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Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Now the question is what is ADHD?

ADHD which stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is actually a neurological disorder. It is found to develop most commonly among children but once developed can last till late adulthood as well.

The main problem found in such children is their hyper or deficit activity. A significant difference is found in their way of behaving along with their way of interaction.

This condition is so serious that unless it is diagnosed at right time the chances of severe damage to the brain of the child can result. This damage not only affects his / her normal living but also impairs their sensory organs’ sensitivities. This in turn results in the overall lack in their development. Hence, it is important to recognize the condition earliest and take proper medication to treat the condition.

How work issues can cause ADHD in children and adults?

Today is the era of busy and rushing life. Everyone is just busy running in their rat races. In running everyone is forgetting that they even have a personal life, personal space and some people waiting for their come back. This situation is now the reality for almost everyone. Be it a child or a full-grown adult, the effect of busy and hustling life is putting pressure on everyone.

Besides, the problems that we face in this busy, indulged and self-absorbed life affect our person to a great extent. Not only do we ourselves get affected due to such a  lifestyle, but also the people related to us feel the effect. Especially, children have to face the most. All this tiring work-life is eventually making everyone depressed due to their tendency to getting prey to ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD

Having known the seriousness of the condition, now let us have a look at some of the most prevalent symptoms of ADHD. These symptoms are the only ones that will help to identify the condition beforehand so as to reduce the chances of developing severity in the condition. Some of such signs of early recognition are mentioned below.

  • Facing the problem is performing normal motor activities.
  • Difficulty in making eye contact and performing normal tasks.
  • Can’t resist their temptations to have something they like.
  • Forgets even the recently performed things and the particular nouns.
  • Easily makes silly mistakes without feeling much about what they have done.
  • The child may be very talkative and hyperactive.

Generally, these are the commonly found symptoms in patients suffering from ADHD. But the symptoms and the severity of the symptoms may vary based on the type of ADHD condition they are suffering with. The details of the types of ADHD with their symptoms are mentioned below.

Predominantly inattentive Presentation

The person facing this type of ADHD is usually found to have a hard time performing even easy tasks. They fail to pay attention to even simplest of the things and forget to remember even the normal details of the tasks they do.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation

A person suffering from this kind of ADHD usually talks a lot and fidgets too much. They are very hyper impulsive and this causes trouble for the others. Due to this, this behavior ends up picking up the wrong decisions and creating trouble for people surrounding them. Apart from this, these kinds of people are usually found to have more accidents and injuries in their lifetime than any other normal person. Hence, they require special attention everything they are around something or are about to do something.

Combined Presentation

This type of ADHD is actually the one having a combination of both the above types of ADHD. The symptoms of the condition can vary between the two types and may even change in severity over time. Though the similarity found in this with the other two is equally divided between them so, this is considered to be of most concern.

All these symptoms mentioned above belong specifically to a specific type of ADHD. Still, the presentation of the condition can change over time. It may happen that one will be more active at some point than the other. So, early recognition and treatment are very essential for the condition.

Effect of work issue on ADHD development

Work issues are considered to be very effective in affecting the natural health of a person. Hence, it is important for mental health as well. People under intense work pressure and the problem may end up developing certain severe issues with their cognitive skills. Besides, his irritating behavior may affect the children of his house as well. All this ends up causing severe impairment in the working capacity of the brain and finally can cause ineffectiveness in near future.

Hence, it is better to be careful in determining the early signs of the condition and get the treatment started early. Besides, try to incorporate in yourself the capability to handle pressure. Perform various pressure and anxiety-relieving exercises and get yourself mental peace and freshness to stay healthy and happy.

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