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Is daily sex good for health?

Sex is good for your health. There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it every day. Daily sex helps you live longer and stay healthier. Sex is good for your heart, lungs, and bones. It can also lower your risk of depression and cancer. The intense pleasure of sex releases chemicals called endorphins that relax you; this numbs pain and makes you feel better in general. Daily sex is good for your health because it boosts your immune system. Sex is one of the best ways to boost your immunity.

It also helps you sleep better and feel more relaxed. Sex is an important part of life. It’s not just about having fun — it’s about feeling good too. Daily sex is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. Learn why! Sex is good for you. It can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and blood triglycerides, and help you sleep better at night. Sex is good for health, and can be one of the easiest things you can do for yourself. Sex makes you feel good, boosts your metabolism, lowers bad cholesterol levels and improves your skin. Sex is not just about being physically intimate and getting physical pleasure, it is also found to be associated with your emotional, mental, and social health. Good sex makes you feel so good that it releases happy hormones. These hormones enhance your happy mood for the day and hence make all your activities effective.

Provides emotional connectivity

Sex is not all about physical pleasure, it builds emotional intimacy as well. It brings the partners to the stage of emotional understanding where they can learn about each other’s needs. This strengthens their emotional bond and hence, enhances the strength of their relationship. As we know, it is important to understand each other well to communicate each other’s feelings and make the relationship working for forever.

Enhances female’s control over her bladder

Almost 30% of females suffer from incontinence at any time in their life. But if you do regular sex then increases your control over your bladder. This happens because daily sex helps to strengthen your pelvic floor. During sex when you reach orgasm then your pelvic muscles contract and then relax. This makes your pelvic floor strong and builds control over your bladder.

Works as a painkiller

Getting an orgasm can work better to reduce pain naturally than taking any painkiller. This happens because when you experience orgasm, your body releases a hormone that acts to increase the pain threshold. This thus raises the chances of reducing painkiller intake. Apart from that, it reduces the pain from menstrual cramps, headaches, leg pain, and chronic back pain. So, next time you feel like taking a painkiller, first try for stimulations and get an orgasm.

Helps weight loss

This is not a myth but a truth. Daily sex helps in boosting weight loss. This happens when a couple is very excited and engages in sexual intercourse then turns out to be shedding at least 108 calories per 30 minutes of intercourse. Even sexual activities like kissing can help in shedding calories. So, if you are also interested in boosting your weight loss journey, then make sure to engage in daily sex.

Provides good sleep

When you engage yourself in daily sex then you get yourself involved in daily orgasm as well. Proper orgasm helps in releasing a relaxing hormone called prolactin. This hormone is very helpful in bringing down all your stress, relaxes you, and hence helps you in getting a night of good sleep.

Increases your skin glow

It is not a myth anymore that daily sex improves your skin glow. You get rid of various skin problems and get a better skin glow when you involve in healthy and daily sex with your partner. This happens because of the various positive effects of having sex like the release of stress, good sleep, and release of happy hormones. So, make sure to make love when you get a chance to keep your skin glowing every day. Daily sex won’t only make your skin glow bright but also make your bond get stronger.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

Having daily sex is heart-healthy for both males and females. Daily sex helps in keeping the levels of male and female hormones in balance. The male hormone, testosterone, and female hormone estrogen when are present in less amount in their respective bodies, then it enhances the chances of developing heart diseases. Besides. Osteoporosis is also a result of unhealthy sex hormone levels in the body. So, daily sex is a savior here. It helps in balancing its level and thus makes you healthy.

Apart from that, having sex with your life partner regularly makes you feel more connected to them and enhances the intimacy and health of your relationship. So, there are various benefits you can enjoy with regular sex. And unless it is really a medical need, there is no reason to avoid daily sex.

When to avoid sex?

From the above discussion, we can conclude that it is completely safe to perform daily sex. You can enjoy most of the above-mentioned benefits by engaging yourself in daily sex. Still, there are reasons why you might need to avoid regular sexual intercourse. There are certain medical conditions that demand the need to avoid daily sex for a certain period of time. Let us know about a few of them.

Avoid sex if you are suffering from any infection

There can be various instances when you might be suffering from any form of infection. This infection can range from yeast infection, and fungal infection to even urinary tract infection. The former two infections are communicable. In case you perform sex while suffering from these infections, you might end up worsening your own situation and also exposing your partner to it.

Besides, if you are suffering from UTI or have recently recovered then don’t engage in sexual intercourse. This is because the advised period of restraint from sex during UTI is at least 15 days after completing your treatment. This helps to let you heal and also reduces your chances of having painful sex. So, make sure you avoid having sex if you are suffering from any of these.

Avoid when recently went under any surgery

In case you had to go through any surgery in recent times, then you should definitely avoid having sex. This point extends to the condition of recent delivery also. If you have recently begotten a child then you should wait for some time before diving into sexual intercourse. Because having sex during these times can make your surgery or delivery pain worse and enhance your recovery time.

Avoid sex when pressurized for it

Performing sex is all about mutual consent. When both the partners are ready and excited about it, then only sex should be performed. Unless mutual desire for it, if you try to engage in having sex just because others asked you for it, you can end up messing up the situation between you two. This can make your sexual experience a bitter one and mess with your chances of healthy sex in the future.

Avoid sex if you have a complicated pregnancy

Usually when you are pregnant and you are facing any kind of complications with your pregnancy, then it is considered to be completely safe to have sex. This is because the fetus is completely protected within you via the mucus plug and amniotic sac. But in cases when the womb is weak to carry the child and when ruptured membranes are present then it is not safe to have daily sex or to have sex. This enhances your chances of putting your pregnancy in danger and thus can even lead to miscarriages. So, avoid sex during complicated pregnancy days.

Though the above-mentioned pointers are helpful in indicating to you the times when you should avoid indulging yourself in regular sex. But still, there can be scope for that. To make sure if you can actually perform sex daily during these times, you should make sure to consult your doctor. Based on your needs, both physical and emotional, your doctor will guide you for the same.

Tips for a healthful sex

It is important to note that you will get all the above-mentioned benefits when you engage yourself with healthy and regular sex. It promotes a better life and living for you. This is all because you feel happy from within. But you should be careful of certain things while engaging in sexual intercourse. These points of importance are mentioned underneath. These will help you enjoy your sex life and protect you from unwanted stress.

Avoid unprotected sex

Unprotected sex is always enjoyable, but it brings with it various unhealthy things as well. Every time you commit unprotected intercourse, you expose yourself and your partner to various sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, it enhances your chances of being parents when you are not ready. Though there are ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, why pursue that option when you can easily opt for healthy sex. So, next time you decide to have sex make sure you keep your condoms ready.

Communicate your feelings and desires

The most important thing while engaging in sexual intercourse is communication. Proper communication with your partner makes your sexual experience a more healthy one. It enhances connectivity and helps you know each other’s desires and needs. This not only makes your sexual experience a better one but also enhances your chances of having the next intercourse really soon.

Use lubricants

Lubricants or lubes are very popular for use while having sex. These are gels or liquids that help to make your sexual experience an exciting and memorable one. You can use lube every time while having intercourse, but usually, it is recommended for use to relieve vaginal dryness. After perimenopause the vagina gets dry and having sex in that condition makes the experience a harrowing one. So, to make your intercourse enjoyable and get relief from painful sex, don’t forget to use a lubricant.

Try something new every time

Having sex is always exciting, but to make the experience more interesting you should keep trying different positions every time. Every time loving each other in the same position can make the process boring but trying something new each time will enhance your interest in each other. Besides, it will help you also know which one is your favorite position if you keep trying something new every time. So, next time don’t forget to plan something new and exciting.

Avoid criticizing your partner

Many times it happens that couples are trying to have sex for the very first time or any one partner is having it for the first time. So, due to a lack of knowledge, they end up facing problems and fails to understand each other’s desire. This creates a channel for criticism among them. But showing maturity at this time is the most important thing. Try to tell each other what you feel for and for help try reading some self-help sexual journals or articles.

Besides, you can watch sexual films, they will help you know the problems you might be facing. Try any of these tips but avoid criticizing each other as it can negatively affect your relationship.

Avoid involving in sex with multiple partners

Though it is general advice, people still fail to follow this. Having sex with a single partner helps you to explore various aspects of sexual life together. This will help you both know each other more and love each other more. Besides, it will reduce your chances of being affected by sexual diseases.

But if you perform intercourse with multiple partners multiple times then it will neither help you build a bond with your partner nor will allow you to enjoy the sexual time you enjoy together. This is because there will always remain a communication gap between you two. Alongside, the chances of you being affected by STDs will also increase. So, try to avoid indulging yourself in sexual intercourse with multiple partners.


Sex has various benefits on our physical, emotional, mental, and social lives. It enhances the happiness of our life and makes us happy people with enhanced effectiveness. Apart from that daily sex helps to keep the couple together forever with a better understanding and healthy relationship. But there are various instances where you need to avoid sex. Some of such periods are mentioned above. Make sure you engage in healthy and daily sex with your partner but also take care of the need of the time.

Besides, taking care of certain tips as mentioned above can be very helpful in enhancing your sexual satisfaction as well as in creating a healthy bond with your partner. Avoiding ways that can expose you to unwanted stress can to a great extent help you in making your relationship strong and enjoy all the benefits of sexual life to its fullest. Else, you should keep making efforts from your end to make your partner feel happy, cared and loved. Small efforts on your end can end up making your relationship with your partner a beautiful one. So, next time make sure to think of something special for your partner and enjoy protected and healthy sex.

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