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Online Medical Store, Pharmacy India

The best Online Medicine Store, online pharmacy and online medical store, India by providing easier and affordable medication adherence to people with multiple prescriptions. 3MEDS aspires to become the best online pharmacy and medical store in Delhi, India by providing easier and affordable medication adherence to people with multiple prescriptions. We attempt to bring greater medicinal accuracy along with a premium level of availability of medicines and a pan india delivery with COD, card payment and net banking facilities.

We commit to provide safe and reliable medicines to our valued customers from verified licensed pharmacies. Ensuring the utmost security in transactions, 3MEDS yields superior quality shopping experience for its users. Our mission remains to add convenience to the health and wellness needs of people by being the sheltered intermediary between them and supported pharmacies.

Welcome to

We are a 2020 launched online healthcare platform with an aim to streamline the functioning of the online healthcare industry. To magnify our customer realm we have been offering maximum convenience to customers in terms of doorstep delivery throughout India to providing reliable, good quality medicines with lucrative discounts. Medicines ordered with us are fully safe and are delivered with a dependable delivery network.

Buy Medicines Online

To buy medicines online in a hassle free and cost effective way, you can download the 3MEDS App or login to the web portal of the best online chemist in Delhi, India, is the best web platform and app to purchase 100% genuine medicines at a 23% discounted rate on selective products.

*the discount rate may effectively vary for health care products, cosmetics etc.

Best Medicine App in India

The 3MEDS Application, available free of cost over Play Store is the best online medicine app in India where you can buy affordable medicines with a few clicks in utmost confidentiality. After downloading the app subscribing to it is important as this would entitle to many more advantages.

Why Choose

Not only that 3MEDS is committed to provide secured, reliable and affordable medicines through just a few clicks, we offer a wide range of options as to why choose 3MEDS,the medicine store online in India over our competitors-

  • ● A quality online shopping experience with user friendly navigation.
  • ● A hassle free delivery from verified pharmacies.
  • ● A one stop shop for all your health care essentials and lots more.
  • ● We deliver medicines based on valid Doctor Prescriptions only.

Also we let the nearby pharmacies help each other and act as an intermediate to retain their clients in an accessible way.

Our Mission

Our aim is to innovate a skill specific, error free approach to online medicine delivery in India by providing easy, genuine and affordable medicines to our trusted customers along with a top notch customer service representing our brand philosophy.

Since the covid-19 outbreak, the life of the whole world has come to a standstill. Many people have lost their lives due to the virus until the vaccination for the virus has been found. Even with the vaccination and lack of precautionary measures, many people had to lose their lives to the virus.

Every new season, a new variant is making its appearance to disturb the peace of life of every person. Hence, the need of introducing booster doses to enhance the support to the fighting power of the body against the virus. After fighting the recent two harmful Omicron variants of the virus, now a new variant has shown up. The variant prevailing at present is known as the Omicron XE variant.

What is XE variant of Covid-19?

This new XE covid-19 virus strain is a sub-variant or recombinant mixture of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 variants. This comes about as a result of a genetic mutation caused by two virus variants attacking the same host cell at the same time. The XE variation, according to INSACOG, is either a jumbled sequence or an example of a person becoming infected with two variants as a result of several exposures.

Though the cases of infection by this XE variant are rising in India as it is more transmissible than the other variants of Omicron, the harm that it causes is still less than others. We don’t need to worry much about its deadliest side as still no such cases of the variant have been found. Even it is said that as most of the Indian population was infected by the previous two variants of omicron, so the immunity they gained from there is found still effective.

Is the booster dose of a vaccine effective over the XE variant?

The booster dose of the vaccine is actually the third dose of the same vaccine that you had been given. This dose is considered the precautionary dose, aimed primarily at providing the waning immunity to fight the covid-19 virus. What these vaccines actually do to the body is that they stimulate the immune system of the body to respond against a foreign body entering the body. The doses provided as the booster dose of the same primary vaccines do the work of reminding the body to prepare and respond quickly on encountering the infection.

Vaccines help in immunizing the body and hence reduce the chances of developing severity even if attacked by the virus. The same is the work done by the booster dose. It helps in stimulating and reminding the immune system of the body to respond when an external object enters the body. But the booster dose never guarantees 100% protection against the severity of the condition of the virus. Unless you take proper precautionary measures to protect yourself from the virus, it is impossible to avoid the infection of the virus.

Hence, just relying on the booster dose is not the solution for healthy virus protection. You need to follow all the precautionary measures to avoid the spread and transmission of infection. Just to recall the measures, we can follow the below-mentioned precautions.

  • Use a mask whenever you move out of your home or come in contact with someone externally.
  • Wash your hands every time before eating or touching your face.
  • Remove all your external clothes and essential wear before you enter your safe home and room.
  • Use sanitiser whenever you are out of your home.
  • Don’t share your personal essentials with anyone as it can lead to the transfer of germs or viruses from one person to the other.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 10m whenever you are at some public place.
  • Avoid going into crowded places.

Following these precautions can help you to a great extent in preventing the transmission of this new XE virus. No matter the type of variant this Nobel coronavirus develops, always the proper follow up of the precautions will keep you safe. Besides, as the studies suggest due to being a mutation of the previously present omicron variant the chances of finding severity in patients affected by corona-virus is very low. Yet, it is essential that you take your booster dose on time and enhance your immunity to fight the virus as required.

Covid-19 is a difficult situation for many, as many of us cannot choose to be at home daily affecting our earning source as well as means of livelihood. However, with the rise of cases and a fear mounting over all for survival has forced us to stay at home and just pray for safety. The pandemic has not just affected our way of living and source of earning one major part of our life that has got affected with the pandemic is our important requirement of medicines, when we need it most.

How the pandemic has failed to satisfy our daily need of medicines?

Even though, the government allowed pharmacy shops to remain open during the pandemic, many of us were affected by the low-supply of medicine. Amidst the pandemic, people avoided social gathering, and undoubtedly during such hard times, pharmacy shops are one of the most prominent places of social gathering.

Even though people dared to reach to the pharmacy shops, they were left unhappy due to unavailability of medicine, and the cause for this was heavy demand as well failed attempt of local pharmacies to get those medicines as several restrictions were imposed on travelling during the pandemic.

Online pharmacy– The wise choice that came to rescue of the humankind

Online pharmacy services like that of 1mg, 3meds, and other serving companies came to rescue in such testing times leading to successful delivery of necessary medicines without the fear of gathering at a social place. This was the reason many e-pharmacies saw a significant surge in their demand, thanks to the literacy and wise choice of customers who not only chose to be safe in their own way, but also kept their society safe by avoiding gatherings at local pharmacies.

Advantages of Online Pharmacy

  • Online shopping has not only ease the way for shopaholics but also those seeking medical care in emergency or on permanent basis. It has been a boon for many to shop through online pharmacy as online pharmacy paves the easy way for prescribed medicines with just a procedure of uploading your prescription and confirming the order with a valid address.
  • The other significant change online pharmacy has gifted the world is the long waiting hours even though you are in urgent need of medicines. One can easily order medicines online without spending time in long queue. The most amazing time- saving factor with online pharmacy is that you can check the availability without spending much waiting time unlike that in the case of local pharmacy, where you have to wait without knowing the availability.
  • What adds more feathers in the cap of E-Pharmacy is the privacy and secrecy it provides, as many consumers of certain medicines are not comfortable in sharing their medical history or requirement physically to a pharmacy shop owner. This becomes of great importance and especially useful for those who are shy or not comfortable of speaking with doctors and pharmacists face to face or are unable to explain why they need the medicine. Furthermore, consumers of sensitive issues like sexuality, menstrual problems or other such issues can order drugs without having to worry about shame or facing a person face-to-face when it comes to sensitive topics like sexuality or adolescence.
  • Cost efficiency is another factor that makes online pharmacy service providers like 3meds more popular. E-pharmacy offers medicine on discounted rates that are easily accessible and affordable by all. The fact behind the discounted rate is that they don’t have third party in between and thus directly the consumers. For bulk purchasing they have a significant rate of discount that saves money as well as time.
  • Anytime, anywhere these two are the magical words when it comes to important services. And undoubtedly, medicines are one of the most essential services. Online pharmacies are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere, 24*7.


For our esteemed readers, 3meds believe that important services cannot take a back seat even if it’s pandemic; hence we always strive to stand upon the expectations of our consumers, and we stand upon by the fact that health and happiness should be easily affordable.

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