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What is the Best Product to use During Periods?

How to choose period products and what is the best product to use during periods?

Periods are an essential process in the life cycle of any female body. Hence it is important to make the choice of the best product for those days.

At present, a variety of period products are available for use. Some everyday products include sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period panties, and many more. But the demand and preference of an individual to use any product depend on their personal choice. And most personal decisions are based on the parameters like comfort, cost, health safety, environmental impacts, and satisfaction.Let us first discuss the various types of period products available in the market in detail that will guide you in choosing the right period product for your menstrual days. Some of the key items are mentioned below.

Winged pads

The most commonly used and widely accepted variety of period products is winged pads. These sanitary napkins are easy to use and are made up of absorbent materials. They are used as an adhesive to the panties and then the panty is worn as a normal panty. In this way, they absorb your flow during menstrual cycles and keep you relieved.

Even according to the flow, pads can be changed each 3-4 hours, and hence you can stay odor free. Talking about the cost, pads cost around $0.2 – $0.3 based on the size, absorption capacity, and brand selling it.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are one of the most trending period products at present. Made up of medical grade silicon, these cups are very easy to use and also avoid various problems like vaginal dryness. To use the cups, you need to insert them inside your vaginal opening by folding it in half, and once inserted it will use suction to fit itself within. Now while removing you just need to pinch it a little and break the seal and then remove it.

Talking about the efficiency and resting capacity of menstrual cups, you can use a single session of cups for up to 12 hours a day. Then just easily remove it, wash it and re-insert it in your vagina. Coming to cost, each menstrual cup cost ranges from $13 to $25 and can be reused for up to 10 years.

Menstrual Discs

Menstrual discs are very similar products to menstrual cups. These are disposable and in place of absorbing, they collect the flow. Though, newer in the market, introduced in 2015, still is gaining very popularity due to its easy and leakproof use. These menstrual discs are made up of medical-grade polymers that heat up your body.

For using the product, you need to rest it at the base of your cervix and the widest part of the vaginal canal. This way of application of the product makes it exercise-friendly and also allows you to participate in intercourse. Thus, using menstrual discs is very activity-friendly and their risk of slippage is almost next to none. Talking about the cost, the cost of each menstrual disc may vary from $1.2 to $2.5. The cost also varies based on the brand selling it.


Next to a pad, the most commonly used period product is a tampon. It is very similar to the construction of a pad since it is also absorbent and is made up of absorbent fibers. The only difference between tampons with pads lies in the way of their application. Tampons require insertion, it rests in your vaginal canal and absorbs all the fluid that flows through them. The only problem associated with tampons is that they may cause discomfort and irritation to certain users. Those who find it uncomfortable to insert a foreign object in their vagina may avoid its usage. Also, it may change your vaginal pH balance so, may cause irritation.

Talking about the cost, the tampon may vary from $0.4 to $0.5. The cost also varies based on the brand selling it.

Period underwear

Period underwears are very similar to sanitary napkins with the only difference of the adhesive nature of the pads. Unlike pads, period panties are made up of multiple layers of microfibre polyester. It helps in absorbing fluid and keeping moisture away from the skin. Besides, it is very useful in avoiding leakages and provides ease to use for a longer time.

Talking about the cost, these period panties are quite expensive. Each pair costs from around $24 to $65. The variation in the price also attributes to the variation in the styles and designs available for the product to suit various needs. Each period of panty can be washed and reused for a maximum of 2 years if taken care of the hygiene properly.

Factors influencing the use of period products

Let us now discuss the various parameters in detail that guides you to choose the right period product for your menstrual days. Some of the key factors are mentioned below.

Material comfort and Absorption capacity

Whenever we move towards buying something, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of the material. Unless the product you are thinking to use is comfortable, you won’t feel like going ahead with it for further repetition. Therefore, material comfort is the foremost parameter to be taken care of before buying any period product.

Besides, the absorption capacity of the material plays a vital role. It is also a very essential parameter as it decides the longevity of the product and the activity it allows you to perform. Unless your period product provides you with good absorbency, there are always doubts in mind before moving out and engaging in anything eventful. So, absorption capacity and material comfort of the period product are very important parameters in choosing a product for you.


Cost is one of the main factors that drive the purchase of any period product. In India specifically, people are concerned about the cost of the product they buy along with the satisfaction they can extract from it. The common Indian concept believes in extracting maximum satisfaction at a minimum cost.

Hence, to run for this concept, sanitary pads are the most affordable and satisfying products available in the market. You will find a variety of sanitary pads brands and they provide you with a variety of pads in a number of the price range. So, it becomes easy for you to choose the one that suits you in your desired budget. After sanitary pads, come the tampons. They are also giving quite a competition to the market of sanitary pads. But still at present pads have the upper hand in terms of cost. Other period products like menstrual cups and period panties are quite expensive now in the Indian market. Still a number of the conscious population who can afford it are also using it.

Ease of disposal

After using sanitary products, it is an important question how to dispose of them. The most commonly used period pads are disposed of by wrapping them properly and throwing them in proper dustbins. But when it comes to reusable products like menstrual cups, they are first washed and used for certain times. Beyond their usage limit, they should be thrown in a safe and covered manner into the dustbins.

Unless you wrap the used period products properly before disposing of them. They can spread a number of germs and also smell. Which is really very unhygienic to tolerate. So make sure you dispose them of properly after using them.


Usually, a common Indian and conventional perspective of period products is they are to be disposed of after one-time use. But now such period products are available which you can use more than once by washing them and sterilizing them. So, if you are interested in using something which you don’t need to invest in multiple times and can reuse after every use, then menstrual cups are for you. Also, period panties are in the line.


Hygiene is a very important factor when we talk about the choice of a period product. The period days are a very important part of any female’s life and they need to be taken care of very well in those days. Because unless you give proper guidance and maintain cleanliness, it can develop bacteria and germs and may even lead to a variety of harmful health problems. So, make sure to choose a such product for your period days that you can use properly and also maintain hygiene.


Having known the various products for use during menstrual days and knowing the various parameters affecting the choice of the product. It is well evident now that the best period product for an individual can’t be generalized and must be based on the proper calculations of various parameters influencing the decision.

Based on individual needs, the choice of the period product varies. Also to serve the needs of various kinds, various brands are also now available in this competitive market. Hence, the customer gets a range of products with various qualities and price ranges. So, now you can choose from the range of choices available to you to make your period days hastle-free.

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