his / her brain through the electrodes attached to the brain. Even though this therapy has no serious complications or side effects associated with them, it can cause little seizures in the brain and also temporary memory loss. Mostly this method of treatment is employed to treat severe cases of depression. All the methods of treating mental illnesses are divided into actually two groups based on the drug engagement and only use of therapy. When the treatment method uses drugs to treat the patient then it is called somatic treatment. When the treatment method when works only on behavioral changes, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy, then they are known as the psychotherapeutic treatment methods. Usually based on the requirement of the mental illness and the condition of the patient, any one of the two methods can be applied. But usually, a combination of both in balance can do wonders. Most of the successful cases of treatment of mental illnesses show the combined use of both methods.


    The mental health and fitness of an individual is the major parameter in finding out the effectiveness of his / her living. In case you are feeling always sad, anxious, and nervous or are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then it’s the call for you to visit a psychiatrist. Mental illnesses never mean you are crazy or mad, it is just a condition of the body that needs some care and treatment to get well soon again. Anything related to the mind is very essential. We can take medicines for fever or cold, but should never self-diagnose ourselves or others for medicines for mental illness treatment. The medicines given to a particular patient vary a lot in various aspects from others. 

    Doze on one patient can’t be prescribed to another, so it is very important to take medicines only after proper consulation and an appointment with the psychiatrist. Medical treatments can’t be self-prescribed but psychotherapy can be. You can join any peer support group or share your feelings of distress or problems with someone you trust a lot. Besides, you can help someone facing the same issues by talking to them or giving them time. So, it is very important at the time, that we start understanding the values of mental health and treat mental illnesses as important ones. So, next time whenever you feel like facing mental health issues or find someone known facing the same, make sure to contact a psychiatrist and get treatment started soon. The early start of the treatment will help a lot to get back to normal life soon. This will also help you enjoy your life and the company of your loved ones.

  • Types of Fat in Body


    There are different types of body fat with different benefits and dangers. This article will discuss the types of body fat and explain how each type impacts health. What are the different types of body fat, and what are their dangers, benefits, and treatment options? Fats are essential macronutrients that are very important for the human body to carry out some important functions. 

    They act as a protective shell around the skeleton and nerves of your body. Alongside, they provide energy to the body to carry out essential functions throughout the day. Fats are mainly taken through food and stored within the body. This is stored in order to obtain some specific functions from it like, protection, thermal insulation, and energy. Alike the other essential nutrients like protein and carbohydrates, fat is high in calories. Per gram of fat provides the body with 9 calories which is more than double the amount provided by protein and carbs. Now, all the fat that we consume through food is either used to serve as energy for performing certain essential biological processes. Some of which include digestion, cell growth, hormone regulation, absorption of essential vitamins, etc. All these are performed while the whole body stays at rest. But when the fat intake is more than that needed to perform these activities, then the body stores the excess fat for further use. 

    This storage of extra fat takes place in the white adipose cells. Now the question is, Is only fat intake from external food responsible for fat build-up in the human body? The answer is an absolute NO. Apart from the fat that we consume via fat, our liver also works day and night to make fat for our body. It does so by the conversion of protein and carbohydrates that we consume. Hence, it is said that just cutting down on fatty food won’t make you slim. You need to also follow a protein and carbohydrate-maintained diet for losing weight.

    Types of Fats

    Having known what fat is and why it is found in the human body, now let’s know the various types of fat.

    Saturated and Unsaturated fat

    As we know, fats are actually the triglycerides that contain three fatty acid chains attached to a glycerol module. So, it is quite evident that these are nothing else than modified or advanced versions of hydrocarbon chains. Therefore, as the nomenclature of the two types of fats suggests, these are long saturated or unsaturated carbon chains. Essentially it means the number or density of hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon chain.

    Saturated Fat

    As the name suggests, saturated fat is actually the carbon chain that is covered with hydrogen atoms. The number of hydrogen atoms connected to the carbon chain follows the basic saturated chain formula. Now since the number of hydrogen atoms is more so definitely it will affect the properties of the fat thus formed. So, the vegetable oils that are formed out of these saturated fats are found to be solid at room temperature. And thus due to its solid nature, though being essential its consumption should be limited. The safe limit of consuming saturated fat per day is estimated to be around 13 grams. Any limit above this limit will affect the body adversely.

    Some of the health issues which are known to develop due to excess saturated fat consumption are mentioned below. 

    • Hiking up your cholesterol level, especially the levels of LDL increases a lot.

    This in turn increases the risk of developed cardiovascular diseases. It can even cause blockage in the arteries of your heart. So, it’s better you limit the consumption of saturated fat on daily basis. Now to limit the consumption of saturated fat, it is important you know the edibles that contain saturated fat. Some of the saturated fat-containing items are butter, eggs, whole-milk dairy products, and red meats along with coconut and palm oils. So, if you are planning to limit saturated fat intake, then start with limiting the use of these edibles.

    Unsaturated Fat

    Now while talking about the unsaturated fat, these are actually the long carbon chains with less hydrogen attached to them. This property makes them stay liquid at room temperature. They are obtained from plants like vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc, and are thus found in plant-based oils. Due to its natural origin, the fat is called good fat. Now, these unsaturated fats are also not found in a single type. They are composed of two types of unsaturated fat. Let us have some light on them as well.

    Monounsaturated fats

    These are the unsaturated carbon chains that have only one unsaturated bond. It is found in vegetable oils like olive oil and peanut oil. They are liquid at room temperature but turn solid when refrigerated. These fats are very helpful in lowering the levels of LDL cholesterols in the body and maintaining a good level of HDL cholesterol. But simply substituting your dietary fat with monosaturated fat is not helpful unless you cut down the intake of saturated fat. Overall is very helpful in reducing the risks of cardiac problems, and chronic diseases and helps you stay healthy. The food items that contain monounsaturated fats that can easily be added to your regular diet are avocados, nuts like hazelnut, almonds, and olive oil.

    Polyunsaturated fats

    These kinds of fats are those containing a  good number of unsaturated chemical bonds. This provides them with good health-related properties and makes them stay liquid at room temperature and also in the refrigerator. These types of fats are obtained from fish and are known to have two types.

    Omega-3 fatty acids

    This kind of fatty acid is found in polyunsaturated fats that are obtained from fish. These provide health benefits in a number of ways. It reduces the triglyceride levels in the blood, enhances the health of joints and eyes, and also improves the healthy functioning of the heart. Apart from these, studies show that omega-3 fatty acids might also help in slowing down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Hence, a lot of healthy effects can be obtained from omega-3 fatty acids. The food items from which you can obtain omega-3 fatty acids are salmons, mackerel fish, and even algae.

    Omega-6 fatty acids

    This kind of polyunsaturated fat is obtained from plant-based sources like green leafy vegetables, vegetable oil, and various kinds of seeds. Though this kind of fat is also considered healthy for the heart many studies have shown that it can also lead to inflammation. So, before adding extra omega-6 fatty acid to your diet, make sure to consult your dietician.

    Trans Fat

    Trans fats are among the most unhealthy forms of fat available on the market. These are sold in the edible industry on a large scale for the various monetary benefits they provide to the seller. But in actuality for the consumers, this is among the worst kind of edible. It affects the consumer’s body in a variety of harmful ways. Some of the harmful effects of trans fat are mentioned below.

    • Enhances your LDL cholesterol levels
    • Lowers the amount of good HDL cholesterol levels

    All these effects on cholesterol levels in turn make your body vulnerable to various problems. Some of the most common health problems associated with trans fat consumption are heart-ailments, the development of type-2 diabetes, and even stroke. Most of the trans fat is found in processed and junk foods to enhance their taste and shelf life. This happens by the solidification of the trans fat (hydrogen added to vegetable oils). This causes the oil to solidify on the edible surface and thus enhance its shelf-life.  So, it is advisable to cut down the consumption of processed food as much as possible. Each type of fat we consume has a separate impact on the body. So, it is very important to know about the way fat affects your body before consuming a certain kind of fat. It helps your body to stay protected from any harmful effects and also allows healthy energy flow and functioning of the body.

    Is it healthy to consume only unsaturated fat?

    Each type of fat we got to know about so far is important for performing different types of functions in our body. It is not totally a healthy option to completely limit yourself on consuming unsaturated fat and restricting the intake of trans and saturated fats. Instead, you can do one thing, you can replace the excess amount of saturated or trans fat with some healthy alternatives. Like, replace the saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat to reduce your risk of heart problems. Or exchange it with the consumption of avocado, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. While eliminating trans fat from food may have some other substitute to cover up the taste, texture, and shelf-life of the food. It can be filled with lots of salt and sugar or contain unhealthy saturated food. So, it is very important every time you are going to buy processed food, check the content level on the package. Check for the levels of different types of fats, salt and sugar level. If you find them beyond the limited or healthy extent then kindly discard them from usage. This will help you to stay healthy and make your body also happy.

    Benefits and dangers associated with the consumption or accumulation of fat in the human body.

    Having known the benefits and risks associated with the consumption of each kind of fat separately above. Now let us have a look at the overall view on the health benefits of the presence of fat in our body or the benefits of consuming it. Some of the major benefits are mentioned below.

    • Consumption of dietary fats provides the body with the required fatty acids that are not produced by the body.
    • Fats are necessary for our body to absorb certain kind of vitamins which dissolves only in fat and are essential for our body. These vitamins include vitamin A, D,  and E.
    • Our lungs are made to function properly by the presence of a fatty layer of saturated fat over the lungs. They help in reducing the chances of respiratory problems and especially asthma.
    • Our skin stays healthy with proper consumption of fat. The skin is made up of cells and the cell membranes are made up of fat. So, if the fat consumption is cut below the required level then it can lead to skin infection or other skin-related problems.
    • Fats are essential for the healthy upkeep of our immune system. The presence of saturated fatty acids in the body makes white blood cells healthy and helps them recognize and attack foreign elements. But its presence can hamper the proper functioning of the human immune system.

    Now after knowing so much about the health benefits that these fats provide to our bodies. Let us now know about the dangers or risks to health associated with excess consumption of fats.

    • Excess fat in the body is the major cause of obesity and overweight. This in turn brings with it a lot of harmful health problems. Some of these include sleeping disorders, an increase in male hormone levels, and heart problems.
    • Extra fat in the obese body makes it affects the insulin level in the body. This in turn levels the development of diabetes. Which again results in heart problems.
    • Causes the development of vision loss with growing age.
    • Extra fat in the body can hamper the working of your digestive system as well. It leads to gastrointestinal problems and results in inflammation.
    • Neurological problems in adults can also result from extra fat consumption. Besides, it affects the neurological growth of children if they are obese.

    Hence, it is important that you reduce your extra fat consumption and eat only the required amount for a healthy diet. This will not only help in making you fit but also keep your heart healthy. If you are unsure about the amount of fat you should add to your regular diet, then better for you to consult your doctor. She/ he may help you the most here.


    Fats are essential nutrients that our body needs for a variety of energy-involved functions. Unless you consume a healthy diet to allow your body either obtain fat from food or make it within your body, your body is prone to various health risks. Besides, if you consume an excessive amount of fat and unhealthy food, then also your body is prone to health risks. So, every time you sit to eat make sure, you have filled up your platter with a healthy quantity of each kind of nutrient required by the body. Also, restrict yourself you’re consuming processed and packaged food. This brings into your body a lot of cardiac issues and spikes up the cholesterol level.

  • What is Menstruation? Normal Menstrual Cycle

    What is menstruation? or normal menstrual cycle women health. Menstruation or being on menstrual cycle or periods is considered an essential part of any female’s life. It is a major health driver and is mainly correlated with the reproductive health of a female body.

     But the question is what is this menstrual cycle and why is it so crucial for the health of any woman. The menstrual cycle or menstruation is actually the process of shedding the uterus lining every month. This is very crucial and actually occurs to prepare a female body for a possible pregnancy. It takes place with a series of changes occurring simultaneously in the hormone release, uterus, and ovary shape of any female body. The general length of a menstrual cycle occurs between 21 days to 35 days. Within each cycle, the ovary works to release eggs and hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Whereas at the same time the uterus works to prepare the uterus lining for conceiving. 

    But when the egg doesn’t fertilize and implants itself in the uterus wall then the egg and the uterus lining are released out of the female body in the form of blood through the vagina. And this whole process of egg release to the blood flow out of the vagina every month is called menstruation. Having known what the process of menstruation is, now lets us know the health benefits it provides to female health. Some of the major benefits of a regular menstrual cycle are mentioned below.

    Manages your mood

    During periods, many hormonal changes take place within your body. These bring in mood swings and many strange feelings to you. But relax these are all normal, just as the time passes the mod will become normal and make you feel happy again.

    Aware you of any underlying disease

    The menstrual cycle is a major indicator of any underlying health problem in a female body. The length, odor, and color of the menstrual blood tell a lot about your health. Irregularity in periods, no periods for a long time, or heavy flow of periods can be a  result of one or other physical or reproductive health problems. So, once you suffer from any of these make sure to consult your doctor.

    Allows sluggish aging

    Menstruation is a lot related to the release of blood every month from the body. This allows for the release of iron from the body as well. Hence, the excess accumulation of iron from the body is thus not found in females. We know iron is a major cause of free radicle formation which in turn causes faster aging. So, the lack of this accumulation in the female body makes the process of aging slow. Hence, enhances the term of healthy female living.

    Enhances your sexual drive

    Being on periods actually enhances your sex drive. Females feel more attracted to sex while on periods. Medically it is considered safe and is even considered to release the need for pain killers. So, don’t worry if your white bedsheets and messy deeds, try out if you are really interested. It brings in longer joy and healthy orgasms. Now we know how beneficial is a regular period cycle for women’s health. It is also important to take care of personal hygiene during the time. For proper hygiene maintenance, you should follow the following precautions.

    • Use clean and washed panties every time.
    • Change your sanitary pad every 6 hours.
    • Every time before chnging your sanitary napkin, wash the intimate area with a mild intimate wash.
    • Dispose of the used pad every time by wrapping it in newspaper and trying to dump it in a soil pit.
    • Wash your hands properly with hand wash every time you use the washroom.

    Following these steps may look a little hard, but will help you enjoy a safe and healthy period of time. So, don’t forget to maintain them. Besides, if you find any form of abnormality in your period cycle or feel excess pain during the time. Then make sure to consult your doctor. Many times slowly without much knowledge, there develop problems in the menstrual cycle of the female and resulting in irregular and painful periods. 

    These even pose harmful effects on the health of the woman. So, make sure you pay attention to them as well.

  • Nutrition During Pregnancy, Women health

    Health and Nutrition during Pregnancy

    Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for women health or both mom and baby. Learn more about healthy diet and what you should be consuming. Pregnancy is among the most precious periods of female life. The phase is full of excitement and brings in lots of new hope and happiness for the would-be mom. This new bond that is created between the unseen and the seen is considered to be the purest among all.

    During this beautiful journey, the mom has to take care of herself and the growing baby within her. This care needs special attention since the health mother and baby are dependent on it. Until birth, the baby is completely dependent on the mother for the fulfillment of all his nutritional needs.This dual caring effort provided by the mother’s body usually in absence of proper care and diet results in problems for both the mother and the baby. Insufficient fulfillment of the dietary needs to complete the vitamin and minerals needed in the mother’s body, make the baby and mother malnourished. This malnourishment in turn results in various complications during delivery and also the birth of a weak malnourished child. This in the long run affects the health of the country as well due to the growth of a weak future generation. Hence, it is very important to take care of the dietary needs of a to-be-mom. Besides, due to the incomplete fulfillment of nutrition in the mother’s body, she falls prey to a variety of health issues. Some of the very common problems encountered during pregnancy due to dietary problems are mentioned below.

    Health issues during pregnancy


    During pregnancy, the blood needs of the female body increase. This increase is due to the blood supply to the growing fetus. The blood is made up of red blood cells which are known to carry oxygen to the baby and each part of the mother’s body. This oxygen-carrying capability of the blood is due to the presence of hemoglobin (red blood cells). This hemoglobin carries oxygen due to the presence of iron in the body. Now, if the mother body is deficient in iron, then it will form less hemoglobin and hence less blood. This causes the development of a condition in the pregnant female body called Anemia. This condition makes the mother’s body pale, and fragile and causes shortness of breath. Thus to cope with this iron-deficient anemia, the female body’s iron supply needs to be increased.


    Constipation is a very common problem from the early stages of pregnancy. This occurs due to the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy. This creates a lot of problems for the body of the to-be-mother. So, it’s important to take care of the preventive measures to help cope with this problem.

    To reduce the chances of developing constipation during pregnancy and getting relief from it you should follow some tips. Include more pregnancy-safe exercises, drink more water a day, eat a fiber-rich diet and try to avoid iron supplements. Iron supplements are essential during pregnancy but if it is causing you constipation then consult your doctor for changing it.


    Pregnancy and back pain make an inevitable pair for any pregnant lady. Back pain starts kicking in from the first trimester of the journey. the main reason for the development of back pain is the softening of the ligaments of your body. These softened ligaments help to prepare your body for labor. But this in turn causes the development of strain in the joints of the pelvis and lower back. This as a result causes back pain.

    The best way to get relief from this pain is by doing some helpful exercises. To know the best-suited one for you, consult your doctor. Without their suggestion don’t try any pose yourself.

    Cramps and pain

    Cramps and pains are quite common during pregnancy. Cramps usually develop at night either on the calves or muscles of the legs and feet. They are quite painful and hard to remove once develop. The best way to remove or prevent cramps is by doing light yet regular exercises. This helps to improve the blood circulation in the legs and hence reduces the chances of developing cramps further.

    The most effective exercise for cramp protection is up and down stretching of the feet and rotation of one foot at a time in one direction. This stretches the blood vessels and nerves of the legs and hence helps improve blood flow through them.

    Frequent peeing

    During pregnancy, it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Proper hydration includes drinking a lot of plain water or healthy, pregnancy-safe fruit juices. But as is it important to drink water a lot, it makes it also important to pee. The frequency of passing pee increases manifold during pregnancy. The actual reason for the enhanced frequency is the growing baby within you. As the head of the baby pushes against the bladder, your tendency to go toilet increases. Though this is not a problem, for relief you can avoid fluids during the night before going to bed. But in case you experience any kind of abnormality while peeing, you should identify them. If you are experiencing it hard to pass urine, seeing blood in the urine, or finding it painful to pee then you should consult your doctor. These may be the symptoms of urinary tract infections. Right consultation at the right time will help to reduce the discomfort but make sure to avoid taking medicines by yourself. As every medicine is not pregnancy safe. Hence, consultation with the doctor is very important.

    Besides this, another problem relevant during and post-pregnancy is incontinence. In this situation, there occurs a sudden spurt of pee while sneezing, coughing, or even laughing. Usually, it is temporary and happens because of the relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles. Thus, to help with this problem, again you can perform such exercises which strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. And hence, prevent this sudden spurt of pee.

    Varicose Veins

    These are the swollen veins of the legs and vaginal opening that swell up during pregnancy. Usually these are not harmful but can be uncomfortable. So, to get relief from this problem you can follow some protocols. Some of the helpful ones are like avoiding standing for long periods, perform sleeping with a pillow under your legs, or including antenatal exercises like swimming and walking during pregnancy. Besides, you can also do some foot exercises like stretching them or bending them in repetition. This helps you to get relief from the discomfort of swollen veins. Besides the above-discussed problems, there are also many other health problems relevant during pregnancy. The ways to cope with these problems are simply by staying active, doing pregnancy-safe exercises, and taking care of your diet. During pregnancy, some special diet plans are available which take care of your nutrient needs during the journey. Some of such dietary elements which are helpful and essential during pregnancy are mentioned below. Let us have a look at them.

    Dietary needs during pregnancy

    Dairy products

    Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and ghee are very important sources of calcium, protein, and minerals like zinc, phosphorous, and magnesium. All these are necessary for the healthy growth of the baby within you. Besides, it provides two important types of high-quality proteins that are whey and casein. So, don’t forget to consume more dairy products during this beautiful journey.

    Leafy green vegetables

    Dark and green-colored leafy vegetables are a powerhouse of many essential nutrients you need. They are filled up with fiber, vitamins (A, C, K) and folate, and minerals(iron, calcium, and magnesium). Besides, their rich fiber content helps in reducing the problem of constipation and in turn reduces your discomfort. Its nutritious nature helps in providing healthy birth weight to your child and enhances its healthy growth. So, next time you sit to eat, don’t forget to add green veggies to your platter.

    Dried fruits

    Dried fruits are considered to be the best alternative to fresh fruits during pregnancy. They contain the same amount of energy pack as the fresh fruit just without having water in them. They are easy to consume and fill your body with lots of essential nutrients and minerals required during pregnancy. But you must take care of how much you eat. These are also high in calories so, should be limited to one serving a day. More consumption can lead to excess weight gain and health problems.

    Whole grains

    Whole grains are very healthy edibles during pregnancy. They are packed with lots of fiber, protein, and essential nutrients and minerals like Vitamin B and magnesium. So, try to consume whole grains like oats, barley, and brown rice compared to their refined counterparts. Apart from these items, it is very important to stay hydrated. For this drink plenty of water throughout the day. It makes you pee safe and remove toxins from your body. Thus making your pregnancy journey a beautiful one.

    Foods to avoid

    Having known so much about what you should eat during pregnancy to fulfill your nutrient needs. Now it is also important to know about the food items you should avoid during pregnancy. Some of the harmful edibles during pregnancy are mentioned below. Let us have a look at them.

    High mercury-containing fishes

    Mercury-containing fishes are prohibited from consumption during pregnancy. Their continuous consumption leads to the accumulation of mercury in the mother’s blood. This collected poison then slowly flows through the blood to the growing baby and results in damage to its brain and nervous system. So, it’s highly suggested to avoid eating fishes with high levels of mercury present in them.


    Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is totally prohibited. It is known that if the mother drinks alcohol then it passes directly to the growing baby through blood. The presence of alcohol in the baby’s body causes the development of many physical, mental, and cognitive impairments in the newborn. Besides, regular alcohol consumption eventually leads to miscarriage also. So, it’s better you avoid alcohol consumption during or before pregnancy.


    The recommended level of daily caffeine intake for pregnant ladies is just 200mg. Any amount higher than this is considered to be unhealthy and causes a lot of problems during pregnancy. Studies have suggested yet not proven that caffeine concentration causes premature delivery, unhealthy birth weight, and insufficient growth of the fetus. Yet another study says that pregnant ladies should totally avoid caffeine intake during pregnancy as it poses various harmful effects on the mother and baby. Hence, take care of what you eat and how much you eat during pregnancy to make your journey a smooth and beautiful one. This will help to improve the health of your growing baby and fulfill all your bodily needs. So make sure to follow these dietary suggestions and choose the one best suited for you.


    Pregnancy is the best and most desired phase for any female being. The feeling of motherhood brings a lot of changes in both the physical and emotional health of a woman. Emotional changes are usually taken care of with little time and love, but physical changes need special attention. Due to a lack in the supply of enough nutrients to the mother body, the body falls weak and prey to a variety of problems. Besides, due to the weak mother’s body, the needs of the baby are also not fulfilled which results in weakness in the baby. Hence, we suggest every to-be-mom take care of her dietary needs, visit their gynecologist regularly and deliver a healthy baby from her healthy body. To help pregnant women identify their dietary needs during pregnancy,  we have mentioned details of a few problems they face during pregnancy and the diet that is healthy for them. So, be you the to-be mother, the father, or have any other relation with the to-be-born, you should know the requirements of a female body during pregnancy. Proper care helps to protect the health of both mother and the baby. We hope this article has helped you find solutions to most of your queries during pregnancy. So, stay happy, healthy, safe, and enjoy the journey of Happy Motherhood!!

  • How to tackle Bloating

    What causes bloated stomach?, How to tackle BloatingHow to Reduce Bloating ?. Do you also sometimes feel like your stomach is inflated like a balloon? Does it make you feel uncomfortably full even when you have not eaten anything recently? If the answer is yes, then you are for sure suffering from a condition called abdominal bloating.

     Bloating is a stomach condition when your gastrointestinal tract is full of gas. It makes you feel full and is usually accompanied by pain and abdominal rumbling and burping. In this condition, it becomes difficult to concentrate on your regular activities. Your stomach will always make you feel tight, swollen, and inflated. Many times, the condition is mixed or confused with other stomach problems like the looseness and abdominal wall laxity. But the difference can be noticed properly when your stomach is toned. The most common victims of the condition are elderly women, but others can also suffer from this. Knowing what this condition is, now it’s important to get the condition treated soon. The best and safest way to cure any condition is by opting for medical help. But sometimes, based on the situation and severity we can try home remedies as well. Besides, some preventative measures can also be useful.  Some of the easiest and simplest ways that can help you reduce the condition of bloating are mentioned below.

    These are among the most effective ways available to treat the condition. Let us have a look at each of them.

    Enhancing the number of physical activities you perform on regular basis can help you a lot in releasing the excess build-up gas in your stomach. The easiest of the ways is by regularly walking. Taking regular walks helps to make your bowel movements proper and thus is very helpful for constipation. Besides, you can do certain yoga poses like, the happy baby pose and perform squats to reduce bloating. These activities position your muscles and encourage the release of gases.

    Usually, it is found that the FODMAP diet is the primary cause of developing gas in the gastrointestinal tract. FODMAP diet stands for low fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols-containing diet. Some of the food included in this list of diets are onions, garlic, milk, yogurt apricots, apple, cauliflower, etc. So, avoiding them can help to reduce bloating.

    Usually, massages are very helpful in soothing the muscles of your body. When talking about abdominal massage, then when this is done by some professional massagers can be very effective. Massaging the abdomen from the direction of the large intestine is more helpful in this case. It helps to improve bowel movement and release the excess gas present in your stomach. But in case you feel discomfort or pain in your stomach due to massaging then make sure to discontinue the process as the soonest.

    To reduce the developed gas you can consume some easily available items like peppermint and chamomile tea, probiotic-containing items like yogurt, or edibles like fennel seeds, turmeric, coriander, etc. Consuming any of these elements can help to reduce the developed gas in your stomach and hence make you feel relieved by reducing the inflation of your stomach. Have tried the most suitable of these ways to reduce abdominal bloating, if your condition still has not changed. Then you should consult your general physician or specialist about the gastric conditions for proper medical treatment. But make sure to not make much delay because the pain due to bloating if very severe then can cause other health problems as well. The most effective ways to reduce bloating, are by following the preventive measures to avoid its development. Some of the preventive measures for abdominal bloating as mentioned below. Let us have a look at them.

    • One of the best ways to prevent bloating is by preventing the development of gas in your stomach. This can be done most easily by changing your regular diet. Switching to the low FODMAP diet will help to avoid the gas-forming items from your list of edibles and this prevents bloating to great extent.
    • Abdominal bloating is commonly caused by constipation, gut sensitivity, or any other gynecological condition. The major of all these is constipation. Having a proper check on your bowel movements can help to prevent the development of bloating to a large extent. So, make sure you consume a fiber-rich diet and lots of water, and do exercise regularly.


    Bloating is a serious abdominal condition that can result in severe discomfort to the stomach. It can occur because of many reasons but constipation is among the most common ones. Taking care of the preventive measure can help you reduce the problem to a great extent, thus helping you enjoy your normal life with ease.

    So, whenever next time you feel like bloating, make sure to try the above-mentioned ways to get relief. And if still the condition persists then make sure to consult your physician at the earliest.

  • How to order medicine in online

    Can we buy medicine in online, How to order medicine in online: Yes, One of the best platform to buy medicine online in India is 3Meds, I have used this online medicine store.

     Online Medical Store may be a part of the growing surge of E-commerce in Healthcare Industry. E-commerce includes every kind of shopping for and marketing business activities over the net. The business here is controlled through correct management and running of the corporate web site. Online pharmacy may be a new mature sort of medical store in India. This on-line medical search includes varied kinds of medical stores just like the on-line branch of Associate in Nursing offline medical search, independent-only on-line stores, and on-line pharmacies that are literally operating as collaboration among varied different medical outlets. These medical stores area unit all operated in on-line mode and their services area unit delivered to the purchasers through varied delivery agents. 

    The significant boost within the on-line medical store quality and usage came throughout the amount of the covid-19 pandemic. Throughout an endemic once everything was standing on hold, medicines were among the necessities. Thanks to the country-wide internment, this manner of medication delivery was given a lift and thence it’s in use and growing even on the far side the time of the pandemic. Actually, this method of on-line pharmacy was discovered terribly early within the epoch however its growth went important when the pandemic solely.

    How will the web pharmacy work?

    The operating of a web medical search starts with initial the registration of the medical store. There are a unit varied regulative laws and rules obtainable in Republic of India and abroad that decide the operating rules of on-line pharmacies. Every medical store on-line has to have a registered pill pusher on the payroll. This pill pusher works to visualize all the prescriptions and requested medicines. Solely upon his approval, if needed when consultation with the patient, the medicines area unit packed and shipped to the specified client location. Formally, the web medical stores work by following the below-mentioned steps.

    Download the mobile application of the 3meds pharmacy or visit the website of the specified pharmacy.

    Log in to the appliance or web site together with your correct details and mobile range.

    Find out all the drugs that you just wish to shop for and augment the cart the specified amount of every medicine.

    Provide your actual and complete delivery address and transfer the prescription.

    On receiving your order request, the system can mechanically send the prescriptions and therefore the drugs demands to their registered pill pusher.

    The pill pusher verifies your drugs and if any schedule H or X medicine is enclosed within the prescription or list, they’ll contact you and kindle your want for the drugs.

    In case, some medicines of the specified company don’t seem to be obtainable then when consultation with the patient, the pill pusher might order constant composition drugs of a distinct company to the patient.

    Following the approval of the pill pusher, the prescription and order list area unit sent to the drugs warehouse. From there the specified medicines of desired company and composition area unit shipped to the customer’s address.

    The payment of the order is created each online and offline. This can be utterly supported the convenience of the client.

    So, upon with success finishing these preceding steps, the specified drugs can reach your doors in no time. There are units some on-line medical outlets that have their branches unfold round the main cities of the state. This allows the delivery to require place among a couple of hours of order, typically on constant day. Usually, for the sale of medicines a prescription may be, however if the drugs to be bought is Associate in Nursing medicament, then it is oversubscribed even with none prescription.

    How to outline the offerings to deliver in a pharmacy?

    Online pharmacy is simply not a web medical search; however it brings with it a whole package. It provides variety of different services too in conjunction with the delivery of the specified medicines. A number of the offerings that area unit deliverable by the web pharmacies area unit mentioned below.

    Teleconsultation with doctors

    Teleconsultation refers to the web appointment with a doctor. Here you’re asked to pay a needed quantity of fees, book your appointment, and then talk over with your doctor via video line of work. This facilitates you to create your consultation done at any time consistent with your ease and visit the doctor from anyplace. This facility by on-line pharmacies has reduced the boundaries between doctors and patients. Besides, area unit providing the chance for a lot of reach of individuals to medical services.

    Free inquiry regarding the work tests, doctors, and medicines

    With each on-line pharmacy, a registered doctor is usually associated. A general medico is usually Associate in Nursing obtainable person at these medical stores. they assist to clear your doubts and answer your inquiries. Besides, a well-trained and accomplished attendant is usually at your service to clear your inquiries associated with something and book your appointment if needed. They produce such a healthy setting that may cause you to their regular client over time.

    Home-based sample assortment facility for varied tests

    For conducting any reasonably check earlier you required to go to the work and submit your sample. This process was quite agitated and awful too. however currently these on-line pharmacies associate with the supply of sample assortment right from your home. you’ll simply book your slot, keep relaxed reception and supply your sample to the chief. The sample assortment visits your home at the precise given time and in an exceedingly very straightforward and friendly manner collects your sample. Hence, reducing your haste of aiming to the work, waiting in line, then submitting your samples.

    Easy delivery of check results

    Once the sample is collected and therefore the tests area unit passes by the labs, the check results area unit generated and sent to the purchasers in no time. This method of offers provided by the web pharmacies makes it terribly convenient for the purchasers to stay up with their regular life. This reduces the fear of dashing to the work for check result assortment.

    What is the distribution of online pharmacy services?

    The distribution of assorted services by on-line medical outlets is by the assistance of shipping partners, delivery services, and practiced work executives. The entire method of shipping its medicines to the specified client is conducted through their partnership with the correct shippers. It’s all on the shipping and request party who takes care of the sent medicines until they reach the purchasers. With these parties area unit associated varied delivery agents who belong to the precise neck of the woods to try to the work of delivering the medicines to the purchasers on time. Besides, whereas talking regarding the distribution of different on-line consultation and medical work check services. a correct channel is ready with well-read and accomplished technical employees. They are doing the entire work of process the entire customer’s data to produce it to the correct doctor and work. Once the web a part of the work is completed, then executives from labs area unit sent to the patients for sample assortment and testing. Besides, for consultation, a correct channel with time slots and doctors is ready for the patient with the specified condition. Thus, during this manner all the services area unit distributed to the purchasers with ease and smoothness by the web pharmacies.

    What are a unit the advantages of online pharmacy for the customers?

    The evolution of on-line medical outlets provides tons of benefits to its customers. Compared to the standard or traditional medical outlets you get tons of advantages by creating your purchase from on-line medical outlets. The key profit is enjoyed by the senior and disabled persons, who truly can’t visit the medical stores. Besides, it helps to avoid wasting each it slow and cash. So, allow us to have a glance at the multiple benefits provided by on-line pharmacies to their customers. Helps the senior and dependent individual Online medical stores area unit terribly useful for those that can’t move themselves to go to the standard stores and obtain their medicines. it’s terribly painful to perpetually raise somebody to try to these things for you. typically consultation with a doctor is needed or they will ought to get some medical work tests run them. For all this work they will want somebody when. Hence, to assist them on-line pharmacies area unit at work. simply by following some straightforward steps, Associate in Nursing senior person or a disabled person will get his/her medical wants consummated with none person involvement.

    Better evaluation than offline medical stores

    Buying medicines on-line provides you with an honest quantity of discount. ancient stores will cut back up to 10-12% on your drugs costs once bought in bulk. however on-line pharmacies area unit totally different they supply you a minimum eighteen discount on every drugs you get. the number of medication is additionally not mounted for availing the advantages of discount. So, it eventually lands up saving a minimum of a 3rd a part of the cash that you just might pay offline to shop for constant medication.

    Better security and privacy

    For all those that area unit back regarding try folks, on-line pharmacies area unit the assistance. Via the utilization of on-line pharmacies, you’ll avail a spread of on-line services, starting from doctor’s consultations to purchasing things like condoms, gestation kits, or contraceptives needed for sexual functions. This reduces the awkwardness of visiting a medical store and shopping for them.

    Increased access to the medical services

    By victimization on-line medical stores, you get the possibility to use a spread of medical services relaxed. A number of the key useful medical services provided by on-line pharmacies area unit mentioned higher than. They keep your confidentiality safe and make sure you feel comfy and obtain the advantage of all the services they supply. Besides these, there are a unit varied different edges that you just will get from on-line pharmacies. Simply to acknowledge them, some area unit mentioned below.

    Saves time

    Provides a larger form of medicines

    Enhances your medical data by providing links to varied medical universities, articles, brands, and government agencies. Reduces the probabilities of fraud thanks to assortment of on-line info Are there additionally associated any problems with on-line pharmacies? If thus a way to resolve them. As there are a unit boons, there are connected some issues with any technology. As real on-line medical stores are obtainable some ill-gotten stores work on-line. The ill-gotten term here refers to the ill-gotten services that they supply. a number of the ill-gotten works performed by the medical store on-line include: Allowing minors (below the age of eighteen years) to become their customers. Selling such medication that area unit prohibited by the corporate itself. Hiding the right most retail value and marketing the medicines at value above the particular value. Avoiding the expiration date of the drugs and marketing it to the purchasers. Providing poor or virtually negligible client care or support services. Avoiding the core of wrong medicines from the purchasers.

    Selling schedule X and schedule H medicines while not a prescription.

     Apart from the higher than tips to indicate the ill-gotten work performed by some medical stores online, some stores area unit operating illicitly on-line. This includes the audacity of the stores to run unauthorized, hampering the privacy policies of the purchasers, marketing the small print of their customers, and plenty of a lot of. Thanks to ignorance, some novice users comprise their traps and obtain harried. The only thanks to save yourself and your cash from this can be by setting out to gain data regarding the technology and victimization it with care. Besides, on general grounds, the matter is solved by enhancing the technological security from the back-end and creating strict laws to manage the web pharmacy-related acts properly. Besides, we will incorporate the addition of a couple of techno-legal policies and activities associated with privacy, client details protection, protection of its website-related legal information, advertising on-line, and sincere diligence to cyber laws. If the medical outlets abide by these projected laws then solely they must be allowed to work as on-line medical outlets.

  • Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Treatment


    We are discus about Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Treatment, and Types in this article. In this trending world of health consciousness and fitness with a perfect body shape, people usually get over concerned with their physical being. Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms disorder.

    This concern in medical terms is called hypochondria or health anxiety. This is a situation that occurs when a person thinks excessively over his / her health. They think even with or without presence of any physical symptoms that they are suffering from some serious and deadly disease. Even a complete medical check of the body doesn’t suffice to make them understand. This continued health or illness anxiety builds up over time to cause severe health issues. It affects the person and this, in turn, disturbs the normal working of his life. Many times cases are reported where a serious condition gets developed due to the problem of overthinking of the patient. This is a serious psychic problem since what we think is actually what we become. And this probably suits the best in the field of medical science. Hence, if not cured on time, this becomes a long-term condition that keeps on getting severe with age and time.  So, the best yet long process to treat the condition is via psychotherapy. A detailed discussion on the types, causes and treatments for this long-term condition is done below. So, to start with let us first know the various types of health anxiety that exists. 


    Having known in brief about health anxiety, now let us know about its types. The types are actually based on the presence of symptoms, the patient’s reaction to a situation, and the medical significance of the symptoms. Hence, based on these differences, actually, health anxiety is of two main types.

    Somatic symptom disorder

    Somatic symptom disorder is a condition when the person suffering from it senses some symptoms like aches and tiredness. Though upon medical examination no medical significance for the presence of any serious condition comes out of these symptoms. Yet the person keeps on feeling like he might be suffering from a severe underlying condition. They start to think so much about the symptoms that it creates a negative thought aura around them. After some point of time, it even starts to interfere with their daily living leading sometimes to even depression. Besides, if they find some health problem in them then they create havoc among themselves and get mentally ill more. The disorder just does not stops themselves, they even conduct multiple visits to doctors and perform various tests to confirm their condition. But if nothing occurs then also they fail to believe it. They move on to another doctor and another round of medical tests. 

    Illness anxiety disorder

    Similar to the Somatic symptoms disorder is another disorder called the illness anxiety disorder. This is a condition that develops when a person overthinks too much even about the normal functioning of his body. All the voluntary activities of the body like digestive sounds, bloating, and sweating is a things to be suspicious about for him. No actual symptoms exist in patients with this disorder. But they mentally make up their minds to find some or other severe illness in them. They may also go for multiple visits to the doctor for check-ups but negative results won’t suffice their thinking. This with time grows to make them mentally ill and hence disturb their normal living.


    Based on the types, the symptoms of each of type of health anxiety are different. The symptoms of each of them are mentioned below.

    Somatic symptom disorder

    In this condition, usually, symptoms exist but they don’t belong to some severe condition. But the problem is not the presence of pain, tiredness, or shortness of breath but the problem is the excessive overthinking that is done upon them. Some of the common signs and symptoms to alert you of this condition are mentioned below.

    • Constantly taking stress about the possible illnesses.
    • Repeatedly conducting tests and check-ups to find the reason behind the symptoms experienced.
    • Showing more symptoms and problems due to any medical condition than is expected.
    • Due to overthinking, becoming less responsive to medical treatment but more sensitive to medical side effects.
    • Reducing physical activity by thinking that it may harm your body.

    Illness anxiety disorder

    Since here there is preoccupation found in the thinking of the patient that he is severely ill. So, he considers even normal body sensations as severe symptoms. Some of which are mentioned below.

    • Skipping meeting people and attending gatherings due to fear of health risks.
    • Constantly thinking and discussing the health condition and possible illnesses.
    • Frequent internet browsing about the causes behind symptoms experienced.
    • Frequently checking the body for possible signs and symptoms and conducting medical check-ups.
    • Worrying too much about normal body sensations.
    • Already confirming yourself that you are suffering from some serious illness.
    • Thinking so much about your health condition that you start disturbing your regular life.

    So, with the proper evaluation of the symptoms experienced you can easily get alert. It can help you understand if you are ill or are just overthinking. Even if you are overthinking and suffering from health anxiety then which is the one that has affected you.


    Now, having known so much about the condition, health anxiety, what it is and how to recognize it. Now it’s time we know what are the causes behind its development. Why do they occur and disturb the mental peace of the person? So, the major and popularly identified causes of health anxiety are mentioned below. The causes of each of its types are discussed underneath.

    Somatic symptom disorder

    Some of the commonly considered causes of this disorder are mentioned below.

    • If you have a genetic problem then it may make you more sensitive to pains. This over sensation can make you feel stressed about any unknown condition.
    • In case you have the trait of seeing negativity in most of the situations of your life, then there are high chances that you will get negative thoughts when you experience any pain or symptom.
    • Due to a lack of awareness about the problems processing symptoms, you may put more focus on the symptoms instead of paying attention to your emotional health.
    • Due to not knowing about the cause of symptoms properly and having an extra fear within. If you stop involving yourself in physical activities, then the chances for your condition to worsen will rise.

    Illness anxiety disorder

    Though the exact causes of the disorder are not known, some of the causes can be some situations as mentioned below.

    • It may happen that you have faced some severe illness in your childhood days or recent past. The fear that had developed by suffering from the condition may make you feel that even mild symptoms belong to some serious health condition.
    • The family has a major role to play here. If you have members in your family who worry too much about your health, then there are high chances for you to develop the same concern.
    • It may happen due to the feedback that acts in your mind due to some past uncomfortable situations faced you. This can lead you to think that each body sensation you feel belongs to some serious illness.


    Being aware of the symptoms is not enough to confirm the condition. To get started with medical treatment it is important to medically confirm or diagnose the condition. The most common way used for the diagnosis of health anxiety is mentioned below. Let us have a proper look at it. There is no specific medical test discovered at present to confirm the presence of health anxiety in you. But since, since you have the fear of various health illnesses associated with your symptoms. So, your doctor may take the option of rejecting to proceed. Under this method, your doctor will perform tests to rule out the presence of any of your thought diseases and then will suggest you the right path for your treatment. The most common step taken by doctors to treat such patients is by recommending them to psychotherapists. We will know about it in detail in the further section of the article.


    After a proper diagnosis is performed by your doctor to rule out the presence of any serious health condition and identify that you are suffering from your health anxiety. Your doctor may suggest psychotherapy with certain specific medications to treat you well.


    The most effective and common method used for treating patients suffering from health anxiety is psychotherapy. In this method, the patient is recommended by the doctor after proper diagnosis to an experienced psychological counselor or therapist. Based on the severity of the condition, counseling can also work. But if the situation is beyond the treatment via counseling sessions, then it is important to go for therapies. The most commonly used therapy is CBT which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using this therapy the patient is taught the ways and skills he can use to manage the symptoms he experience and also the developed disorder. This therapy can be performed or attended either in groups of similar patients or individually. Whatever works for you is given to you by your therapist. Besides CBT, there are also available some therapies to help you. Some of such therapies include exposure therapy and behavioral stress management. These have proven to be helpful for many patients but the success of the treatment depends on the acceptance power of the patient. If the patient doesn’t respond well to the therapy then some medications are also included in the treatment process.


    Though psychotherapy is the actual method used to treat any patient with health anxiety, yet if the patient doesn’t respond well to the therapy then the doctor may prescribe some medicines to help. Some of the common medications used and prescribed by doctors to help in the treatment process include antidepressants and mood enhancing pills. Usually, these medications help in these cases, but there may also be present certain components that can cause side effects. So, it is important to let your doctor know thoroughly about your condition before he prescribes you the medicines.


    After accumulating proper knowledge about the condition from its symptoms to its treatment. Now let us lastly know how we can prevent it from developing. Though very little is still known about how to prevent them but some suggestions can be followed. Since each type has separate symptoms with some similarities among them. We will know about the prevention of both of them separately.

    Illness anxiety disorder

    • Try getting professional psychological help or counseling as soon as you understand that you are getting excessively stressed about your normal body sensations. This helps to prevent your symptoms from getting severe and provides early relaxation from the condition.
    • Include in your daily life some stress management activities to help you avoid the effects of stress. Unless you take steps to control this, its symptoms will take control over your body and affect you.
    • Follow the provided treatment plan properly to avoid the recurrence of the condition. Besides, it also helps to prevent the condition from worsening and ensures you enjoy a normal and healthy life.

    Somatic symptom disorder

    The symptoms mentioned above for the prevention of illness anxiety disorder also fit in here. But since some form of symptoms like pain, fatigue, and breathing issues exists in this disorder so, we need to follow some other prevention methods also for help. Some of such techniques are mentioned below.

    • When you start feeling that the symptoms you are experiencing belong to this disorder, you should immediately take steps for its treatment. This not only helps to prevent the condition from worsening but also helps treat it on time.


    Health anxiety is a severe mental health illness, which people usually don’t understand. Instead, they start mixing it up with physical health conditions. This condition unless treated professionally with the help of a counselor or psychotherapist keeps affecting your health and body. With time it even starts interfering with your normal living. So, to prevent it from controlling your life we recommend you to follow the above-mentioned prevention methods and lead a healthy and happy life ahead.

  • What is an online pharmacy?

    Online pharmacy is a part of the growing surge of E-commerce in India. E-commerce includes all kinds of buying and selling business activities over the internet.
    The business here is controlled through proper management and running of the company website. Online pharmacy is a newly grown form of medical store in India. This

    online medical shop includes various forms of medical stores like the online branch of an offline medical shop, independent-only online stores, and online pharmacies that are actually working as collaboration among various other medical shops. These medical stores are all operated in online mode and their services are delivered to the customers through various delivery agents. The significant boost in the online medical store popularity and usage came during the period of the covid-19 pandemic. During a pandemic when everything was standing on hold, medicines were among the essentials.

    Due to the country-wide lockdown, this form of medicine delivery was given a boost and hence it is in use and growing even beyond the time of the pandemic. Actually, this system of online pharmacy was discovered very early in the modern era but its growth went significant after the pandemic only. 

    How does the online pharmacy work?

    The working of an online medical shop starts with first the registration of the medical store. There are various regulatory laws and rules available in India and abroad that decide the working rules of online pharmacies. Each medical store online needs to have a registered pharmacist on the payroll. This pharmacist works to check all the prescriptions and requested medicines. Only upon his approval, if required after consultation with the patient, the medicines are packed and shipped to the desired customer location.

    Formally, the online medical stores work by following the below-mentioned steps.

    • Download the mobile application of the online pharmacy or visit the online website of the desired pharmacy.
    • Log in to the application or website with your proper details and mobile number.
    • Find out all the medicines that you want to buy and add to the cart the desired quantity of each medicine.
    • Provide your exact and complete delivery address and upload the prescription.
    • On receiving your order request, the system will automatically send the prescriptions and the medicine demands to their registered pharmacist.
    • The pharmacist verifies your medicines and if any schedule H or X medicine is included in the prescription or list, they will contact you and ask for your need for the medicine.
    • In case, some medicines of the desired company are not available then after consultation with the patient, the pharmacist may prescribe the same composition medicine of a different company to the patient.
    • Following the approval of the pharmacist, the prescription and order list are sent to the medicine warehouse. From there the desired medicines of desired company and composition are shipped to the customer’s address.
    • The payment of the order can be made both online and offline. This is completely based on the convenience of the customer.

    So, upon successfully completing these above-mentioned steps, the desired medicine will reach your doors in no time. There are some online medical shops that have their branches spread around the main cities of the state. This enables the delivery to take place within a few hours of order, usually on the same day. Usually, for the sale of medicines a prescription is a must, but if the medicine to be bought is an over-the-counter drug, then it can be sold even without any prescription.

    How to define the offerings to deliver in an online pharmacy?

    Online pharmacy is just not an online medical shop, but it brings with it a complete package. It provides a number of other services too along with the delivery of the desired medicines. Some of the offerings that are deliverable by the online pharmacies are mentioned below.

    Teleconsultation with doctors

    Teleconsultation refers to the online appointment with a doctor. Here you are asked to pay a required amount of fees, book your appointment, and then consult with your doctor via video calling. This facilitates you to make your consultation done at any time according to your ease and visit the doctor from anywhere. This facility by online pharmacies has reduced the boundaries between doctors and patients. Besides, are providing the opportunity for more reach of people to medical services.

    Free inquiry about the lab tests, doctors, and medicines

    With every online pharmacy, a registered doctor is always associated. A general physician is always an available person at these medical stores. They help to clear your doubts and answer your inquiries. Besides, a well-trained and skilled attendee is always at your service to clear your inquiries related to anything and book your appointment if required. They create such a healthy environment that will make you their regular customer over time.

    Home-based sample collection facility for various tests

    For conducting any kind of test earlier you needed to visit the lab and submit your sample. This processing was quite hectic and awful too. But now these online pharmacies come with the provision of sample collection right from your home. You can easily book your slot, stay relaxed at home and provide your sample to the executive. The sample collection executive visits your home at the exact given time and in a very easy and friendly way collects your sample. Hence, reducing your haste of going to the lab, waiting in line, and then submitting your samples.

    Easy delivery of test results

    Once the sample is collected and the tests are run by the labs, the test results are generated and sent to the customers in no time. This system of offers provided by the online pharmacies makes it very convenient for the customers to keep up with their regular life. This reduces the worry of rushing to the lab for test result collection.

    What is the distribution of online pharmacy services?

    The distribution of various services by online medical shops is by the help of shipping partners, delivery services, and experienced lab executives. The whole process of shipping its medicines to the desired customer is conducted through their partnership with the proper shippers. It’s all on the shipping and billing party who takes care of the dispatched medicines till they reach the customers. With these parties are associated various delivery agents who belong to the specific locality to do the work of delivering the medicines to the customers on time. Besides, while talking about the distribution of other online consultation and medical lab test services. A proper channel is set with well-educated and skilled technical staff. They do the whole work of processing all the customer’s information to provide it to the right doctor and lab. Once the online part of the work is completed, then executives from labs are sent to the patients for sample collection and testing. Besides, for teleconsultation, a proper channel with time slots and doctors is set for the patient with the desired condition.

    Thus, in this way all the services are distributed to the customers with ease and smoothness by the online pharmacies.

    What are the benefits of online pharmacy for the customers?

    The evolution of online medical shops provides a lot of advantages to its customers. Compared to the conventional or traditional medical shops you get a lot of benefits by making your purchase from online medical shops. The major benefit is enjoyed by the elderly and disabled persons, who actually can’t visit the medical stores. Besides, it helps to save both your time and money. So, let us have a look at the multiple advantages provided by online pharmacies to their customers.

    Helps the elderly and dependent individual

    Online medical stores are very helpful for those who can’t move themselves to visit the traditional stores and get their medicines. It is very painful to always ask someone to do this stuff for you. Sometimes consultation with a doctor is required or they may need to get some medical lab tests run for them. For all this work they may need someone every time. Hence, to help them online pharmacies are at work. Just by following some simple steps, an elderly person or a disabled person can get his/her medical needs fulfilled without any third person involvement.

    Better pricing than offline medical stores

    Buying medicines online provides you with a good amount of discount. Traditional stores can reduce up to 10-12% on your medicine prices when bought in bulk. But online pharmacies are different they provide you a minimum 18% discount on each medicine you buy. The quantity of medicine is also not fixed for availing the benefits of discount. So, it eventually ends up saving at least a third part of the money that you may spend offline to buy the same drugs.

    Better security and privacy

    For all those who are shy about confronting people, online pharmacies are the help. Via the use of online pharmacies, you can avail a variety of online services, ranging from doctor’s consultations to buying items like condoms, pregnancy kits, or contraceptives required for sexual purposes. This reduces the awkwardness of visiting a medical store and buying them.

    Increased access to the medical services

    By using online medical stores, you get the chance to use a variety of medical services at ease. Some of the major beneficial medical services provided by online pharmacies are discussed above. They keep your confidentiality safe and ensure you feel comfortable and get the advantage of all the services they provide.

    Besides these, there are various other benefits that you can get from online pharmacies. Just to acknowledge them, some are mentioned below.

    • Saves time
    • Provides a greater variety of medicines
    • Enhances your medical knowledge by providing links to various medical universities, articles, brands, and government agencies.
    • Reduces the chances of fraud due to collection of online database

    Are there also associated any issues with online pharmacies? If so how to resolve them.

    As there are boons, there are also attached some problems with any technology. As genuine online medical stores are also available some illegal stores work online. The illegal term here refers to the illegal services that they provide. Some of the illegal works performed by the medical store online include:

    • Allowing minors (below the age of 18 years) to become their customers.
    • Selling such drugs which are banned by the government or the company itself.
    • Hiding the correct maximum retail price and selling the medicines at price higher than the actual price.
    • Avoiding the expiry date of the medicine and selling it to the customers.
    • Providing poor or almost negligible customer care or support services. Avoiding the return of wrong medicines from the customers.
    • Selling schedule X and schedule H medicines without a prescription.

    Apart from the above pointers to indicate the illegal work performed by some medical stores online, some stores are working illegally online. This includes the audacity of the stores to run unlicensed, hampering the privacy policies of the customers, selling the details of their customers, and many more. Due to inexperience, some novice users fall into their traps and get harassed.

    The only way to save yourself and your money from this is by starting to gain knowledge about the technology and using it with care. Besides, on general grounds, the problem can be solved by enhancing the technological security from the back-end and making strict laws to regulate the online pharmacy-related acts properly. Besides, we can incorporate the addition of a few techno-legal policies and activities related to privacy, customer details protection, protection of its website-related legal data, advertising online, and sincere diligence to cyber laws. If the medical shops abide by these proposed laws then only they should be allowed to operate as online medical shops.


    With the growing technology and advances in the way of living, online medical stores are gaining an abrupt boost in their work. People are leaning towards technology for both their safety and ease. Due to the various benefits and services they provide, people are choosing them more than the traditional services. This also helps people save both money and time. Yet there are associated some problems with online pharmacies, still, with proper regulation of laws, all these problems can get sorted. So, as the time is rising the need and demand for online medical services will be increasing so the major focus should be given to the IT part of the website. Alongside, customers should gain more knowledge about the services and the system of working of the online systems. This activity overall helps in the easy flow of work between both parties.

  • Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    Now the question is what is ADHD?

    ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is actually a neurological disorder. It is found to develop most commonly among children but once developed can last till late adulthood as well.

    The main problem found in such children is their hyper or deficit activity. A significant difference is found in their way of behaving along with their way of interaction.

    This condition is so serious that unless it is diagnosed at right time the chances of severe damage to the brain of the child can result. This damage not only affects his / her normal living but also impairs their sensory organs’ sensitivities. This in turn results in the overall lack in their development. Hence, it is important to recognize the condition earliest and take proper medication to treat the condition.

    How work issues can cause ADHD in children and adults?

    Today is the era of busy and rushing life. Everyone is just busy running in their rat races. In running everyone is forgetting that they even have a personal life, personal space and some people waiting for their come back. This situation is now the reality for almost everyone. Be it a child or a full-grown adult, the effect of busy and hustling life is putting pressure on everyone.

    Besides, the problems that we face in this busy, indulged and self-absorbed life affect our person to a great extent. Not only do we ourselves get affected due to such a  lifestyle, but also the people related to us feel the effect. Especially, children have to face the most. All this tiring work-life is eventually making everyone depressed due to their tendency to getting prey to ADHD.

    Symptoms of ADHD

    Having known the seriousness of the condition, now let us have a look at some of the most prevalent symptoms of ADHD. These symptoms are the only ones that will help to identify the condition beforehand so as to reduce the chances of developing severity in the condition. Some of such signs of early recognition are mentioned below.

    • Facing the problem is performing normal motor activities.
    • Difficulty in making eye contact and performing normal tasks.
    • Can’t resist their temptations to have something they like.
    • Forgets even the recently performed things and the particular nouns.
    • Easily makes silly mistakes without feeling much about what they have done.
    • The child may be very talkative and hyperactive.

    Generally, these are the commonly found symptoms in patients suffering from ADHD. But the symptoms and the severity of the symptoms may vary based on the type of ADHD condition they are suffering with. The details of the types of ADHD with their symptoms are mentioned below.

    Predominantly inattentive Presentation

    The person facing this type of ADHD is usually found to have a hard time performing even easy tasks. They fail to pay attention to even simplest of the things and forget to remember even the normal details of the tasks they do.

    Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation

    A person suffering from this kind of ADHD usually talks a lot and fidgets too much. They are very hyper impulsive and this causes trouble for the others. Due to this, this behavior ends up picking up the wrong decisions and creating trouble for people surrounding them. Apart from this, these kinds of people are usually found to have more accidents and injuries in their lifetime than any other normal person. Hence, they require special attention everything they are around something or are about to do something.

    Combined Presentation

    This type of ADHD is actually the one having a combination of both the above types of ADHD. The symptoms of the condition can vary between the two types and may even change in severity over time. Though the similarity found in this with the other two is equally divided between them so, this is considered to be of most concern.

    All these symptoms mentioned above belong specifically to a specific type of ADHD. Still, the presentation of the condition can change over time. It may happen that one will be more active at some point than the other. So, early recognition and treatment are very essential for the condition.

    Effect of work issue on ADHD development

    Work issues are considered to be very effective in affecting the natural health of a person. Hence, it is important for mental health as well. People under intense work pressure and the problem may end up developing certain severe issues with their cognitive skills. Besides, his irritating behavior may affect the children of his house as well. All this ends up causing severe impairment in the working capacity of the brain and finally can cause ineffectiveness in near future.

    Hence, it is better to be careful in determining the early signs of the condition and get the treatment started early. Besides, try to incorporate in yourself the capability to handle pressure. Perform various pressure and anxiety-relieving exercises and get yourself mental peace and freshness to stay healthy and happy.

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