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Is it good to eat kiwi daily?

Health Benefits of Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit or kiwi is oval-shaped, nutrient-rich, large berry fruit. They are native to Eastern China yet now they are easily found in every corner of the world.

The fruit is very fuzzy in the texture of its outer cover but very smooth and juicy in its flesh. Both the fruit’s skin, seeds, and flesh are edible and are rich in fiber content. Not just is the nutritional content of the fruit rich and varied, but also the fruit comes in a variety of colors and flavors. Approximately 50 varieties of kiwi fruit are available in the market and each has a different flesh color profile and is made for a variety of uses. And these qualities of the fruit earn most of the attraction that it enjoys.

Nutritional values of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruits are very high in nutritional value. Each full-size kiwi fruit contains 95% of the daily recommended quantity of vitamin C, 3% of vitamin A, 12% of the daily required dietary fat, and 0% of fats. Apart from these, this fruit is also a very healthy source of anti-oxidants and provides 46 calories of energy on the consumption of each serving. All these contents of kiwi fruit make it a popular choice of fruit around the world.

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruits are well known for their fiber-rich, low-calorie, and high-nutrient contents. These are the contents of this fruit, which make it a valuable item to be consumed with your regular diet. Some of the significant health benefits that you can obtain from kiwi fruit are mentioned below.

Beneficial during weight loss journey

Kiwi fruits are considered to be the best buddies during a weight loss journey. This entitlement has been received by kiwi fruit due to its high nutritional value. The presence of ample amounts of soluble fiber, water, vitamin C, and antioxidant while the absence of unhealthy fats, carbs, and calories ensures you stay ahead in your weight loss path. So, you can happily add kiwis in your regular morning snacks or smoothies.

Enhances immunity

Kiwi fruits are known to enhance the immune response of those who eat kiwi regularly. This benefit is obtained by kiwi because of its highly beneficial vitamin C and antioxidant content. These both help in reducing free-radicle from the body and ensures healthy immunity development. Thus, every bite of fresh kiwi fruit, ensure to make you stronger and healthy. 

Helps in Asthma

Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant contents. This makes the fruit a potent remedy to reduce oxidative stress and other problems. As we know, Asthma is a breathing ailment where symptoms like wheezing and breathlessness are very common. But studies have shown that eating 1-2 kiwis per day as per the instruction, can improve the symptoms of asthma and also prevent the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

Ensures healthy heart

Kiwi fruits are popular for their blood-thinning properties. This makes the fruit very beneficial in maintaining a healthy heart. It happens because kiwis reduce the amount of fat in the blood without adversely affecting blood cholesterol levels. This in turn helps to prevent blood clots and also manages blood pressure. Besides, study shows that eating 2-3 kiwis per day can prove to improve two factors that cause cardiovascular issues, which are levels of plasma lipids and platelet hyperactivity.

Promotes healthy digestion

Kiwis are rich in dietary fiber. Both its flesh and tough skin contain a lot of dietary fibers. This helps in reducing the problems of constipation and other gastric problems. So, it is recommended to consume kiwis if you are suffering from digestive problems.

Is kiwi fruit made for everyone?

As this berry fruit provides multiple benefits to multiple people, it is considered a great fruit to consume in all. But the truth is, everyone can not consume kiwi fruit. Many people are found to be allergic to kiwi fruit. If you are also among them, then you must watch out for your symptoms before eating the fruit. This is because the symptoms can vary from mild to very severe ones. And can cause a serious trend of discomfort.

Having known so much about the allergic side of Kiwis, now let us look at the common symptoms that will tell you that you are allergic to kiwis.

  • Itching in the mouth, tongue, etc after consuming kiwi
  • Skin rashes
  • Swollen mouth, lips, etc
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Severe stomach ache

If you feel any of this happening to you after eating kiwi, make sure you immediately contact your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe you anti-histamine or anti-allergics on time once you visit him. This will provide you immense relief from the expected discomfort before it’s too late.


Kiwis are one of the most popular berry fruits. They are well-known for their dietary fiber and vitamin C content. Also, they provide the body with absolutely no fats and low calories, which overall makes the fruit a preferable choice for everyone.

Due to its healthy content, the fruit provides multiple health benefits, as mentioned above. So, if you also want to enjoy each of these benefits, then definitely make sure to eat kiwi fruit regularly.

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