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What are Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions?

What are sexual disorders and dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunction or disorder can be understood as a problem that prevents an individual from enjoying sexual activities.

It can arise at any age or any phase of sexual response. But the chances of developing sexual dysfunction increase as a person grows old, especially beyond the age of 40 years. It is quite difficult to understand if an individual is suffering from sexual dysfunction nowadays due to the busy life and involvement in always running lifestyle. Life is so full of stress and depressing elements at present that it becomes quite difficult to know if you are suffering from sexual dysfunction or if it is just a problem of the moment. Hence, it is important to know sexual dysfunction in very detail to find out the problem in advance and take measures to treat it. So, to understand sexual disorders in detail, both for males and females, let us dive deep into the topic and continue with the article in detail below.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

As per the diagnosis of sexologists or doctors dealing with sexual problems, some symptoms of sexual disorders are common in both males and females. While there are certain symptoms that are specific to the gender. So, here let us look at the symptoms experienced by both genders commonly and separately.

Common to both men and women

Certain symptoms are commonly found in males and females which ascertains the presence of sexual disorder in them. These symptoms are mentioned below.

  • Feeling pain every time when involved in intercourse
  • Feeling a lack of desire for sexual activity or interest in sexual intercourse
  • Unable to feel excited during the intercourse

Specifically found in men

Apart from the above-mentioned common symptoms found during sexual dysfunction in both men and women, there are some specific symptoms that are found commonly in men. These symptoms are mentioned below.

  • Erectile dysfunction is one such symptom where men find it difficult to erect the penis for intercourse.
  • Delayed or retarded ejaculation is a disorder where men can’t ejaculate even after being sexually excited and active.
  • Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder in which ejaculation takes place too early while having intercourse. Usually, this happens when men are unable to control the timing of ejaculation.

Specifically found in females

Having learned about the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men, we should also know about the dysfunction that is found in females. Some of the commonly diagnosed symptoms in females are listed below.

  • Unable to reach climax or orgasm during the orgasm.
  • Finds it difficult to relax the vaginal muscles required to allow intercourse.
  • Lack of lubrication from what is required for intercourse during and before intercourse.

So, above mentioned are some of the very common symptoms of sexual dysfunction that are found in males and females. Having known about the various symptoms separately for both genders, now we should move our focus to what actually causes the development of these dysfunctions.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

Though some symptoms found in men and women due to sexual dysfunction varies. But the reason or the cause might be the same. It is the cause that can only help us understand the problem behind the dysfunction and hence allow the approach toward the proper treatment.  According to sexologists, the major cause of sexual disorders is stress. If an individual is living under extreme stress, then the chances that he will suffer from sexual dysfunction rise manifolds. It is the major contributor to various types of sexual dysfunction, both in males and females.

Apart from stress, there are various other causes of sexual disorders as well. Some of the commonly diagnosed causes are mentioned below.

  • Medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and certain chronic diseases.
  • Phycological problems like depression, stress, overthinking about sexual performance, and many more.
  • Sexual trauma
  • Consumption of certain medications like anti-depressants and even certain over-the-counter drugs. 
  • Overuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Hormonal imbalance

Having known about the various causes of sexual dysfunctions, now we should move our attention toward the various types of sexual disorders. The proper knowledge and awareness about the symptoms and the causes will help to understand the type of sexual disorder one is suffering from. And then based on the type of disorder diagnosed, the treatment procedure can be followed.

Types of sexual disorders

Although, there are instances when you might not be in the mood to enjoy sexual activity. But it happens very rarely and you might know it when it happens. But in case it happens frequently and you can’t find yourself comfortable with sexual activities, then it can be called develop into a dysfunction. Usually, sexual dysfunctions are categorized into 4 main types. If you experience any of these problems more often than you should, then you are definitely suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Pain Disorder

It is such a kind of disorder that is difficult to diagnose. This is because at the start of the intercourse, usually pain accompanies. But if the pain during intercourse becomes a very common thing, then it is called pain disorder and needs medical aid.

Arousal Disorder

When an individual is undergoing sexual activity but is unable to feel excited and aroused, then this kind of disorder is diagnosed. In this disorder, usually, the person might feel emotionally into sexual activities, but while actually into it the body doesn’t support it.

Desire Disorder

When an individual is very less interested in sexual activity or finds it quite undesiring, then the kind of disorder is called desire disorder.

Orgasm Disorder

While being in sexual intercourse, an individual is unable to reach the climax or experience orgasm, then the type of disorder found over time is called orgasm disorder. Usually, due to this disorder, the person is left frustrated at the end of the intercourse. These four types of dysfunction are common to both men and women, but the sub-divisions of these dysfunctions differ in both genders.

Diagnosis of sexual disorders

The process of diagnosis of a sexual disorder may vary a little for men and women, but the basic process remains the same. The basic process includes the evaluation of the physical and psychological factors linked with sexual life. Besides, talking about the discomforts you are facing with your healthcare provider, talking openly about the challenges, and giving full details of the medical history may also be done.

After this is done, based on gender, the health expert may use different techniques of testing to evaluate further. For women, the doctor may ask for imaging to look for any tumor or cyst growing in the sexual organs, and vaginal culture to look for infection and may also suggest a pelvic exam. While for men, doctors may ask to perform certain physical tests like blood tests, rectal exams, tests of the penis and the testicle, and also blood pressure checks. Having done these tests, the doctor can find out the underlying problem and may ask you some questions. You should be honest as much as possible with your doctor to help him diagnose you and also follow all the given suggestions. This practice will help in treating the problem better and on time.

Treating sexual dysfunction

Having known the ways that are usually used by the doctors to diagnose the sexual disorder an individual is going through. Now let us look at the ways of treating the problem as per the viewpoint of sexologists and doctors. According to sexologists, both males and females can be treated with some common techniques of treatment to ensure the patient’s healthy come back to sexual excitement and arousal. Some of the common techniques of treatment used by doctors are mentioned below.

  • Counselling and phycological therapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Medications
  • Arousal techniques

Using these above-mentioned methods, the doctor may try and solve your sexual disorder problem and you should also follow the given suggestions and prescriptions properly to ensure and enjoy a healthy and happy sexual life. 

Food items to help enhance sexual activities

Having seen the overall about sexual disorders, we shall now turn towards knowing the ways that will help in improving sexual desire and improve sexual activity. Some of the common food items as suggested and approved by sexologists and sex experts are mentioned below.

Apple, Banana, and Pomegranate 

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants present in the fruit make it an ideal ingredient to be added to the diet to deal with erectile dysfunction. Even a study conducted by POM wonderful, it was found that it improves long-time erectile response. Whereas banana is known as a carb-containing fruit. It is considered to be very helpful in preventing muscle cramps and spasms through the use of its muscle-relaxing minerals. Apart from this, the potassium content of banana makes it an ideal choice to improve blood flow in the genital and thus improve overall sexual performance. While talking about apples, we all know that it is one of the most healthy fruits known to us. But while talking about its usefulness in improving sexual activities, it goes way long. It helps in extending sexual stamina and also improves endurance due to the presence of quercetin, a flavonoid in it. Thus, the regular consumption of these fruits can turn out to be very helpful for the sexual performance of an individual and thus improve their sex life experiences.


According to a Journal of Nutrition study, garlic extracts are found to be very healthy for sexual health. It helps in preventing the development of plaque in the artery walls. These arteries are the ones that lead to the penis. So, by consuming garlic you can keep your heart healthy and thus in turn keep your erection proper and hence enjoy a healthy sexual life.


According to research shared at the conference organized by the American Chemical Society, Oysters are known to contain zinc. Zinc is very helpful in allowing blood flow to various sexual organs and thus energizing them. Besides, oysters possess compounds that are very helpful in raising the levels of testosterone and estrogen in both genders and thus improve the sexual drive in both.

Meat and Egg

Amino acid, L-arginine is present in eggs. This amino acid is known to be very useful in improving erectile dysfunction by providing healthy erectile while sexually excited. Besides, meat also contains amino acids called L-arginine and Carnitine. These amino acids are found very healthy in allowing blood flow throughout the body including the sexual organs. A proper and sufficient blood flow in sex organs helps them function properly and hence improves sex drive. Besides, these amino acids are considered to be very beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction.

Nuts and Seeds

A variety of nuts and seeds are known to contain L-arginine, omega-3, and zinc. These compounds are very good for sexual health. They improve sexual activity and also prevent the development of sexual; dysfunction. Some of the common and beneficial nuts that you should include in your snacks are peanuts, pumpkin seeds, hazel nuts, and walnuts. All the above-mentioned food items are considered to be very beneficial for the healthy sexual life of any individual. Though the compounds present in them claims to prevent various sexual dysfunction, the major benefit it provides is by improving your sexual desire and activity. So, make sure to include the available food items in your diet and enjoy a healthy and exciting sexual life.


Sexual dysfunction at present is not so uncommon and hidden problem among the population. It can be found in people of any age, caste, and religion. Both men and women can suffer from this, the only difference is found in the types of certain symptoms they experience. In the article above, we have discussed all the possible symptoms that can be identified in time and the major cause that should be looked for to avoid the development of sexual dysfunction. Even if it develops, you should make sure to consult a doctor and openly talk about your problems to them. This will help them treat the problem well.  Besides, you can include the food items listed above in your daily food chart to make sure of your healthy sexual life. Alongside, in case of any discomfort contact your health expert the earliest.

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