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What is Menstruation? Normal Menstrual Cycle

What is menstruation? or normal menstrual cycle women health. Menstruation or being on menstrual cycle or periods is considered an essential part of any female’s life. It is a major health driver and is mainly correlated with the reproductive health of a female body.

 But the question is what is this menstrual cycle and why is it so crucial for the health of any woman. The menstrual cycle or menstruation is actually the process of shedding the uterus lining every month. This is very crucial and actually occurs to prepare a female body for a possible pregnancy. It takes place with a series of changes occurring simultaneously in the hormone release, uterus, and ovary shape of any female body. The general length of a menstrual cycle occurs between 21 days to 35 days. Within each cycle, the ovary works to release eggs and hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Whereas at the same time the uterus works to prepare the uterus lining for conceiving. 

But when the egg doesn’t fertilize and implants itself in the uterus wall then the egg and the uterus lining are released out of the female body in the form of blood through the vagina. And this whole process of egg release to the blood flow out of the vagina every month is called menstruation. Having known what the process of menstruation is, now lets us know the health benefits it provides to female health. Some of the major benefits of a regular menstrual cycle are mentioned below.

Manages your mood

During periods, many hormonal changes take place within your body. These bring in mood swings and many strange feelings to you. But relax these are all normal, just as the time passes the mod will become normal and make you feel happy again.

Aware you of any underlying disease

The menstrual cycle is a major indicator of any underlying health problem in a female body. The length, odor, and color of the menstrual blood tell a lot about your health. Irregularity in periods, no periods for a long time, or heavy flow of periods can be a  result of one or other physical or reproductive health problems. So, once you suffer from any of these make sure to consult your doctor.

Allows sluggish aging

Menstruation is a lot related to the release of blood every month from the body. This allows for the release of iron from the body as well. Hence, the excess accumulation of iron from the body is thus not found in females. We know iron is a major cause of free radicle formation which in turn causes faster aging. So, the lack of this accumulation in the female body makes the process of aging slow. Hence, enhances the term of healthy female living.

Enhances your sexual drive

Being on periods actually enhances your sex drive. Females feel more attracted to sex while on periods. Medically it is considered safe and is even considered to release the need for pain killers. So, don’t worry if your white bedsheets and messy deeds, try out if you are really interested. It brings in longer joy and healthy orgasms. Now we know how beneficial is a regular period cycle for women’s health. It is also important to take care of personal hygiene during the time. For proper hygiene maintenance, you should follow the following precautions.

  • Use clean and washed panties every time.
  • Change your sanitary pad every 6 hours.
  • Every time before chnging your sanitary napkin, wash the intimate area with a mild intimate wash.
  • Dispose of the used pad every time by wrapping it in newspaper and trying to dump it in a soil pit.
  • Wash your hands properly with hand wash every time you use the washroom.

Following these steps may look a little hard, but will help you enjoy a safe and healthy period of time. So, don’t forget to maintain them. Besides, if you find any form of abnormality in your period cycle or feel excess pain during the time. Then make sure to consult your doctor. Many times slowly without much knowledge, there develop problems in the menstrual cycle of the female and resulting in irregular and painful periods. 

These even pose harmful effects on the health of the woman. So, make sure you pay attention to them as well.

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