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  • Why does a generic medicine look different from a branded medicine?

    Why does a generic medicine look different from a branded medicine?

    Before going directly into why generic medicines look different from branded medicines, we should first know what these generic and branded medicines are. So, to start with, let us look at what is branded medicine. 

    Branded medicines are the original medicine that is manufactured under the name of the brand or company which does research on their composition, patents the composition and manufactures it. After the manufacturing is completed following thorough research, the company names the drug on its brand name and then sends it for approval to the institutions of its country of origin which deals with the safety and quality check of the medicines like the FDA in the US.  Following the approval received by the company, the medicine composition is patented by the company. This makes them suffer a huge cost and thus, the cost of the brand medicines is very high. Alongside this, this patenting of the medicine provides the company security that till the patent is there, only the original company can sell the brand drug for the specific purpose. This also allows the company to spend sums on the advertisement of the drug and sell them in the local markets with the guarantee of safety, efficiency, and quality.  Now when the patent of the brand drug has expired, then using the same active ingredients, the company itself and the other companies can produce an alternative version of the brand drug. These are known as generic drugs. Generic drugs are alternatives for the particular branded drugs available in the market. They contain the same effectiveness, active component, and safety as the brand drug, but they are different from each other only in their appearance.

    Generic medicine looks different from the branded medicine

    Since generic medicines are made of the same active component as branded medicine, so to differentiate from branded medicine, the generic drugs are given differentiations based on their looks. Since, the looks of the medicine like its appearance, color, and flavor don’t have any impact on the quality and safety of the medicine, so they are provided with different appearances.  Other than these, generic medicines are known well for providing the same level of benefits to the users as brand medicines. Also, the side effects of generic medicines are also found to be the same as the brand drugs. But the difference is in the inactive component content of the generic drugs. They possess a different inactive ingredient than that is present in the brand drug. This also provides an edge for generic drugs to reduce their cost.  So, finally, we can see that since the functionality and advantages of generic medicines are exactly of the same kind as that of brand medicines, so to differentiate them from the real brand name, the looks of the generic drug are varied.

    Even though there are present around multiple of generic medicine for the same brand drug, so each generic alternative must have a different identity to create a market for itself. Therefore, not just the generic drugs look different from brand drugs, but also they look different from similar generic drugs manufactured by other companies.

    Approvals provided by FDA

    FDA or Food and Drug Agency is a federal agency of the United States that looks into the safety and quality of generic drugs and then only they provide approvals to the companies for selling their drugs in the market. FDA wants that the generic medicines produced must be identical to the bioequivalent range of their brand drugs. This is done to ensure the almost exact similarity in the properties of the generic drugs.

    To ensure the quality of generic drugs, the FDA in the US continuously keeps its eyes on the approved generic drugs. It takes care of monitoring and investigating all the negative patient side effects and reactions. In any case, if any form of the problem is found, then FDA experts perform thorough testing and analysis of the drugs and provide a thorough recommendation for changes to the manufacturers. Besides, the FDA also provides health advisory notices and awareness events for the patients to make them aware of the various generic drugs present and their qualities.

    Before providing approval to the applications submitted for a generic drug as a substitute for any brand drug, FDA looks into the following points while analyzing. Some of these points are mentioned below.

    • A generic drug has the same strength as a brand drug.
    • The inactive ingredients used in the generic drug must be of acceptable quality and standard.
    • The expiry time of the generic drug must be the same amount of time as the brand name.
    • The containers used for the carriage of the generics must be appropriate.
    • Generics must address the relevant patents on their labels and should use the same kind of label as the brand drugs.
    • Strict specifications are followed while producing generic drugs. The drugs must contain the highest quality, purity, and effectiveness as the brand drugs.

    Once all these qualities are met by the applicant’s generic drug, approval is provided by FDA for the distribution of the generic drug as a substitute for the brand-name drug in the market.

    Approvals for the sale of generic medicines/drugs in India

    In India for the sale of generic drugs, the companies must seek approval from the Drug advisory board of India. Only after approval from this board, the drugs are allowed to be sold and used in the Indian markets. Even the special, Central Drugs Standard Control Organization is present in India, which monitors the manufacturing of generic medicines in the country.  Not just this, the medicines are tested for checking their efficiency and to ensure the safety of the user. Alongside this, the special organization in India as mentioned above investigates the potential problems related to the drugs and provides suggestions to the manufacturing units, the public, and healthcare experts. Thus, after total checking and approval provided for a specific generic medicine, only the medicine is launched for use in the market.

    Generic or branded, which is better

    When it comes to deciding a better choice between the generic and brand drug, the complete decision-making should lie in the hands of the healthcare professional, prescribing the medicines.  Many types of research and studies have been conducted to find out, which, generic or branded drugs are beneficial for patients. The studies have found that although there is very little difference in the quality, efficiency, and safety between generic and branded drugs, some differences have been found in the health of the patients.  It is found in a study that those who totally rely on generic drugs for the treatment of their illness are found to suffer worse health outcomes than those who used branded drugs as well. But this is not the case everywhere; this outcome is more prevalent in cardiovascular issues and is found among the socioeconomically weaker section of society. This is because these people never look to go for buying branded drugs due to their very high cost and thus switch themselves to cheaper alternatives which are generic drugs. 

    Still, a thorough study is left to be conducted before directly concluding which one will be better for the long run, branded drug or a generic drug. But still, we can say if there are no constraints on the affordability of the customer, then they should prefer brand names. But in case of economic constraints, the patient should consult with a doctor, who knows better about the different generic drugs and their illness. So, he will prescribe the best generic drug available for your purpose.

    Benefits of generic drugs

    Generic medicines as we know are the same active ingredient containing branded medicines, but the difference is visible in their appearance, packaging, and the name given to them. These are not provided in the market until the patent on the branded medicines is expired. After the expiry, the same company or other companies can move to produce generic medicines of the same medicine. 

    Generic medicines are developed to ensure the availability of the medicine in the market even after the expiry of branded medicines’ patent and thus it has some of the major advantages due to which people choose them. Let us look at these benefits one by one.

    Affordable price

    Generic medicines are significantly low in cost than their branded drug counterparts. This makes them very affordable to buy by the population. This low-cost nature of generic drugs comes from the fact that these drugs are produced using the same active component as the branded drug. This saves the cost of trials and tests and approvals for the generic drug company. 

    Besides, generic drugs are not advertised. And the marketing policy used for their promotions is also very cost-friendly. This makes the company cut the cost of the marketing, advertisement, and approval of generic drugs. Thus, they are able to sell the drugs at such a huge price margin and make them available in the market at lower prices.

    Easily available

    For any branded drug, there are present around 12000 varieties of generic drugs. Each one of which is affordable and safe to use. Whenever you go out to buy a branded drug but it’s unavailable, you can easily find one of its alternative, generic drugs.  This easy availability of generic drugs provides the benefit that every patient should get the necessary treatment for the illness they are suffering from. Patients don’t have to wait for the procurement of branded drugs in order to take the medicine.

    So, the ease of availability of generic drugs in the market benefits the customers to the highest level.  To further ensure that each citizen of India is aware of the presence of generic drugs in almost all common branded drugs, the Government of India has established the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana (PMBJP). It works to aware the maximum population of the country about generic drugs and makes sure that in the coming future generic drugs related to maximum branded drugs be made available to citizens of India. 

    Covers insurance benefits

    Generic medicines are low in cost, thus they are very much affordable to almost everyone. This provides another benefit that most of these drugs are covered under various insurance policies provided by different companies. This is because of their low cost.  Insurance coverage means, you won’t have to pay for buying your generic drugs, but the insurance companies will pay for them. This will help you cut down your regular spending on medicines and thus provides you with an added advantage.  But care must be taken as this can vary based on the insurance company and their insurance policies. So, make sure you earn complete knowledge of the insurance policy and the drugs they cover, before buying them.

    Safe and have quality

    Generic drugs, as are made of the same active component as the branded drug, so they provide the equivalent level of quality as well. But the safety and quality of the generic medicine are ensured before introducing them in the market by providing them the license. The medicines are thoroughly checked, and after complete approval for their quality and safety, these medicines are given licenses.

      To ensure that only quality and safe generic drugs are sold in the Indian markets, the Government of India has a separate department. The Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana takes care of the procurement of only quality medicines in the country. These drugs include only those which are manufactured by companies that are CE, FSSAI, and WHO-GMP certified. Thus, through proper checks on the medicines, Government ensures that they are manufactured following strict guidelines and are beneficial for the consumers.


    Generic drugs are alternative drugs that are manufactured for serving the purpose the same purpose as the brand drugs. These are the cheaper alternatives that look different from the brand drugs but contain the same qualities as the brand drug. They have a variety of benefits that makes them so popular among the population.

      Even the health advisories of all the countries conduct awareness campaigns to spread awareness among people about these generics. This is done to ensure that everyone gets the appropriate medicine for their illnesses at a lower cost. Only thing is that generics are given different looks than the brand medicines to ensure their distinction from the brand drugs.

  • Health Benefits of Eating Salad Every Day

    Health Benefits of eating salad every day

    Salads are among the most famous health dish to eat with your every meal. It is made with a variety of ingredients and most importantly you can add anything healthy and raw into it to make it yummy. It is always served cold and can be blended with a variety of seasonings before serving. 

    The kind of ingredient that you add to your salad decides the type of nutrients and minerals you will consume today. So, a little playing with the ingredients can make your salad a really yummy and tasty one. You can add to it any fresh fruit and vegetable you like, season it with any seasoning of your choice and dress it with any of the various dressings available.

     Salads are so popular because of their not-so-hard and fast rule of recipes to be followed and their leniency to play with the items to add to the salad. Apart from this salads serve a variety of benefits to your body and mind. It can act as a mindful dish when it is prepared with all your favorite and loved items. Also, it will provide the body with tons of nutrients like fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many more. This in turn helps in making the body fight various illnesses and diseases and stay healthy.

    Health benefits of eating salad daily

    Having known so much about salads, now let us look at the variety of benefits that you enjoy by eating salads every day. Some of such benefits are mentioned below.

     Enhances weight loss

    Salads are a great support when it comes to a weight loss journey. Each of the ingredients that are used in making salad is fresh and unpreserved. This makes it a healthy item and provides the body with all the required nutrients. Most importantly for weight loss, it ensures that you feel full, avoid unnecessary munching and consume only healthy items.

     Enhance muscles and tone your skin

    Don’t forget to add spinach and green leaves to your salads. These are rich in iron and contain nutrients that improve the performance of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. This in turn helps in providing energy to the muscles and body. Alongside, the fresh vegetables and fruits contained in salads are well known to contain a lot of water. This helps in hydrating your skin and in turn tones it. 

     Improves brain health and helps you live longer

    Salads are rich in vegetables and fruits that are freshly picked and raw in nature. This makes it a rich source of nutrients and water. When consumed daily, it fills your body with all these nutrients and makes you feel healthy. This in turn removes the unnecessary discomfort and hence allows the brain to function properly. And we know a healthy body and mind will make you live longer and look younger. So, don’t like anymore, add a salad to your every diet and enjoy it to the fullest.

     Build your bones strong

    Bone strength is well known to decrease with age, but do you know how to improve it? This is a common problem with the growing age nowadays. Eating supplements can be a remedy but why go directly for that when you can fulfill your nutrient and vitamin K needs for healthy bone building from your salad? Fill your salad with items like spinach, watercress, etc. These will help in providing your body with daily recommended vitamin K levels and make them healthy and strong.

     Protect your heart

     The most common ingredient in every salad is lettuce. The Romanian lettuce leaves are known to be rich in nutrients like folate and fiber. These help in providing protection to the heart muscles and thus prevent the occurrence of stroke and other heart problems.

    Types of salads

    Around the world, a variety of salads are prepared, preserved, and served. But each of them may be prepared to serve you for a different purpose. Hence, according to the ingredients that are used for the preparation and the nutrients that it provides you, there are several types of salads available to soothe your taste buds and nourish you. So, let us look at some of the various types of salads.

     Non-Veg or bound Salads

    As the name of the salad itself suggests, these salads are prepared by adding some non-veg ingredients like tuna, egg, or chicken. These are actually high-protein dishes and are served in a creamy texture, spread over like sandwiches. The most commonly used cream bound used in these kinds of salads is mayonnaise. So, if you are also a non-veg lover who wants to eat healthy yet in a very yummy and creamy way, then you must give a try to these kinds of salad.

     Waldorf Salads

    As you can expect from the name itself, it is something unique to treat your taste buds, so it is. Waldorf is a famous salad invented in New York City. It is identified for its creamy texture and crispy munching. Some of the key ingredients of this salad include apples, walnuts, red grapes, and most important mayonnaise. To add a little change, some people like to eat it spread over lettuce leaves. So, if you also want to add some change to your regular salad, you can also try this one.

     Caesar Salads

    This is a famous Mexican salad. It serves you with a creamy experience and mesmerizes your taste buds with the taste of raw eggs and Parmesan cheese. It is prepared with the love of Mexico and includes certain key ingredients like egg yolk, Parmesan cheese, seasoning, lemon juice, and healthy olive oil. So, if you are a cheese lover and enjoy playing with raw eggs in your kitchen, then this is a perfect dish for you to try. Hence, next time whenever you think of dining out, make sure to visit an authentic Mexican restaurant nearby and enjoy this masterpiece.

     Green Salads

    Green salads are well known for their use in diet charts and weight loss journeys. Because of the main use of lettuce leaves in the making of these salads, these salads are known as green salads. There are a variety of types of green salads that are further divided, but some of the most popular ones are loose-leaf lettuce, butterhead lettuce, and Romaine lettuce. Of these, Romaine lettuce is a variety of Mexican Caesar salad with the use of dark and crunchy lettuce leaves and a very strong flavor.

     Fruit Salads

    One of the most common salads available is fruit salad. You can easily make this and also get this salad in your nearby restaurants or fruit stalls. Some of the key ingredients for this salad are nicely chopped fresh fruits, lemon juice, salt to taste, and sugar if you like. Each kind of fruit suits well for being used in a fruit salad. So, what are you waiting for? Next time whenever you feel bored, chop down your favorite fruits and mix them with chaat masala and enjoy every bite you eat.

    Can salads cause any side-effect?

    Although, we saw there are various benefits of eating salads regularly and enjoying the various benefits it serves. But sometimes, the salad may also cause little discomfort to your body. Some of the common problems that you may suffer from sometimes due to salads are mentioned below.


    In case you add to your salad some ingredients that contain insoluble fiber, then it can affect the working of your colon. Insoluble fiber takes time to adjust in your body and affects your colon. It may result in developing gas and constipation. So, it is better if you start eating these kinds of salads in small portions. Slowly increase your portion size and allow your body to adjust with the same with time.


    If you like to enjoy your salad prepared with vinegar then make sure you reduce the repetition of the portions in your diet. This is because the vinegar in your salad can cause you to experience some of the major symptoms of acid reflux like heart burns. Also, if you like adding tomatoes and cheese to your salad, then also you can experience the same symptom. So, make sure to avoid these next time you prepare your salad, in case you have suffered such episodes of heartburn.


    Salads are the most popular main course meals for dinner and lunch, as well as side dishes for the same. You can eat salad in whatever way you like. Also, there are so many ways in which salads can be prepared that you can amaze your taste buds with a new flavor every single time.

    Some of the common types of salads you can try are mentioned above, also the benefits that you can enjoy by eating salad saily are listed above. So what are you waiting for? Start including salads in your daily routine with small portion sizes and then keep growing.

  • Is it good to eat kiwi daily?

    Health Benefits of Kiwi fruit

    Kiwi fruit or kiwi is oval-shaped, nutrient-rich, large berry fruit. They are native to Eastern China yet now they are easily found in every corner of the world.

    The fruit is very fuzzy in the texture of its outer cover but very smooth and juicy in its flesh. Both the fruit’s skin, seeds, and flesh are edible and are rich in fiber content. Not just is the nutritional content of the fruit rich and varied, but also the fruit comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Approximately 50 varieties of kiwi fruit are available in the market and each has a different flesh color profile and is made for a variety of uses. And these qualities of the fruit earn most of the attraction that it enjoys.

    Nutritional values of Kiwi Fruit

    Kiwi fruits are very high in nutritional value. Each full-size kiwi fruit contains 95% of the daily recommended quantity of vitamin C, 3% of vitamin A, 12% of the daily required dietary fat, and 0% of fats. Apart from these, this fruit is also a very healthy source of anti-oxidants and provides 46 calories of energy on the consumption of each serving. All these contents of kiwi fruit make it a popular choice of fruit around the world.

    Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

    Kiwi fruits are well known for their fiber-rich, low-calorie, and high-nutrient contents. These are the contents of this fruit, which make it a valuable item to be consumed with your regular diet. Some of the significant health benefits that you can obtain from kiwi fruit are mentioned below.

    Beneficial during weight loss journey

    Kiwi fruits are considered to be the best buddies during a weight loss journey. This entitlement has been received by kiwi fruit due to its high nutritional value. The presence of ample amounts of soluble fiber, water, vitamin C, and antioxidant while the absence of unhealthy fats, carbs, and calories ensures you stay ahead in your weight loss path. So, you can happily add kiwis in your regular morning snacks or smoothies.

    Enhances immunity

    Kiwi fruits are known to enhance the immune response of those who eat kiwi regularly. This benefit is obtained by kiwi because of its highly beneficial vitamin C and antioxidant content. These both help in reducing free-radicle from the body and ensures healthy immunity development. Thus, every bite of fresh kiwi fruit, ensure to make you stronger and healthy. 

    Helps in Asthma

    Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant contents. This makes the fruit a potent remedy to reduce oxidative stress and other problems. As we know, Asthma is a breathing ailment where symptoms like wheezing and breathlessness are very common. But studies have shown that eating 1-2 kiwis per day as per the instruction, can improve the symptoms of asthma and also prevent the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

    Ensures healthy heart

    Kiwi fruits are popular for their blood-thinning properties. This makes the fruit very beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. It happens because kiwis reduce the amount of fat in the blood without adversely affecting blood cholesterol levels. This in turn helps to prevent blood clots and also manages blood pressure. Besides, study shows that eating 2-3 kiwis per day can prove to improve two factors that cause cardiovascular issues, which are levels of plasma lipids and platelet hyperactivity.

    Promotes healthy digestion

    Kiwis are rich in dietary fiber. Both its flesh and tough skin contain a lot of dietary fibers. This helps in reducing the problems of constipation and other gastric problems. So, it is recommended to consume kiwis if you are suffering from digestive problems.

    Is kiwi fruit made for everyone?

    As this berry fruit provides multiple benefits to multiple people, it is considered a great fruit to consume in all. But the truth is, everyone can not consume kiwi fruit. Many people are found to be allergic to kiwi fruit. If you are also among them, then you must watch out for your symptoms before eating the fruit. This is because the symptoms can vary from mild to very severe ones. And can cause a serious trend of discomfort.

    Having known so much about the allergic side of Kiwis, now let us look at the common symptoms that will tell you that you are allergic to kiwis.

    • Itching in the mouth, tongue, etc after consuming kiwi
    • Skin rashes
    • Swollen mouth, lips, etc
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Severe stomach ache

    If you feel any of this happening to you after eating kiwi, make sure you immediately contact your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe you anti-histamine or anti-allergics on time once you visit him. This will provide you immense relief from the expected discomfort before it’s too late.


    Kiwis are one of the most popular berry fruits. They are well-known for their dietary fiber and vitamin C content. Also, they provide the body with absolutely no fats and low calories, which overall makes the fruit a preferable choice for everyone.

    Due to its healthy content, the fruit provides multiple health benefits, as mentioned above. So, if you also want to enjoy each of these benefits, then definitely make sure to eat kiwi fruit regularly.

  • Successful Pregnancy after Miscarriage

    How to navigate pregnancy after miscarriage?

    Pregnancy is one of the most special times of any female’s lifetime. If successful, it brings all the joy and happiness in the life of the female and her family.

    But if for some reason some mishap happens, then it becomes very difficult to cope with the situation. One such situation is miscarriage. After enjoying the joy of bringing a new life to this world and promoting self and everyone related to a newer position of happiness and responsibility. Miscarriage causes a lot of loss in both mental and physical health. Sometimes, even a new pregnancy experience after the miscarriage becomes full of anxiety and stress. But this should not be the way. Though it is difficult to handle and overcome, there are ways by which you can overcome the pain of loss and enjoy the happiness of a new beginning. But more important is to take it slow. A slow process will help you not only enjoy the new journey but also heal from the past pain. So, in this article, we will discuss various ways how to overcome the pain of miscarriage, how to cope with the anxiety of new pregnancy, and how to navigate pregnancy after the latest miscarriage. So, be consistent with us throughout the article and restart afresh with us.

    Ways to overcome the miscarriage pain

    Distract yourself by forming a new habit

    Distraction is the key to every stressful situation. Especially when it’s about miscarriage, it becomes very important to build your wall of distraction for the loss experienced. The distraction can be in the form of anything that you like to do and were thinking to do for a long time. If you are unable to figure that out then try to talk things out with your partner and family members to know something that can be useful for you. Investing in a new habit and trying to build something useful for yourself will help you divert your attention to something new and useful. This will not only help you overcome your pain but also help you find out a new reason to take yourself ahead in life. So, in place of keeping yourself busy grieving about what has already happened, make yourself busy learning and starting something new. 

    Talk with your partner and close family members

    In the most difficult times, it is always the family and your partner who helps you the most. They are the ones, who know you well and also understand your feelings. They are those who were equally attached to the journey with you both mentally and emotionally. So, it’s always the best idea to talk to them about whatever you are feeling. They will not only understand your situation but also help you overcome the pain of miscarriage. They will help you navigate through the pain well and see the new light in life again. So, it is better to look out for them and talk to them instead of staying silent and living through the whole pain alone. They might not be able to divide your pain, but they can help you get through the pain better.

    Go on some holiday

    Though, holidays are not always the solution for every problem and for forgetting any pain. But it helps a lot in changing the environment and also overcoming the experienced situation. It will allow you to rethink a new way of leading life and also analyze life in a new way. You will get time with your partner to overcome the grief and plan for a baby again.

    Consult a counselor

    A counselor is always helpful. He knows the ways how to help you overcome any grief and handle any situation with a strong mentality. Usually, people avoid taking counseling thinking that it’s only for mentally ill people and for those who are mentally unstable. But this is not the case; a counselor is an individual who will help you overcome any harsh situation you are going through in your life. They are professionals and experts in dealing with such situations. So, in case you are totally unable to overcome the situation within your current scenario and environment then make sure you consult a well-known and experienced counselor with your partner.

    Cry if you feel like crying 

    Usually, we are advised to avoid crying frequently during any loss. But this should not be the way. Crying is also like therapy. Crying helps you release the inner pain and invigorate yourself with new energy to restart. Even after crying, you will feel better than just avoiding it and only thinking about it again and again. So, next time you remember your loss and feel like crying, better you do that and then continue with what you were doing. 

    Ways to navigate pregnancy after the latest miscarriage

    Take it slow

    After a miscarriage, it is very important to take a halt and wait for the right time. Taking things slow won’t make you late but will make you ready for the responsibility of everything that will accompany the process. Pregnancy in itself is a big responsibility, so unless you are ready and healed from the loss of your last pregnancy, you should not move ahead. Go for conceiving only when you think you are both physically and emotionally ready. Although there is no such particular period till which you should wait before re-conceiving but still first take care of your health. When you think you are completely ready to start again on the same journey then only take a step ahead. It will allow you to enjoy the process as well as be more successful this time. 

    Avoid pre-preparation too early

    Buying new stuff and preparing a new room and wardrobe for the new expected member of the house is what everyone does with so much passion. But this time you should avoid doing it too early. Wait for the right time before announcing the news. Wait for the right moment before celebrating it in public. Until it is 12 weeks it is always advisable to keep the news a secret. It is good and helpful both for you and also your family. This reduces the chances of extreme attachment in advance and helps you stay practical and ready for any unimaginable circumstance.

    Limit the discussion with your medical helpers and the family

    Just after overcoming a miscarriage, returning to a new journey of pregnancy is not very easy. But with time it becomes normal. But make sure you don’t get overexcited with it. You must take care of yourself, your emotions, and most importantly your well-wishers. Instead of spreading the news in the air, like a fire. You should limit your contacts who know about the good news. First, let things be very sure, let the baby grow healthily inside you, and take proper precautions and care from your doctors. Then only if required tell people about the news.

    Avoid repeating the same mistakes

    You must remember the possible reasons which led to the miscarriage that you experienced. These are some hurdles that you should give importance to when you are moving on your new pregnancy journey. Taking care of not repeating them and avoiding their recurrence can help you a lot in relieving your extra stress. Also, it reduces your chances of another episode of miscarriage. So, instead of grieving over what has happened. You should sit down calmly and list the mistakes that happened during the latest miscarriage. And then continue on your this new journey by taking care of them and discussing with your doctor the previous mistakes committed and the ways to avoid them.

    Follow the milestone system as directed by your doctor

    Following a milestone system during this new pregnancy journey is very important. You should consult with your doctor, discuss every possible thing involved and mark your calendar with suitable dates for milestones. These milestones are actually the growth stages of your baby. In these dates, the most important date is the date of your previous miscarriage. Clearing this milestone will actually help you feel motivated and happy to move ahead in this journey. For your reference, we are mentioning down here some of the most important dates to mark on your calendar during your pregnancy journey.

    • Journey to 4th week with a positive pregnancy test result
    • Checking for the doubling of  levels in the body at end of 6th week
    • Check babies heartbeat at end of 7th week
    • Track the heartbeat till the completion of your first trimester
    • Go for a normal mid-pregnancy ultrasound at end of 20 weeks
    • Feel the movement of your baby since the end of the 22nd week
    • Celebrate the completion of your second trimester
    • Welcome a healthy and cute baby at the end of 40 weeks

    Avoid overstressing the situation

    Miscarriage is not an easy situation to forget as an experience. It becomes a nightmare with time. Even its effect becomes prevalent and visible during the next pregnancy. But that should not happen because it may affect your current pregnancy negatively. This happens as a result of overstressing. Over thinking results in developing adverse effects on the health of the growing baby in the womb. So, very important is to take care of what you think and consider important in your next pregnancy after miscarriage.

    Enjoy the process as much as possible

    Having faced such a terrible loss once, it is very difficult to enjoy the same process back but it is not impossible. You should try to face what has happened but at the same time, try to see the good that is happening again. If you don’t change your mind and emotion and do not focus on what is happening now, you will miss a lot. You will miss enjoying the beautiful journey and remain trapped in what has happened. Change is always a constant. So, make sure you change your mind and the situation around you. Try to think and experience the journey in a new way and love the process in place of thinking about the outcomes.

    Avoid over thinking about what has already happened

    It is not easy to forget so easily, especially when so many strings were attached to the moment and situation. Yet, it is better to try and overcome the grief with a sense of peaceful mind and meaningful thinking. And when you have already started your journey with a new pregnancy and are living it, then very helpful will be if you avoid thinking about what happened with your past pregnancy. Thinking and then over thinking about the same will make you more stressed and anxious about what can happen and what has already happened. This will destroy the joy of this new process and will make you more nervous and vulnerable to another loss this time. Make sure you try to stay as happy as possible and avoid over thinking as much as possible.


    Pregnancy is considered almost a gift of nature and God to women. It is experienced as the most amazing feeling and is like a blessing. But sometimes things may go wrong, yet it doesn’t mean the end. There is always a scope for restart. Miscarriage is a major roadblock in the journey of motherhood as it brings with it a lot of mental, physical, and emotional problems. Even due to this, sometimes the affected female fails to enjoy the process of a new pregnancy. But this is not the way. It should be very clearly understood that everything is a process of life and there are ways to cope with this.

    Also, before going in to cherish a new journey of pregnancy, both the parents and the family should give some time. Time heals everything. Take time to heal the pain and then slowly move towards navigating and starting a new pregnancy journey. This will allow you to both enjoy the process and overcome the past pain. Above, we have mentioned, some of the most researched, advised, and workable ways to help you in the process. Make sure you read the article properly and understand the required points. Also, make yourself comfortable first before walking into the new process. Hence, with this, we wish a very good luck on the new journey.

  • Health Benefits of Music

    Health Benefits of Music

    Music will improve mood, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression.

    Analysis suggests that music will profit our physical and mental state in varied ways that. Music medical care is employed by our hospice and palliative care board-certified music healer to reinforce standard treatment for a spread of diseases and sickness processes – from anxiety, depression and stress, to the management of pain and improvement of functioning once chronic neurological disorders. Although we have a tendency to can’t take care specifically once masses began taking note of music, scientists do grasp one thing regarding why we have a tendency to do. Taking note of music edges India severally and put together. Here’s what analysis tells Indian Council of Medical Research regarding the facility of music to enhance our physical, mental, and emotional health.

    While the role that music plays anthropologically is extremely complicated and varied, it’s abundant easier to quantify its effects on the individual. One fascinating question that has up another time to prominence is: What health edges will music harbor? The thought of implementing music as a healthful tool isn’t new. as an example, the traditional Greeks believed that music might be accustomed treat a large excessiveness of disorders and ailments, starting from alcohol-induced hangovers to depression. Native yank Shamanism conjointly includes a long history of incorporating music, typically within the type of metrical singing and percussion, directly into its healing processes

    The team from religious Care and Support at North Shore highlights a number of the advantages music has on health and well-being:

    1-It’s heart healthy. Analysis has shown that blood flows a lot of simply once music is vie. It may scale back rate, lower pressure, decrease hydrocortisone (stress hormone) levels and increase monoamine neurotransmitter and peptide levels within the blood.

    2-It elevates mood. Music will boost the brain’s production of the endocrine Intrepid. This raised Intrepid production helps relieve feelings of hysteria and depression. Music is processed directly by the corpus amygdaloideum that is that the part of the brain concerned in mood and emotions.

    3-It reduces stress. Analysis has found that taking note of music will relieve stress by triggering organic chemistry stress reducers.

    4-It relieves symptoms of depression. Once you’re feeling down within the dumps, music will facilitate choose you up – very similar to exercise.

    5-It stimulates recollections. There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s sickness or dementedness however music medical care has been shown to alleviate a number of its symptoms. Music medical care will relax associate agitated patient, improve the mood and open communication in patients.

    6-It manages pain. By reducing stress levels and providing a powerful competitory stimulation to the pain signals that enter the brain, music medical care will assist in pain management.

    7-It eases pain. Music will meaningfully scale back the perceived intensity of pain, particularly in geriatric care, medical aid or palliative medication.

    8-It helps folks eat less. Enjoying soft music within the background (and dimming the lights) throughout a meal will facilitate folks abate whereas consumption and ultimately consume less food in one sitting.

    9-It will increase exercise endurance. Taking note of those prime exercise tracks will boost physical performance and increase endurance throughout a tricky exercise session.

    How does one use music to enhance your well-being or the well-being of an idolized one?

    What music medical care treats?

    Music medical care is employed to treat symptoms of variety of conditions, including:

    •             Anxiety disorders

    •             Depression

    •             Post-traumatic stress disorder

    •             Dementia

    •             Autism spectrum disorder and learning difficulties

    •             Behavioral and medicine disorders

    •             Cancer

    Some of the supposed edges of music medical care include:

    •             lowers stress

    •             decreases mood swings

    •             lowers pressure

    •             lowers sterol levels

    •             teaches pain management

    •             lowers risk for artery sickness and stroke

    •             improves sleep

    How it works

    Music medical care uses completely different aspects of sound to enhance your emotional and physical well-being. however it works depends on the tactic getting used. Most music medical care sessions area unit old one-on-one with a specially trained professional.

    A session might involve sitting or lying down whereas taking note of music or sounds from a speaker or instruments, or having vibrations applied employing a special tool, like a implement. counting on the tactic, you will be inspired to participate by singing, moving, or perhaps employing a device, otherwise you may have to stay still and quiet to let the sounds go.


    Music exerts a strong influence on masses. It will boost memory, build task endurance, lighten your mood, scale back anxiety and depression, preclude fatigue, improve your response to pain, and assist you compute a lot of effectively.

    Operating with a music healer is one effective thanks to profit of the various edges music will wear your body, mind, and overall health.

  • Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

    Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds, also known as the powerhouse of nutrition, are seeds you get from the pumpkin fruit. These are sweet and nutty to eat. They have a green outer cover but an oval whitish core. It is a significant ingredient in most Mexican cuisines.

    Apart from their use for cooking purposes, pumpkin seeds are also used for various other applications. This attribute of the seed belongs to its valuable nutritional content. A 100gm serving of the seeds is known to contain  6.6gm of fiber, 49gm fat, 30gm protein, and 570 calories of energy. Apart from these, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and various minerals. All these nutrient content together make the seeds a suitable remedy for various chronic diseases like kidney stones, cancer, heart problems, and many more. Having known so much about the seeds, now let us look at the most popular and common health benefits that you can obtain by including pumpkin seeds in your diet.

    Helps in weight loss

    As mentioned above, pumpkin seeds contain 6.6gm of fiber per 100gms of its serving. That is, recommended and consumed 100gms of pumpkin seeds are consumed daily, then 22% of the daily recommended quantity reaches the body. This helps in maintaining a moderate weight and also in weight loss. This is because the fiber content of the seeds makes the eater feel full for a longer period of time and thus avoids the cases of frequent munching.

    Improves mental health

    Magnesium is known to be very healthy in preventing anxiety and stress. It enhances mental peace and thus, avoids the conditions of depression. This quality of magnesium attributes to its electrolyte-balancing properties. Pumpkin seeds are known to contain 37% of the recommended RDI of the mineral. Hence, its consumption is very beneficial to maintain healthy emotional and mental health and prevent conditions of depression.

    Prevents sleep problems

    Pumpkin seeds if consumed before bedtime, it helps in improving sleep quality. This quality of the pumpkin seeds is a result of the amino acid, tryptophan. Once within the body, it gets converted to sleep hormone, melatonin, and the relaxing hormone serotonin. This promotes better sleep. Besides, the mineral content of the seeds like selenium, zinc, and copper also helps in improving sleep quality and duration. Therefore, pumpkin seeds are a great source of sleep-enhancing and improving qualities.

    Enhances male sexual health

    Pumpkin seeds contain zinc. Zinc is a major mineral required for male sexual health. It helps in enhancing the quantity and quality of sperm. Therefore, enhances male reproductive health.

    Helps prevent inflammation

    Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidant content. This helps in reducing inflammation in various body parts and organs. Also, it prevents the damage of body cells due to the presence of free radicles within the body. Therefore, consuming the required quantity of pumpkin seeds regularly will maintain the healthy working of the liver, bladder, bowel, and joints.

    Reduces the risk of Diabetes

    The magnesium content of the seeds is found to be beneficial for this purpose. Everyone gets magnesium from the food that we eat, but when not sufficient as per the required quantity then pumpkin seeds are really helpful. They help in regulating blood sugar levels and thus reduce the risk of diabetes. Alongside, pumpkin seeds help in maintaining the blood sugar content to manage the already existing diabetes.

    Associated risks of pumpkin seeds’ oral consumption

    Although, pumpkin seeds are very beneficial for various activities of the body. yet, excess consumption will always cause harm. Due to its high fiber content, it can result in rancidity for many people. Also, children must be taken care of while eating pumpkin seeds, as it may even cause choking. Therefore, the best is to maintain a healthy diet plan. Include in your diet all the beneficial food items as possible. Because concentrating on only one item will cause various health issues and will even worsen your health.


    Pumpkin seeds are the powerhouse of nutrition. They are so rich in their valuable contents that they can be recommended for dietary and health purposes readily.

    Some of the most common benefits that you can obtain from the consumption of the seeds are mentioned above. So, with the consultation of your dietician, you should try and include the recommended amount of seeds in your routine.

  • How to Plan a Memorable Date Night at Home For Health

    How to plan a memorable date night at home

    Dating is not as obsolete as it sounds to be. It is not just made for young couples anymore.

    Now people from any age group can go on a date with the love of their lives anytime. It enhances their bond and also refreshes the love and life they share together. But, why always go on an outdoor date every time when you can arrange something really unique and special right at your home? Dating at home has many benefits. It helps you both get to know each other better without having a second thought. You don’t need to bother about the timings as well. And also you spend real quality time together. So, why book a resort or a couple’s lounge for this? Here we have certain really unique ideas for you. With these, you can make your date night a really memorable and beautiful one at home.

    • Perform a fun cardio workout together

    Working out together is just another way of being together in an effective manner. Usually, every one of us does one or other kind of exercise, but doing cardio together is just another deck. While working out together, you both get the chance to support each other, get out of your comfort zones together, and also enhance your bonds. Even with this idea, you can make yourself free of discomfort and also try new-new cardio exercises.

    • Arrange for a spa night

    What is more relaxing and soothing than getting to enjoy a spa? It helps you not only relax but also ensures you make the best experience as well. But why get a spa alone, you can arrange for a spa night together.

    Just collect all your special cosmetics like moisturizer, face mask, and sliced cucumbers. Put on your bathing robe and enjoy the lemon spa water. Along with enjoying your relaxing spa, you will also feel inspired to enjoy a  romantic massage. This will make your night not only relaxing but also utterly special. So, don’t wait arrange for the essentials, and dive right into the moment with your partner.

    • Switch ON a dance club Livestream

    Who knows, when you can get the chance to actually visit a pub or a dance club and dance in the arms of your partner? So, why not make the night a dance night for each other and make your living room the dance floor? The idea seems to be a little filmy but really works a lot. You can just tune in to a dance club Livestream or start your favorite songs. To add some extra spice, why not make some cocktails or mocktails for each other? Then dawn on some beautiful dresses and dive right into the arms of your partner. This will surely make your night a beautiful and memorable one.

    • Sow seeds and grow your own garden

    Nature is always a healer and a love bearer. It always gives you reasons to feel happy and share the love with your partner. But why always look for parks and gardens to spend quality time? You can create your own garden together and then spend time with each other there. Try sowing some fruit-bearing plants and herbs in your garden or in pots. When they will bear fruits, you both will feel the fulfillment of life and enjoy the beauty of nature together. Hence, this will allow you to spend time together, do something fruitful and also enjoy the benefits of the fruit hence grown.

    • Arrange for a bath-tub date

    Bubble up your bathtub with warm bubbles, foam it up with fragrant body wash, and spread lots of rose petals over the bubbles. Arrange a few lit candles at the periphery of your bathtub and place two glasses of wine alongside. If possible try and light the whole bathroom with candles only. It will create a feeling of belongingness and a romantic atmosphere whole around you. Play soft romantic music and enjoy the bath with your partner. This will surely make your night a wonderful one.

    • Do yoga sessions together

    We all know, yoga is the best form of exercise and is also really soothing and easy. But in case you are planning for a date night, then why not switch towards indoor yoga for a change? Stretch with your partner, align your centers and make yourself more motivated and invigorated than you were ever before. For this, you can just directly tune in to a yoga youtube channel or just directly follow the steps mentioned in the famous yoga apps.

    • Try a chilled bucket of ice cream while sitting inside a cozy blanket

    Be it winter, be it summer, ice cream is a favorite mood changer in every season. Usually, we don’t need any reason to strive for an ice cream bucket. Then why wait for a reason anymore? Whatever the season is, you can always plan a chilled ice cream date with your partner. Just hop on some of your favorite flavors, and garnish them up with your favorite sweet and salty toppings. Then you can just create a cozy environment in the room decorated with candles and slow music. What next? Just get within the blanket in your partner’s arms and enjoy this chilled ice cream with a little extra topping of romance. And hence you can enjoy a  beautiful date night. 

    • Cook the dinner together

    Planning a beautiful and enjoyable date night? Then why not try cooking together tonight? This can be great fun when either you both are expert cooks or you both are novices. In case you are experts, you can challenge each other to prepare something unique. Then eat it together and criticize and appreciate each other’s dishes. This may make you fall for each other again. Or what you can do is, if you both are novices then you both can try making something new and special together. This will enhance your bonds and give you time to know each other better.

    • Play video games

    It might be a little weird, but it’s not so new. If you both are video game enthusiasts and are really into it with a winning spirit, then what can be a better option than setting up a video game evening with your partner? Though you can play against each other more sufficing will when you will play as a team with each other. As psychology is connected with everything, so here also plays a vital role.

    When you team up with your partner and chase a common goal, then your minds also get aligned together and you get in the feeling of great excitement and a sense of achievement at the end. This will thus, enhance your bond as well and help you enjoy your favorite thing together.

    • Watch your favorite night show

    Going on movie dates is common, but why not try for a favorite night show together this time? Even if you desire, you can dress yourself up in a beautiful gown or dress of your choice and prepare some soft drinks and popcorn for the date night. Allow your partner to make the sitting preps and you enjoy show sitting in your partner’s arms. This is one of the most leisurely and cost-effective yet happening ideas to prepare a date night with your partner.

    • Go for an adult coloring book

    Nowadays, it is quite common and a trending hobby to relax and refresh yourself. Adult coloring books of various kinds are now readily available in the market and they have shown tremendous results in calming your brain down and helping you enjoy the peace. This can be a good date night option, in case you both are really tired from the whole day’s activities.

    You can both sit together to fill up a page with the beautiful colors from your adult coloring book. And once you will get relaxed, the conversation will start flowing between you two.

    • Learn a new language together

    Learning a new language is altogether an exciting yet fun experience. Although you can’t learn a whole new language in just a night, starting to learn it together can be great fun. Every time you make mistake, you will have someone to correct you. Every time you find it difficult to pronounce a new word, your partner can help you. Doing it consistently will make you fall for each other’s understanding once again and you can then romanticize the night as well.

    • Learn to prepare your own cocktail

    Enjoying cocktails at a bar is quite common. This time why not try to learn to prepare cocktails with your partner right at your own home? This will allow you both to spend quality time together, learn a new skill and at the end show off that skill in a future get-together. While preparing the cocktails, when you both will be discussing the quantity of each ingredient required and the flavor you both wanna enjoy together.

    • Try indoor camping

    Indoor camping is not such a new idea, but planning to spend a date night with your partner can be exciting and new. Adding a bonfire in the vicinity can be a special attraction. It will allow you to soothe the environment and also create a romantic environment altogether. What best you can try, is to arrange for your kid’s tent house, bring in your bedsheets and blanket and share each other’s fantasies together. This can turn out to be a beautiful date night and can end up very romantically.

    • Do celebrate your favorite moment again

    If you have been dating each other for quite a long, then it’s common to have beautiful moments and memories. While planning for a date night to rejuvenate your old love, you can just recreate your favorite moment. This can a beautiful date or can be a surprise you enjoyed together in the past. For more spices and flavors you can also try adding some new moments and surprises.

    • Read a romantic novel

    Romantic novels and romantic books are always one of my own favorite date  night plan. Reading it together with your partner can bring in a beautiful moment together and help you both enjoy each other’s company as well. There is available so many varieties of romance novels in the market, but which one will suit you two best only you can decide. The best way to find out is to write down each other’s needs and search for such a novel with the noted keywords. This will romanticize your date night and also allow you both to enjoy a happy and quality time together.  From the above-mentioned ideas, we want to also emphasize that dating is not just about being romantic and spending lots of money on each other. But it’s more about spending quality time with each other. With the above methods, you get to spend some extra time together, know each other better, and fall more for each other. So, what are you waiting for? Call up your better half and ask for some time to engage yourselves in these activities. It will surely take your love life to another level.


    Dating is just not a way of expressing love but also spending some quality time with your better half. Usually, we try and make out time to go on a date with our partners outside, but make times the plan needs to be canceled due to time constraints. But now this is not the case.  Now you can plan a memorable date night for your partner right at your own home.

    This won’t only save you time and money but also provide you with a number of healthy relationship benefits. Here in the article above, we have mentioned for you some of the most amazing date-planning ideas at home. Make sure you try each of these from time to time and nourish your relationship with love.

  • Health Benefits of Ginger, Nutrition facts of Adrak

    Health Benefits of Ginger

    Ginger, popularly known as Adrak in India, is a tropical flowering plant. This is a root of the pant which is utilized and consumed for a variety of purposes. The root is a close relative of turmeric and is well known for its medicinal properties.

    The root is rich in various beneficial contents some of which include the presence of useful vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in it. It contains up to 1 g of carbs and 5 calories in each tablespoon serving. Besides, the most common and healthy minerals found in the root are iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. All these qualities present in ginger make it a suitable element to be used for a number of health-related as well as cosmetic purposes.

    In this article, let us have a close look at the various health benefits that are provided by ginger on its judicial and measured consumption. Some of the most renowned ones are listed below.

    Health benefits of ginger

    Relieves menstrual cramps

    Ginger has shown great results with menstrual pains and cramps. Studies conducted for research in this field have shown that women who consumed ginger capsules during their menstrual cycles were more relieved of period cramps. Even they didn’t find the need of taking painkillers for the purpose.

    Helps fight respiratory viruses

    Ginger contains elements like gingerol and shogaol. These are responsible to provide ginger with its beneficial infection-fighting qualities. Especially ginger consumption helps fight cold and flu-spreading viruses like HRSV. besides, it helps in reducing fever, suppressing cough, and lowering pain.

    Enhances weight loss

    With various scientific studies conducted around the world, it is found that ginger is great in helping weight loss. It reduces the BMI and blood insulin level that is associated with obesity. Also, continuous ginger use may help in reducing body weight, waist-hip ratio, and hip fat.

    Helps with Osteoarthritis

    Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. This property makes it very useful in preventing inflammations caused due to arthritis and osteoarthritis. Various studies are also conducted to find out the effectiveness of using ginger during osteoarthritis. And the results obtained suggest that ginger use makes the patient a lot relaxed and also reduces medical needs.

    Helps in Digestion

    Diigestive issues and ginger are two very closely related terms. Whenever any form of digestive problem develops like indigestion, ulcer, constipation, and IBS, ginger is a saviour. It helps in soothing these problems along with speeding up the process of digestion. Besides, ginger helps in regulating digestive tract movements and promotes healthy enzymes.

    Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Sugar levels

    Ginger has shown great study results for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol. Even studies have suggested that consuming 5gms of ginger for a continuous of 3 months may lower LDL levels by 30 points.

    Besides, many studies are conducted by scientists to find out the effect of ginger intake on type-2 diabetes. One study suggests that patients of type-2  diabetes who consume 1.6gms of ginger daily for 12 weeks have shown great results. Their insulin resistivity has improved, and their triglyceride level reduced.

    Health issues on extra consumption

    Having known about the health benefits of consuming ginger, now let us also move our attention toward certain problems that can develop due to excess intake of ginger. The safe measure of ginger for daily intake is restricted to up to 5gms. Increasing the consumption above it can make you suffer certain issues. Some of the most prevalent problems are mentioned below.

    • Heartburn
    • Diarrhea
    • Burping
    • Stomach discomfort
    • In the case of postsurgery patients, it may cause slow blood clotting
    • May worsen heart illnesses
    • Enhance chances of bleeding during pregnancy, so is generally avoided


    Ginger is one of the most popular root spices in India and around the world. It is rich in so many good qualities that its use is preferentially increasing in various fields of daily life. But the most popular and easy one is its use in dietary needs.

    Above we have mentioned the most popular benefits you can extract from ginger consumption. But the daily intake must be restricted to 5gms daily, else may lead to certain health issues. So, make sure you take advantage of the benefits provided by ginger and live a happy life.

  • What is the Best Product to use During Periods?

    How to choose period products and what is the best product to use during periods?

    Periods are an essential process in the life cycle of any female body. Hence it is important to make the choice of the best product for those days.

    At present, a variety of period products are available for use. Some everyday products include sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period panties, and many more. But the demand and preference of an individual to use any product depend on their personal choice. And most personal decisions are based on the parameters like comfort, cost, health safety, environmental impacts, and satisfaction.Let us first discuss the various types of period products available in the market in detail that will guide you in choosing the right period product for your menstrual days. Some of the key items are mentioned below.

    Winged pads

    The most commonly used and widely accepted variety of period products is winged pads. These sanitary napkins are easy to use and are made up of absorbent materials. They are used as an adhesive to the panties and then the panty is worn as a normal panty. In this way, they absorb your flow during menstrual cycles and keep you relieved.

    Even according to the flow, pads can be changed each 3-4 hours, and hence you can stay odor free. Talking about the cost, pads cost around $0.2 – $0.3 based on the size, absorption capacity, and brand selling it.

    Menstrual cups

    Menstrual cups are one of the most trending period products at present. Made up of medical grade silicon, these cups are very easy to use and also avoid various problems like vaginal dryness. To use the cups, you need to insert them inside your vaginal opening by folding it in half, and once inserted it will use suction to fit itself within. Now while removing you just need to pinch it a little and break the seal and then remove it.

    Talking about the efficiency and resting capacity of menstrual cups, you can use a single session of cups for up to 12 hours a day. Then just easily remove it, wash it and re-insert it in your vagina. Coming to cost, each menstrual cup cost ranges from $13 to $25 and can be reused for up to 10 years.

    Menstrual Discs

    Menstrual discs are very similar products to menstrual cups. These are disposable and in place of absorbing, they collect the flow. Though, newer in the market, introduced in 2015, still is gaining very popularity due to its easy and leakproof use. These menstrual discs are made up of medical-grade polymers that heat up your body.

    For using the product, you need to rest it at the base of your cervix and the widest part of the vaginal canal. This way of application of the product makes it exercise-friendly and also allows you to participate in intercourse. Thus, using menstrual discs is very activity-friendly and their risk of slippage is almost next to none. Talking about the cost, the cost of each menstrual disc may vary from $1.2 to $2.5. The cost also varies based on the brand selling it.


    Next to a pad, the most commonly used period product is a tampon. It is very similar to the construction of a pad since it is also absorbent and is made up of absorbent fibers. The only difference between tampons with pads lies in the way of their application. Tampons require insertion, it rests in your vaginal canal and absorbs all the fluid that flows through them. The only problem associated with tampons is that they may cause discomfort and irritation to certain users. Those who find it uncomfortable to insert a foreign object in their vagina may avoid its usage. Also, it may change your vaginal pH balance so, may cause irritation.

    Talking about the cost, the tampon may vary from $0.4 to $0.5. The cost also varies based on the brand selling it.

    Period underwear

    Period underwears are very similar to sanitary napkins with the only difference of the adhesive nature of the pads. Unlike pads, period panties are made up of multiple layers of microfibre polyester. It helps in absorbing fluid and keeping moisture away from the skin. Besides, it is very useful in avoiding leakages and provides ease to use for a longer time.

    Talking about the cost, these period panties are quite expensive. Each pair costs from around $24 to $65. The variation in the price also attributes to the variation in the styles and designs available for the product to suit various needs. Each period of panty can be washed and reused for a maximum of 2 years if taken care of the hygiene properly.

    Factors influencing the use of period products

    Let us now discuss the various parameters in detail that guides you to choose the right period product for your menstrual days. Some of the key factors are mentioned below.

    Material comfort and Absorption capacity

    Whenever we move towards buying something, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of the material. Unless the product you are thinking to use is comfortable, you won’t feel like going ahead with it for further repetition. Therefore, material comfort is the foremost parameter to be taken care of before buying any period product.

    Besides, the absorption capacity of the material plays a vital role. It is also a very essential parameter as it decides the longevity of the product and the activity it allows you to perform. Unless your period product provides you with good absorbency, there are always doubts in mind before moving out and engaging in anything eventful. So, absorption capacity and material comfort of the period product are very important parameters in choosing a product for you.


    Cost is one of the main factors that drive the purchase of any period product. In India specifically, people are concerned about the cost of the product they buy along with the satisfaction they can extract from it. The common Indian concept believes in extracting maximum satisfaction at a minimum cost.

    Hence, to run for this concept, sanitary pads are the most affordable and satisfying products available in the market. You will find a variety of sanitary pads brands and they provide you with a variety of pads in a number of the price range. So, it becomes easy for you to choose the one that suits you in your desired budget. After sanitary pads, come the tampons. They are also giving quite a competition to the market of sanitary pads. But still at present pads have the upper hand in terms of cost. Other period products like menstrual cups and period panties are quite expensive now in the Indian market. Still a number of the conscious population who can afford it are also using it.

    Ease of disposal

    After using sanitary products, it is an important question how to dispose of them. The most commonly used period pads are disposed of by wrapping them properly and throwing them in proper dustbins. But when it comes to reusable products like menstrual cups, they are first washed and used for certain times. Beyond their usage limit, they should be thrown in a safe and covered manner into the dustbins.

    Unless you wrap the used period products properly before disposing of them. They can spread a number of germs and also smell. Which is really very unhygienic to tolerate. So make sure you dispose them of properly after using them.


    Usually, a common Indian and conventional perspective of period products is they are to be disposed of after one-time use. But now such period products are available which you can use more than once by washing them and sterilizing them. So, if you are interested in using something which you don’t need to invest in multiple times and can reuse after every use, then menstrual cups are for you. Also, period panties are in the line.


    Hygiene is a very important factor when we talk about the choice of a period product. The period days are a very important part of any female’s life and they need to be taken care of very well in those days. Because unless you give proper guidance and maintain cleanliness, it can develop bacteria and germs and may even lead to a variety of harmful health problems. So, make sure to choose a such product for your period days that you can use properly and also maintain hygiene.


    Having known the various products for use during menstrual days and knowing the various parameters affecting the choice of the product. It is well evident now that the best period product for an individual can’t be generalized and must be based on the proper calculations of various parameters influencing the decision.

    Based on individual needs, the choice of the period product varies. Also to serve the needs of various kinds, various brands are also now available in this competitive market. Hence, the customer gets a range of products with various qualities and price ranges. So, now you can choose from the range of choices available to you to make your period days hastle-free.

  • The Health Benefits of Tomatoes

    Health Benefits of Tomato

    Tomatoes square measure loaded with a substance known as carotenoid. It offers them their bright red color and helps shield them from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    In abundant a similar method, it will facilitate shield your cells from harm. Tomatoes even have metallic element, vitamins B and E, and different nutrients. Tomatoes square measure nutrient-dense fertilizer. it’s not an unknown proven fact that intense plant-based merchandise is useful for healthy living, and tomatoes aren’t any completely different. for instance, the danger of cardiopathy, diabetes, and cancer reduces because the amount of plant-based foods within the diet will increase.

    additionally, they’re high in naphthoquinone, calcium, and carotenoid, that square measure useful to bone repair, strengthening, and multiplied bone mass.

    Tomatoes square measure packed with nutrients.

    One cup of cut or sliced raw tomatoes containsTrusted Source:

    1- 32 calories (kcal)
    2- 170.14 g of water
    3- 1.58 g of macromolecule
    4- 2.2 g of fiber
    5- 5.8 g of macromolecule
    6- 0 g steroid alcohol

    Tomatoes even have a wealth of victuals and mineral content, including:

    1- 18 mg of Ca
    2- 427 mg of metallic element
    3- 42 mg of phosphorus
    4- 24.7 mg of water-soluble vitamin
    5- 1499 international units (IU) of antiophthalmic factor

    Tomatoes conjointly contain a large array of useful nutrients and antioxidants, includingTrusted Source:

    A- alpha-lipoic acid
    B- carotenoid
    C- choline
    D- B complex
    E- carotenoid
    F- lutein
    The change of state of tomatoes seems to increaseTrusted supply the supply of key nutrients, like the carotenoids carotenoid, lutein, and carotenoid. boiled tomatoes give additional xanthophyll and carotenoid than preserved tomatoes and raw cherry tomatoes.

    There square measure straightforward ways in which to incorporate the organic process worth of tomatoes in any diet. take care to store contemporary tomatoes at temperature and avoid refrigeration, as this causes tomatoes to lose their flavor.

    Incorporate additional tomatoes into the diet victimisation the subsequent tips:

    1-Dip grape or cherry tomatoes in humus or plain food dip and consume them as a facet or a snack.
    2-Add sliced tomato to sandwiches and wraps.
    3-Add diced, low-sodium canned tomatoes to homemade or jarred pasta sauce sauces once creating alimentary paste.
    4-Used canned, diced, or boiled tomatoes in soups.
    5-Eat a bit of toast with avocado and tomato slices.
    6-Make a fast condiment with diced tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and freshly squeezed lime.
    7-Dice contemporary tomatoes and add them to rice and beans, quesadillas, or tacos. Add them to omelets or scrambles for breakfast.
    8-Drizzle freshly sliced tomatoes and sliced cheese with balsamy vinegar, and prime with cut basil.
    9-Make a bruschetta as the course.

    Health advantages of Tomato

    1. Prevents Cancer
      Free radicals square measure extremely reactive molecules liable for cancer growth. they’re unstable and perpetually request different atoms or molecules to bond. As a result, it triggers aerobic stress, that extremely damages the cells. additionally, free radicals destroy all the essential components of the cells like deoxyribonucleic acid, proteins and cell membranes. Antioxidants mitigate the impact of aerobic stress and forestall the event of free radicals. additionally, they gift their atoms to the free radicals and build them stable and fewer reactive. carotenoid (an antioxidant), a polyphenol or plant constituent in tomatoes, helps to forestall adenocarcinoma. It’s conjointly what offers tomatoes their distinctive chromatic color. As per a study, merchandise made up of tomatoes contribute eightieth of the dietary carotenoid consumed within the Asian nation.

    Another study suggests that intense carotenoid might cut back carcinoma probabilities. consumption Beta-carotene-rich diets conjointly aids within the bar of large intestine cancer. additionally, as per another study, the consumption of high amounts of carotenoid prevents growth development in adenocarcinoma.

    The consumption of fibre from fruits and vegetables conjointly lowers the danger of large intestine cancer.

    1. Blood pressure management
      Low atomic number 11 intake helps keep your pressure up to the mark. At a similar time, metallic element intake helps lower pressure. Tomatoes square measure made in metallic element, and so, they assist promote a healthy pressure level. High metallic element intake lowers the number of atomic number 11 within the body by facilitating the removal of additional atomic number 11 through the kidneys. metallic element could also be vital because of its effects on the arteries that widen them. additionally, it relieves the multiplied and accumulated tension from the vessel walls. As a result, it more reduces pressure.

    As per a study, high metallic element intake and low atomic number 11 cut back death risk from all such causes by 2 hundredth.

    1. Lowers cardiopathy Risk
      Tomatoes square measure high in fibre, potassium, vitamin C, and B vitamin. of these square measure useful to heart health. an important dietary reform to minimise disorder risk is raising metallic element consumption and decreasing salt intake. metallic element prevents Ca accumulation in sleek muscle cells set at intervals arteries. This development is termed tube calcification. tube calcification is harmful to the center because it hardens the arteries and more limits the blood flow. Conversely, high metallic element intake lowers disorder risk and prevents muscle degeneration. additionally, it maintains bone mineral density and reduces nephrolith formation. This vegetable contains vitamin Bc, that keeps homocysteine levels balanced. Homocysteine is AN organic compound that our body releases once proteins break down. additionally, studies recommend that it ends up in a better risk of heart attacks and strokes. So, once vitamin Bc manages homocysteine levels, it reduces cardiopathy risk.
    2. polygenic disease management
      According to studies, folks with sort one polygenic disease UN agency eat a high-fibre diet might expertise lowered blood sugar levels. At a similar time, folks with sort two polygenic disease might expertise higher blood glucose, lipid, and hypoglycaemic agent levels. you’ll realize concerning two grams of fibre in a very cup of cherry tomatoes. additionally, they need a GI of but fifteen, creating them a coffee GI food and a superb selection for polygenic disease. folks with polygenic disease ought to eat foods with a GI score of but fifty five. they’re conjointly low in calories, that helps maintain a healthy weight. in line with a study, consumption two hundred grams of raw tomato per day (equivalent to one.5 medium tomatoes) lowers pressure in adults with sort two polygenic disease. consumption tomatoes conjointly helps to cut back the danger of disorder in folks with sort two polygenic disease.
    3. Prevents Constipation
      Tomatoes square measure a laxative fruit. intense meals significant in water and fibre, like tomatoes, might aid association and promote regular intestine movements. it’s as a result of insoluble fibres aren’t soluble. As a result, they are doing not dissolve food particles and carry them out of the body by adding additional bulk to the stool. they supply concerning 100 percent of the daily fibre intake, leading to improved digestion and shitting.
    4. It Helps Heal harm Done by Smoking
      Smoking causes the body to supply AN excessive quantity of free radicals. water-soluble vitamin will effectively neutralise them. As a result, tomatoes will be useful to smokers. water-soluble vitamin in tomatoes helps eliminate artery blockage that affects correct heart functioning. it’s inhibitor properties that shield the cells and different important molecules of the body from obtaining modify and broken. water-soluble vitamin deficiency will cause cardiopathy and cancer. in line with a study, men and ladies UN agency don’t smoke need ninety mg and seventy five mg of water-soluble vitamin, severally. On the opposite hand, smokers would like thirty five mg. 100 grams of raw tomatoes will offer you around thirteen.7 mg of water-soluble vitamin.
    5. Skin advantages
      Tomatoes have acidic properties and square measure high in metallic element and water-soluble vitamin. These nutrients improve uninteresting skins and convey radiance. what is more, they need carotenoid, AN inhibitor that helps the body tackle free radicals. apart from that, it aids in treating skin disorders related to ageing and ultraviolet exposure, creating it a superb skin rejuvenator. additionally, tomatoes’ astringent characteristics aid within the reduction of excess secretion on the skin’s surface. As a result, it limits oil buildup and reduces the probability of blackheads and whiteheads. what is more, tomatoes have pore-shrinking qualities, and that they promote skin adjustment. As a result, they assist forestall disease of the skin and pimples. Therefore, tomatoes square measure a utile and widespread remedy for treating skin issues.
    6. Improves Vision
      One of the explanations tomatoes square measure appropriate for the eyes is that they’re high in antiophthalmic factor. Our tissue layer desires antiophthalmic factor. Low amounts of the victuals will cause visual disorder over time. additionally, they contain carotenoid, that protects the eyes from the harm of free radicals. folks with higher carotenoid levels face a lower risk of age-related devolution. carotenoid more guards the eyes against irritation caused by the sun. water-soluble vitamin and copper square measure 2 extra eye-friendly substances found in tomatoes. whereas the previous will facilitate forestall age-related cataracts, the latter aids in manufacturing animal pigment, the eye’s crucial black pigment. As per studies, once you consume carotenoid, it transforms into axerophthol, necessary permanently eye health.

    Currently, tomatoes square measure the third most well-liked contemporary vegetable within the market. Attributing it to its organic process worth and flexibility in its uses, it’s perpetually been in demand worldwide.

    They type a part of the bulk of people’s primary diet. It boosts the health of individuals in varied ways in which is nothing however fascinating to explore.