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What is Mental Illness? Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

What is Mental Illness? Mental illness is a spectrum of conditions that affect a person’s ability to think, this article will discuss the types of mental illness, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options available.   As it is important to take care of your physical self, and your external body, it is as important to take care of your mental health.Continue reading “What is Mental Illness? Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment”

Types of Fat in Body

Introduction There are different types of body fat with different benefits and dangers. This article will discuss the types of body fat and explain how each type impacts health. What are the different types of body fat, and what are their dangers, benefits, and treatment options? Fats are essential macronutrients that are very important for the human body toContinue reading “Types of Fat in Body”

What is Menstruation? Normal Menstrual Cycle

What is menstruation? or normal menstrual cycle women health. Menstruation or being on menstrual cycle or periods is considered an essential part of any female’s life. It is a major health driver and is mainly correlated with the reproductive health of a female body.  But the question is what is this menstrual cycle and why is it so crucialContinue reading “What is Menstruation? Normal Menstrual Cycle”

Nutrition During Pregnancy, Women health

Health and Nutrition during Pregnancy Nutrition during pregnancy is very important for women health or both mom and baby. Learn more about healthy diet and what you should be consuming. Pregnancy is among the most precious periods of female life. The phase is full of excitement and brings in lots of new hope and happiness for the would-be mom.Continue reading “Nutrition During Pregnancy, Women health”

How to tackle Bloating

What causes bloated stomach?, How to tackle Bloating, How to Reduce Bloating ?. Do you also sometimes feel like your stomach is inflated like a balloon? Does it make you feel uncomfortably full even when you have not eaten anything recently? If the answer is yes, then you are for sure suffering from a condition called abdominal bloating.  Bloating isContinue reading “How to tackle Bloating”

How to order medicine in online

Can we buy medicine in online, How to order medicine in online: Yes, One of the best platform to buy medicine online in India is 3Meds, I have used this online medicine store.  Online Medical Store may be a part of the growing surge of E-commerce in Healthcare Industry. E-commerce includes every kind of shopping for andContinue reading “How to order medicine in online”

Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Treatment

Introduction We are discus about Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Treatment, and Types in this article. In this trending world of health consciousness and fitness with a perfect body shape, people usually get over concerned with their physical being. Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms disorder. This concern in medical terms is called hypochondria or health anxiety. This is aContinue reading “Health Anxiety Physical Symptoms, Treatment”

What is an online pharmacy?

Online pharmacy is a part of the growing surge of E-commerce in India. E-commerce includes all kinds of buying and selling business activities over the internet.The business here is controlled through proper management and running of the company website. Online pharmacy is a newly grown form of medical store in India. This online medical shop includes various forms of medicalContinue reading “What is an online pharmacy?”

Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Now the question is what is ADHD? ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is actually a neurological disorder. It is found to develop most commonly among children but once developed can last till late adulthood as well. The main problem found in such children is their hyper or deficit activity. A significant difference is foundContinue reading “Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)”

Sleep Guide: The Ultimate Tips to Getting a Good Night

3Meds Guides all of you, A Guide of Good Sleep, A Tips of Good Night, Sleep Guide: The Ultimate Tips to Getting a Good Night. Sometimes all we would like to try to to when an extended exhausting day is sink into a deep slumber however wait, you check up on the clock and it’s already three am.Continue reading “Sleep Guide: The Ultimate Tips to Getting a Good Night”