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How Your Smartphone is Affecting Your Health?

 How your smartphone is affecting your health?

Have you ever wondered how much your smartphone is affecting your health? Smartphones are designed with radiation that can affect our bodies. When you bring your phone as close as an inch away, it is affecting your health. Research is quickly coming to light about the harmful effects of cell phones on our health. Click here for the science behind this problem and how you can protect yourself. Are smartphones the cause of your back pain and neck issues? I explore whether or not your smartphone is affecting your health. The short radio waves that are emitted from your smartphone can easily get into your head. For many years there were concerns about the health effects of this radiation. One of the most common sentences of today is ‘I love you!’, but how much do we actually love ourselves and how do we take care of ourselves? Many people neglect our health and in this article you will see how you are. 

The present time is the time of technology and advancement. At this time, everyone has a keen fascination with the digital world. Everyone wants to make their life easy using advanced technology. In doing so they are running behind spending thousands of money. Be it for transportation, medical help or entertainment, or educational purpose, technology is in use everywhere.

The easiest form of technology that nowadays is accessible to everyone is a smartphone. A smartphone is a thing for the present that is considered a boon by everyone. It is considered a step to move ahead to a better future. Each and every person on this planet at present owns his own smartphone. Every family has the same number of smartphones as is the number of family members. Even sometimes the number of smartphones exceeds the number of family members. 

The reason for so much widespread popularity of smartphone is the ease of living and entertainment it provides. Using a smartphone now you can do everything. Everything means you can perform things ranging from shopping for your necessities to buying medicines to booking any type of tickets to even online transactions. Due to the various advantages it provides, now the smartphone has become a part of everybody’s life.

Even with smartphone and a good internet connectivity you can today visit virtually any place in this world. You can even take a virtual tour of your favorite destination. A smartphone helps you know everything that you are interested in. Even you can connect to anyone over the internet and smartphone with whom you can not be in contact physically. So, there is nothing today that can’t be done using a smartphone. They have made our lives very easy. 

Now there is no one in this world who might be even able to live without having a smartphone. Rarely you can find someone who is living without owning a smartphone. Even kids are now so fascinated by the digital world that before turning even 5 years of age they have their own smartphones. The living situation has become as if we can live without every commodity but a smartphone is a necessity. But do you know, that this dependence on smart technology and smartphone is also harmful to us? Do you know it affects our lives, minds, and health adversely in a variety of ways? If you are still unaware of this facet of smartphones then we are here to aware you. In the article to follow we will look at the various ways in which smartphones affect our health.

Why is smartphone use also considered harmful?

We know very well how a smartphone works. It uses the signal transmission through satellites via nearby towers to access information and connect us to everyone. But in doing so it emits harmful radiation. These radiations are actually emitted to find the nearest transmission tower but in doing so some radiation gets into our body as well.

Due to these radiations, our body gets adversely affected in multiple ways. The radiations that enter our body actually interact with the energy of our body and affect metabolism. Due to this with time we start developing health issues like irritation, impulsiveness, and even many vision and hearing problems. It also causes the development of head, neck, and shoulder aches. So, it is quite evident that it is the radiation coming out of the smartphone that is harming our bodies.  Apart from these the heat that develops due to the radiations coming out of smartphones, there develop thermal effects also. These radiations disrupt the normal working of our body and cause the development of various psychological disorders. Besides, the neural activity of the brain is also affected. So, there are various reasons that make these radiations from a smartphone the cause of our health issues. 

Ways smartphones are adversely affecting our health

Having known how smartphones are very beneficial for making our lives easy. Now, let’s take a dive into the ways it is harming our health. Some of the major issues associated with using smartphones unjudiciously are mentioned below.

Affects sleeping pattern

Using a smartphone most of the time can be harmful to you. The more you use a smartphone, the more time you are exposed to the blue light it gives out. Any light apart from the natural sunlight is found to interfere extremely with your sleeping. A night of disturbed sleep can ruin not only your next day but also your health.

It is related to the worsening of health problems like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. apart from this it reduces your concentration and makes you inefficiently perform all the activities you are supposed to do. So, better every night go to bed keeping your phone aside and making your room very dark. Even a little streak of light can be disturbing to your sleep. 

Enhances the brain reaction time

Since the radiation that comes out of the phone interferes with your body cells, so it reduces the reaction time. This happens because now your body has to work extra to overcome the interference created by the smartphone and then focus on the incident to give the required reaction. This leads to various mishaps. Maybe it can happen that you are driving and suddenly you need to apply break but due to increased reaction time, you applied for breaks late. So, this can lead to the happening of serious accidents. Hence, it is important you try to reduce your screen time to enhance your reaction efficiency.

Risks the development of cancer

Even though it is still not confirmed yet it is doubted that the radiation that emits from cell phones can also cause the development of cancer in you. Studies are going on in the area to find solid evidence to link smartphone radiation with cancer or tumor. Still, just for your own safety, it is very advisable to limit the use of smartphones as much as possible.

Increases the chances of road accidents

The risks of occurrence of road accidents increase manifolds while talking on the phone or while using a phone while walking or driving. Usually while walking on the road, if you are busy on your phone then your concentration shifts from your navigation skills to your phone activity. This causes the occurrence of major accidents.

Studies have found that the road crossing capability of children is hampered more while using smartphones than adults. This happens because the navigation skills of children are far less effective than those of adults. Every time they face danger on road, instead of finding a solution to escape, they fall prey to it. However, adults know how to divert the pathway. But even though this, both adults and children are prone to major road accidents due to unnecessary and untimely use of mobile phones. 

Reduces concentration 

Studies with various experiments have found that while doing any work if your smartphone is kept in your close vicinity then it reduces your concentration working. It happens because the smartphone is found to hamper your cognitive capability and affects your focus to perform any task.

Apart from that due to our developed habit of using smartphones all the time to carry out most tasks, our performance in carrying out independent tasks is affected. We seem to perform very poorly in the works where cell phones are not involved. This happens because we used to make our cellphones do all the work for us making our brains rest most of the time. And hence, making it incapable of exerting focus.

Floods brain with negative and disturbing gossip and news

Using a smartphone every time and browsing through your phone and social media is not a healthy option. It helps you to gain the required knowledge but also floods you with a variety of negative news and information happening around the world. Being too exposed to negative news makes it difficult for your brain to process the required information. This not only affects your brain physically but also emotionally. It makes you feel depressed and stressed for no good reason.

Cause various problems to thumb

Cell phones are all about holding hands for work. For getting anything done with your smartphone you are supposed to type in it. This excessive typing in the same position for a longer period can cause various thumb problems. some of the problems include thumb trigger and thumb arthritis. The thumb trigger refers to the thickening of the thumb tendons. In this condition either your thumb gets stuck to the bent position or while you try to straighten it, it gives a pop sound. This can be painful sometimes.

Besides, the occurrence of thumb arthritis is not yet found due to smartphones’ excess use. Yet it is found that it can increase or worsen the symptoms of the disease. So, the best treatment for this is to reduce cell phones as much as possible.

Brings a lot of disturbance while working

Every time while working, when your phone vibrates with new notifications it is very common to check the phone. This tendency of checking the phone every time it buzzes makes it difficult to work effectively. Besides, studies show that these vibrations are also connected to the functioning of our brain.

Being every time attached to a vibrating phone makes you sense if it is vibrating even when it actually is not vibrating. This phenomenon disturbs you every time when you are trying to do something useful. This all disruption while working occurs due to the false alerts we get while working. Our mind gets automated to this function and hence the level of disruption enhances manifolds.  As it is useful to use smartphones for good deeds, is it harmful to use them in excess? This question is addressed very well in the above section. So, make proper use of this technology to keep it acting like your friend only.

How should we use smartphones judicially and for our benefit?

After knowing so much in detail about how smartphones are affecting our health, now let us know how can we use smartphones for our benefit. How can its presence be made more beneficial even without hampering our healthy living? Some of the best ways you can incorporate into your life to reduce the harmful effects of smartphones on your health are mentioned below. Let us take a look at them.

Avoid using the phone at least two hours before going to bed. This reduces your screen time before bedtime and hence reduces the waking effects of the radiation. Since the radiation interacts with your brain cells and body cells causing them to perform disrupted functions, so using it less will reduce this problem. It will also make your brain remove the excess negative news you were exposed to and thus reduces the unnecessary activity of the brain.

So, whatever the problem you are facing reducing the use of smartphones unnecessarily will help to reduce the problem a lot. 

Take away

Smartphones are an essential part of our regular life. Living without a smartphone even for a second is like a punishment now. But our regular engagement with smartphones is very harmful to our health. Above in this article, we have discussed some of the major ways in which smartphone affects our healthy lifestyle and living. Besides, we have also quoted certain tips that you can use to reduce the harmful effects of smartphones. Using everything, especially smart technology is a necessity now to live a balanced and advanced life. But judicial use of this technology is more important. Without judicial use of anything, you can even turn your friend into your enemy. So, if this can happen to people then this is more dangerous with technology. In the article above we have mentioned for you some ways, you can include in your regular habits to avoid turning your helpers into your enemies and use them judicially.

Hence, at last, we would like to request every one of you to kindly use the smartphone only for the required purpose and time. Excess use can hamper your health in multiple ways. So, use smartphones, grow technologically but live happily and healthfully.

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