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Best diet plate to support immune health

Building the best dinner plate to support immune health

It is a well-known fact that our immune system is the first line of defense against illness and disease. As a result, the foods we eat and the way we cook them can have a big impact on our immune health.

This article will discuss the benefits of a healthy diet, including antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins, as well as different cooking methods. It will also provide some examples of different plate shapes that can help boost your immune system. Dinner is considered to be the most essential meal before you and your day. A good dinner menu will not only help you get a good sleep and a healthy morning but will also help you enhance your immunity.

It is always advised to consume a little yet healthy meal for dinner. This is because whatever you eat at night is assimilated and absorbed within your body throughout the night. And since at night your body is in rest mode, so keeping your dinner light is a plus point for your body to support your system. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some of the best food items and easy recipes that you can enjoy for your dinner along with building your immunity. This will not just be healthy but will be healthy as well. So, let us start having a look at them.

Healthy dinner platter items

Let us look in the section at the various items that should be included in your dinner plate. These items are not only nutritious but are very good replacements for unhealthy junk food. They help a lot in immunity building and thus ensure healthy protection of your body.


Blueberries are among the favorite berries of people around the continents. They are a rich source of flavonoids and antioxidants. They help a lot in managing the immunity of the body and making the body develop germ-fighting compounds. Besides, the major defense service of these antioxidants is provided in the respiratory system of the body. Therefore, those people who eat flavonoid-rich edibles regularly have very low chances of developing URT infections.

Sweet potatoes

The orange skin of sweet potatoes is because of the presence of an antioxidant called beta-carotene in them. These are a rich source of vitamin A which helps in making the skin healthy and protect it from damage by sun rays or UV rays. Therefore, according to Medicalnewstoday , adding boiled and mashed sweet potatoes to your dinner platter is not a bad idea.

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are among the most preferred and used ingredients in almost every cuisine around the world. They are very healthy for helping the body stay healthy and also ensure the body is safe from any kind of inflammation. Garlic contains a sulfur-containing compound called allying. This is full of immunity-boosting properties and hence is very healthy. Also, ginger is the preferred choice of almost everyone when it turns to keep the body healthy and inflammation-free. 

Green tea

Green tea is always a healthy choice when it comes to beverages. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants like flavanoids, ECGC, and the amino acid, L-thiamine. All these elements present in green tea are very helpful in boosting the immunity of the body and also provide the production of germ-fighting compounds. So, according to Healthline, adding green tea to your daily schedule an hour after your lunch is a good option.


Almonds are one of the most healthy and everyone’s favorite nuts. They are rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant helpful for supporting the immune system. These vitamins are fat soluble and hence need the presence of fat to get absorbed. So, this purpose is also served by the almond itself as almonds also contain fat. So, overall eating a serving of almonds daily is very beneficial for immunity boosting.


Yogurts are a great source of Vitamin D, which helps in the healthy regulation of the immune system of the body. Various kinds of yogurt are available in the market and but choosing the right one for immunity-boosting purposes is important. Try to avoid taking sugary and flavored yogurts, instead buy live and active cultured ones. The most useful one is greek yogurt. It is full of live cultures that help in stimulating the immune system to fight against any form of the disease. 

Healthy and easy dinner recipes

Some of the simplest yet tasty dinner recipes that you can enjoy in your daily night meal is mentioned below. These recipes are simple yet very healthy to boost your immune for the long run. Most of these recipes are light meal recipes and are sorted to meet your needs for the night, a healthy night’s sleep, and an immunity-boosting treat.


Soups are always the healthiest and lightest meals to consume. According to the experts at gpindia they are low in calories but high in the goodness of veggies and full of protein and nutrients. These are considered to be the most preferred meals for your dinner.

There are various ways in which you can prepare your bedtime soup, but here we have jotted down for you the healthiest and simplest one.

To prepare your soup, you can just chop down some healthy vegetables like beetroot, carrot, beans, and capsicum, and if you prefer can also take some white meat and chopped it down into smaller pieces. Then mix them up in a pressure cooker and add some salt to taste and some water in them. Then keep the mixture boiling at medium flame and after 2-3 whistles, take it down the flame. After it cools down, pour it into a vessel and add some cornflour to it and boil it for once.

Now, enjoy your healthy and light soup and support immunity-building.


Salads are a good option to try for dinner. They, if prepared with care, are full of nutrients, fibers, and proteins. They serve as a good source of immunity boosters and also help you enjoy the last meal of your day. There are various kinds of healthy salads famous around the world. Some of the top recipes of healthy and easy salads for immunity boosting are mentioned below. These recipes are also suggested by Medicalnewstoday. So, let us now look at them.

  • Brocolli salad is among the most nutritious edible to consume for immunity boosting. Broccoli is considered to increase the level of antioxidant, glutathione, in your body.  This antioxidant is very helpful in resisting oxidative stress within the body and hence helps build immunity.
  • Tangerine salad is another salad that you can try for boosting your immunity. Tangerine is full of vitamin C thus helps in boosting the immunity of the body. Also, it is known to control iron deficiency in the body and hence is very useful in boosting the healthy growth of the body.
  • Spinach salad is yet another option in the category of salads to enjoy for immunity boosting. Spinach and all other green leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. They help in fighting the free radicles in the body and hence help in boosting immunity. Besides, they are rich in Magnesium, a mineral that is known to help produce immunoglobulins. These are the antibodies that help the body fight external viruses and bacteria.

Having noted down the recipes of some of the yummy yet healthy salads. Now make sure to try your dinner menu the next day and enjoy healthy tastebuds as well as body.


Oats are always a good choice for any meal of the day. They are satiating as well as fulfilling. Oats are rich in fiber and water and help make you feel full and energetic throughout the day. According to the founder of Steadfast Nutrition, Oats are full of healthy complex carbohydrates and soluble fiber beta-glucan. They help in managing your blood sugar and also prevent you from feeling hungry at midnight. Besides, it also helps in enhancing your sleep quality. So, next time you find it difficult to decide dinner menu, give try oatmeal. One of the easiest recipes for preparing oatmeal is by making its porridge or khichdi. To make the porridge, dry roast a cup of oats, boil a glass of milk, and add to it half glass of water. Mix in it some chopped almonds, dates, and a tablespoon of honey. After one boil, add in the mix of the roasted oats, stir for a minute and then serve. This oatmeal is so yummy and easy that you can enjoy it both hot as well as cold. So, try it out for your next dinner soon. 

Items to avoid eating at dinner

Having known about the healthy and tasty dinner recipes to add to your daily dinner menu. Now let us also that some items should never be consumed before going to be. Some of the most popular items to avoid at dinner are mentioned below.

Spicy and fatty food

Spicy and fatty food items are two edible types that should never be consumed at night. This is because fatty food is very hard to digest at night without anybody’s activity. When at night the body tries to digest it, it usually ends up interfering with the digestion process of other edibles and hence ends up disturbing the system. Besides, if you consume spicy food at night, it causes heartburn. This is a medical condition and usually ends up disturbing your night’s sleep and also the next day. So, better if you avoid eating such items before going to sleep.

Acidic and sugary food

Same as spicy food, eating acidic edibles like citrus fruit, tomato juice, and raw onion at night is not at all advisable. These items cause the development of acidic reflux in the body which disturbs your night’s sleep and hence weakens your immunity. Apart from this, eating sugar at night is also not advisable. This is because this causes a spike in the blood sugar level. Alongside, it wrecks your sleeping pattern. So, next time whenever you are offered a yummy sugary treat at night, make sure to avoid it.

Food containing Tyramine

Tyramine is a type of amino acid that should never be consumed before sleeping. According to experts at Sleephealthsolutionsohio this amino acid stimulates brain activity and makes it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore it is advised to avoid eating edibles like eggplant and tomatoes before bedtime.

Simple carbs

We all know that carbohydrates are the most essential items to be included in our daily menu. But having carbs at night before sleeping is not a good idea. This is because India suggests that carbs are high glycemic food items. This means when we consume carbs at night, then they get easily digested and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Now since we sleep at night, so there is no activity in the body. This makes the body store that glucose as fat in the cells of the body. And hence, with time this leads to the development of excess weight. So, instead of building up immunity it even suppresses it. All these above edibles must be avoided before sleeping because they may become the reason for your next day’s discomfort. They may lead to cause you heartburn, and gastric issues and in a long run may also cause weight gain. Besides, they are not known much to support immunity building, instead, divert your healthy and healing energy towards soothing your discomfort.

Therefore, try to avoid eating these items at night as much as possible.


Dinner is always the next most important meal of the day after breakfast. But usually, we forget to give importance to this part of our regular edibles. As in breakfast, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious, same is also important to have a healthy and light dinner. The dinner you take the previous night, to a large extent decides your next day. Since at night your body gets a lot of rest time that helps it assimilate a lot of food that you have taken.

So it is important to measure and know what you eat at night. Your immune system and its health to a large extent depend on the type of items you include on your dinner plate. Some of the items that you should eat as your dinner are mentioned above. Besides knowing what to eat for dinner, it is equally important to know what you should avoid eating at night. To help you with that, we have mentioned above also a list of certain items that you should never eat before sleeping. So, we hope that you will try to follow the above advise and make your body a healthy body by bringing small changes to your dinner plate.

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