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Small Changes for Successful Weight Loss

How to make small changes to start successful weight loss. Small changes can lead to big weight loss results. Here’s how to successfully manage your weight and lose weight. Small changes for successful weight loss and long-term weight management are the cornerstones of Weight Watchers’ program and philosophy, rules that apply equally to members who begin the journey to weight loss as teens. What you eat and drink, what you think and how you feel can have a huge impact on weight loss. The best time to make a change is now! Transform your life with our favorite small changes for successful weight loss.  In this modern world of fashion and trends, having a slim figure and perfect shape is a dream for all. Everyone is busy finding ways to gain major weight losses so they can match the pace with the world. But in doing so, when results are not found, a huge burden of disappointment falls on the head. Hence, it is very important to be clear with the basics.

In this article to follow, we will enlighten you with some of the major weight loss tips. These tips are all based on how you can lose weight even without affecting your regular lifestyle. These are small lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your dream of a slim figure. Besides, these tips to be discussed are all helpful to maintain the lost weight in a long run.

But before knowing about the ways to lose weight, first, you should know the reasons behind your weight gain. There are multiple reasons, which cause weight gain. Some are related to your lifestyle problems and some are related to your health. Hence, in the sections to follow first let us know the major reasons behind your unwanted weight gain.

Causes of unwanted weight gain

Unwanted weight gain usually causes obesity. Obesity is like a disease. In this, your body accumulates a huge amount of fat. This fat is so much in excess that it starts affecting your health a lot. So, before diving into the health concerns connected with obesity, let us first know how this obesity or excess weight gain happens.

There are two types of reasons associated with unwanted weight gain. One belongs to the one that happens because of our unhealthy lifestyle. While the other is because of some natural and health-related problems. Let us look at each of them one by one.

Lifestyle-related weight-gains

In this type of weight gain problem, usually, the disruptions in healthy eating and sleeping habit cause the weight gain. Besides, lack of activity also triggers the occurrence. Let us look at some of the major lifestyle problems that cause unwanted weight gain.

Lack of proper sleep

Taking sleep less than 7 hours a day is considered to increase the chances of weight gain. It happens because of the improper circulation of various functions within your body. Studies show that if a person takes 7 or more hours of sleep then their chances of weight loss increase by 33%. But if you are accustomed to late-night working and sleeping very late then you should be aware of this consequence.

Intake of highly processed edibles

Highly processed foods are those which contain a lot of preservatives, salts, and sugar. The amount of calories found in these edibles is quite more than the normal unprocessed food. Besides, they lack the presence of essential nutrients like proteins and fiber. Hence, they will make you full with their unhealthy extra calories but will also contribute to your excess weight gain.

Lack of activity in daily routine

Are you involved in the culture of working by sitting at a place? Or are too lazy to stand up from your chair or bed and walk? Anyone may be the case, but the result of both is the same. In both these situations, you are likely to gain a lot of weight. Apart from weight gain, it will also bring to your body a number of harmful and chronic diseases. Studies also show that due to extreme screen time also weight increases.

 Hence, from the overall discussion, it is clear that doing no physical activity and staying sedentary most of the time will make you obese with time.

Experiencing too much stress

Those who experience or live under lots of stress are found to have rapid weight gain. This happens as those who are stressed, their body releases a lot of stress hormone called cortisol. This cortisol increases the cravings for unhealthy, calorie-dense food. This in turn makes you consume too much unnecessary food. This unnecessary calorie intake will result in excess weight gain and hence cause to become obese.

Consuming lots of sugar

Deserts and sweet drinks are favorites of almost everyone, but do you how healthy they are? Studies show that consuming lots of sugar in a day will result in various harmful problems. Starting with first it increases your waistline manifolds and later causes the development of various cardiac issues. One of the common health problems associated with sugary edibles consumption is type 2 diabetes. Hence, the unnoticed process of consuming lots of sugar makes it easy for your body to gain weight.

Health-related weight gains.

Under this type of weight gain, reasons fall the conditions of your health that causes the weight gain. It can be related to any chronic disease or may be due to hormonal changes within your body. It is difficult to diagnose unless proper tests are performed. So, let us know about some of the health-related causes of weight gain.


Due to changes in the level of the hormones responsible for your menstrual cycle, estrogen and progesterone, there may occur certain weight gain. Usually, this weight gain is found during ovulation or when the period starts. Apart from this, during menopause, the release of estrogen hormone decreases in the female body. This lack of estrogen causes the development of extra weight.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal balance is very crucial in a female body. All the major problems that result in a female body are results of hormonal changes. Estrogens are the most important hormone for any female, if its release is restricted due to any reason, maybe due to the growing age or may be due to some illness, then it will cause weight gain.

Apart from this, many hormonal changes associated with both the sexes and causing chronic diseases also cause weight gain. Some of such diseases include hypothyroidism and Cushing’s syndrome.

Medication for any chronic illness

You may be suffering from a certain chronic illness. This illness if diagnosed will make you consume certain resistive medicines to treat the illness. But sometimes what happens is due to certain compositions that either don’t suit you or have some weight-gaining elements, you will start gaining extra weight over time. Some of the common medications that cause weight gain include antidepressants and contraceptives.

Health risks associated with unhealthy weight gain or body weight

Having known the known-unknown causes of weight gain, let us now look at the health effects that they pose. There are various health issues that accompany an unhealthy weight. Some of them are listed below.

Cardiac problems

Cardiac problems include the whole range of health issues that are associated with problems in your heart. It extends from stroke, high blood pressure, high blood glucose level, or high bad cholesterol level. All these affect your healthy heart in multiple ways and cause the development of deadly diseases. Hence, to prevent them from developing it’s important to maintain healthy body weight. The extra fat deposited in your body causes the blood vessels and organs to suppress and hence hampers their proper functioning. This actually leads to causing heart ailments.

Depression or other emotional issues

Excess body weight usually brings along some sort of emotional problems and depression. The obese person usually starts seeing himself as different from others, even people also make them feel different. This results in a loss of confidence and self-worth for the individual. Besides, the person also stops making outings and meeting people. And hence in this way develops depression.

Type 2 diabetes

When the level of blood glucose goes too high, then there develops the condition called type 2 diabetes. Mostly all obese people are suffering from this ailment. This ailment is so bad that with time it even causes the development of other body diseases. Hence, it’s essential to try and attain a healthy body weight.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a major risk factor for fat people. In this condition, whenever the individual sleeps, his breathing stops temporarily or he faces breathing problems while sleeping. This happens because of the extra fat that is stored around their neck. This fat suppresses the airways in the neck and makes it unable for the air to pass. Hence, causes sleep apnea. So, it’s important to lose weight.

The above-mentioned health issues are also a motivation for the weight loss plan of many people. These health issues are so critical that if not paid attention to on time, they can also turn life-threatening. So, the best option is to maintain healthy body weight.

Small changes that can work miracle for your weight loss journey

Some of the major small changes that you can incorporate into your regular life to attain a healthy weight are mentioned below. Most of these can be performed without any extra effort and provide you results in the longer run.

Use a small plate while eating

Studies and research on food habits have found that people used to fill their plates while serving themselves. This ends them up eating more than they need and also wasting some excess food. This eventually leads to their weight gain. So, for help what can be done is to use a small plate every time you sit for eating. This will reduce your chances of overeating. Also, make sure to take food only in one serving.

Sleep properly

It is said that the much less you sleep the more the chances that you will gain weight. Improper sleeping leads to the development of stress and the release of stress hormones. These hormones contribute to excess eating and hence cause weight gain. So to prevent it take proper sleep. Sleep at least 7 hours to 8 hours a day to avoid mental pressure and feel fresh.

Eat extra veggies

Vegetables are full of nutrients and essential minerals but are low in calories. They will make you feel full and healthy even without increasing a pound of yours. So, next time you sit to eat make sure to fill your plate with vegetables more than cells. Cutting down on potatoes, underground vegetables, and whole grains and enhancing the number of vegetables in place of it can be more healthful.

Make a happy activity routine

Add to your daily routine some sort of activity that you enjoy doing. This can be yoga, running, exercising, or even cycling. These activities will enhance your active time for the day. This in turn will make your body burn some extra calories. Apart from that this will make you feel happy which in turn will improve your effectiveness for other activities. So, overall it will help you in your weight loss routine or journey.

Walk more

Weight loss is just not about eating less and working out more. It’s also about your habits. Bringing small changes in your daily activity can result in great weight loss. Some changes can be like using stairs more often than lifts while walking up or down the floors. You should try to walk more often than taking transport facility to cover walkable distances. These small changes might not be so clearly useful at the start but in a long run, they will give you tremendous results.

Drink plenty of water during a day

Water is the most essential fluid for every human body. It is very helpful in removing toxins from the body. Besides, it also improves the circulation of blood, energy, and oxygen throughout your body. Thus, avoid the accumulation of unhealthy elements within your body. So, make sure you drink plenty of water during the day.


Weight loss is a dream for almost everyone, but very few get to achieve it. The reasons behind it are well-known to you now after reading this whole article. But along with the things that you can avoid to gain extra weight, we have also mentioned here for you some of the easiest ways to lose weight. These mentioned activities are easy to include in your routine, but won’t show instant results.

Over time with regular practice and continuation, these healthy small in your lifestyle will give you marvelous weight loss returns. Hence, make sure you try and include them in your life for healthy living.

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